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How to destroy the fungus on the walls

The cause of the fungus in the house is increased congestive humidity. It is necessary to disrupt the ventilation in the repair of apartment, and on the walls there are small spots, which are then merged together. Mold penetrates deep into the plaster layer and destroys its. Spores are carried by air and are the cause of various diseases, especially in children. If you went to the crude fungal attack Apartment, do not despair. Any problem can be solved. The main thing - to know how to.

Как уничтожить грибок на стенах
How to destroy the fungus on the walls

To destroy the fungus on the walls you will need:

  • spatula or scrubbing;
  • bead;
  • heater;
  • plaster;
  • putty;
  • composition to remove traces of cement and plaster;
  • antiseptic solution;
  • acrylate Antiseptic primer;
  • waterproofing solution;
  • Thermal insulation paint.

The order of providence works for disinfection of walls.

  1. Spend the summer removing mildew, in warm and dry weather. Required further dry the surface to be treated. You can use a fan heater or hairdryer.
  2. Remove from the walls of wallpaper or decorative coating. Remove the plaster from the affected places. try to remove, as much as possible, because of mold mycelium often extends far beyond the visible lesion. Use a stiff brush and spatula, to thoroughly clean the brickwork.
  3. To open the pores of brick, treat masonry structure to remove traces of plaster and cement. Dry wall again.
  4. Apply on the wall roller germicide. Use special antiseptic solutions, Unlike folk remedies, they can deal with various types of fungi, molds and pathogenic bacteria. Familiar tools housewives, such as urea sulfate or, kill one species of fungus, and create a favorable environment for other.
  5. Prime the wall with soil antiseptic acrylate. It's necessary, to remove dust and the wall to increase its adhesion.
  6. Roller or wide brush, apply to the entire surface of the wall waterproofing mortar, to prevent further penetration of moisture into the layer of plaster. After drying, waterproofing again treat the wall primer antiseptic.
  7. Now the wall is ready for plastering. When the plaster is dry, treat it with special insulating paint. After that, the wall is necessary to putty and dry well.
  8. Only after the final drying on the treated surface may be applied to the decorative coating: wallpapering, ceramic tile or install wall panels.

helpful hints

If you live in a private home, be sure to treat the outside wall of the house hydrophobic materials. Similar work in the city are required to conduct the dispensation of your employees.

Often the cause of wetting the walls is a violation of the rainwater drainage from the roof. In this case it is necessary to unite the owners of several apartments and demand Remedy.


How to get rid of mold, fungus in the apartment folk remedies

People are struggling with the mold for a long time. The effect of different. Sometimes positive. But if earlier people only worried about the aesthetic aspect of the problem: It looks ugly mold and degrades the external perception of the room, now scientists have proved an absolute harm and the danger of mold for human health. A variety of human diseases lurk, if he lives in a room with mold and moldy food uses. Consider, how to get rid of mold, fungus or at least reduce their numbers around us, improve our quality of life.

types of mold

Mold is a living, sprawling in the form of a branching mycelium. Mold is sometimes useful and.

  1. Aspergillus niger is used for the production of sugars and citric acid, and vitamin B2 (riboflavin). But in the wild Aspergillus niger it is the most dangerous for human and animal health black mold. This is exactly, What we see raw corners premises, under the old tile in the bathroom, in the cellar, shed, garage, etc.. In the phase of fruiting fungus that disperses spores, that fall into our respiratory system and poisons our body. Sometimes black mold grows on bread.
  2. Botrytis cinerea in its imperfect stage is used for the production of wine, in particular sherry. This fungus is even called noble rot, as it helps to create a feedstock with increased sugar content. The people got the name Botrytis cinerea gray mold. It grows on the walls of buildings, especially wooden, but prefers to live on green plants. If you are in the garden start decay strawberries or tomatoes, the, probably, they struck gray mold. This mold is not so dangerous, as black, but her breathing spores is not worth, as well as to eat foods, affected Botrytis cinerea.
  3. Penicillium is also considered a noble mold, used for cheese production. Cheese is permeated blue-green spores of the fungus, or coated on top of this mold rind. From Penicillium also make penicillin antibiotic. They treat inflammation. But with the weakening of the body, this fungus can also live in it, causing a variety of diseases, including fatal. Penicillium generally settles on products, however long-term storage of sterilized, boiled, etc.. Sometimes he appears on wooden surfaces in the house, especially if they are wet.
  4. There is still a white mold. It is also used for cheese production. But it can settle in the apartment. It is also necessary to destroy, although it is not as dangerous to health, both of the above types.
  5. Conventional yeast are also mold. While we actively use them for food, but many scientists believe, it is also bad for your health.

Mold in the apartment. What to do?

As we have said, the most dangerous in the apartment is a black mold. Therefore, most people ask in forums, how to deal with black mold. This mold is very dangerous. Therefore, it is first gently removed from the walls, protecting respiratory respirator or gauze bandage, so as not to breathe in spores. This is called mechanical removal. The surface to be treated, e.g. copper sulfate, dilute formalin or a mixture of potash alum, iron sulphate and sodium chloride. Chemical treatment can be carried out by means of burning and sulfur. sulfur combustion products kill all possible fungi.

Mold in the house of the tree can be killed with creosote. But the interior, where people live, they do not handle because of the strong smell. If found mold on the walls, and they Wood, they can be coated with varnish. But it's not always convenient to do, found mold on the floor or mold on the furniture. Then you can grate the soap, mix with urine, insist mixture day, and then wipe with a tree. Then it is necessary to wash out, and it will continue to smell. Mold in the closet, you can destroy the same. People anciently known ways of dealing with mold on wooden surfaces, because all the house originally had wooden.

If found mold on the walls, but they are not wood, You can use salt "Bischofite".

Sometimes found mold on the wallpaper. How to deal, not always clear. After losing the wallpaper appearance, if they are something to handle. It is best to make repairs and replace the wallpaper, pre-moistened walls biocide.

If you have a white mold, how to deal with it, too, will prompt our article. White mold often appear in flower pots, and then it affects the whole apartment. Although it is not as dangerous to health, like black mold, get rid of the white mold is also necessary. You can use the same tools, as well as to deal with black mold. If the mold in the basement, where vegetables are stored, you can put there quicklime box. Good help kill the fungus.

Sometimes, in flower pots or in the aquarium appears green mold. It is also harmful. How to get rid of green mold, People also know for a long time. All of the above methods can be used. However, it should be remembered, that the greatest reliability in combat all kinds of mold produce chemicals. They can be bought in a special shop. If you want to get a quick and reliable results, consult an expert. Especially if the mold was struck large areas of your home.

A good method of prevention is to mold room ventilation, drying things, including food. Needs quick repair soured plumbing. Dripping water leads to the development of dampness. Mold usually well propagated in the dark and unventilated, warm, wet places. In dry and well-lit mold lives rarely. So this kind of prevention of mold growth will save your time, money and nerves.


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  1. If we have started up mold or fungus is reliable will they turn to professionals to offer the best solution

  2. Thank God I have this problem far, but here is my godmother was in the bedroom, so although indirectly, but I faced. Show tried together. Mold initially appeared on the wallpaper, and in the month of May we ripped wallpaper with the wall completely, but it turned out to be mold on the wall and present. Tore off her spatula, godmother soap still some salt, after drying wall, squirting antifungal spray, then re-pasted wallpaper. And in September, to insulate this wall and that's still not back mold.

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