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How to strengthen the parquet

Как укрепить паркет
How to strengthen the parquet.

If you are tired of your constant creaking parquet floor, do not rush to get rid of it. After flooring is much better, greener and more comfortable majority of floor coverings. Try to carry out its restoration. It is quite possible to make own.

Level the surface. From many years of operation, some parquet boards heavily favored. Remove these burrs with a planer. This should be done along the wooden planks of the fibers.

The rickety floor boards Drill holes of the correct size, through which attach them to the bottom.

If you want to get rid of the creaking parquet, creaking between the drill hole angled floorboards 45 degrees and a depth of approximately 6 mm. In this hole you need to drive a wooden peg, pretreated adhesive. The projecting end of the pin cut off. An alternative embodiment of the pins is thick acrylic coat.

Check out, there are no protruding nails on the floor surface, if there is - to drown them in a timber. Seal cracks and gaps. For this fit a mixture of fine sawdust and hardwood floor, with a spatula to fill the void.

After the glue dries, Dilute filler to a liquid state and this mixture cover the entire floor. This will help to equalize the tone of the entire surface. When the plaster is completely dry, the repeated sanding with fine sandpaper.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor full of dust and sawdust. On the quality of cleaning depends on the quality of future lacquer coating. At the end of all cover the parquet floor varnish or mastic. It is recommended to do at least three times. texture of the wood to be visible, best suited clearcoat, and mysticism is adjusted for wood breed.

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