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How to insert the front door with your hands

The front door should be not only strong, but beautiful. Increasingly, as the front door using the metal, ensuring the highest degree of protection. Most often, you can install a metal entrance door and their own special skills and it does not need. It needs to do to prepare the doorway to size.

Order of works

To begin installing the front door is necessary to prepare a doorway: turn off the ringer, interphone (if they are mounted on the door), dismantle old doors, prepare a doorway (expand or). Next, you need to prepare all the necessary tools: end key on 17, length of at least 20 cm, set of screwdrivers, hammer, hammer with a drill on 14, polyurethane foam, level, masking tape, roulette, machine oil. Then you need to unzip the door and check in set required for installation of tools and parts: anchors, caps on technological holes, fasteners, findings.

After unpacking the door need to "try on" the front door into the opening, whether it is suitable for size. Move the door carefully, so as not to damage it. If the size of the opening coincides with the front door can install. It is taped slit in the box door to prevent the ingress of foam into the cavity compartments crossbars and loop. Next, using the door level set, frames should fit snugly to the outer wall. Next - through technical hole punch to make holes in the wall, in which clogged anchor.

You should begin with the upper anchors and fall to the bottom. hammer in 6 anchors, after each slaughtered anchor level should be checked, Do not shifted from the original position of the door. If shifted - adjust the position of the front door. Next, tighten the nut anchor socket wrench and control, if the door has moved. Then close the maintenance opening lock plugs, hinges and locks lubricated with engine oil, the gap between the frame and the wall is filled with foam. To fill the void foam better, starting from the bottom and move up. The door is installed and through 24 hours ready for plaster slopes.

A good tool - is the foundation of a job well done. Many professionals know, that sometimes you can save on materials but never on the instrument. Quality set of hand tools, Wrenches, hammer and tongs always handy handyman, and the hands of professionals, this tool is capable of performing miracles. Moreover, it can be used not only solve construction issues, it can be useful and in fact avtoslesarnom.

The order of providence works

Binding instrument is the presence of a minimum set when mounting the door: drill, level, hammer, polyurethane foam, fasteners, anchor. With this tool it is possible to start to work.

1 Installing new doors with their hands usually begins with the dismantling of the old. Remove it and prepare a place for the installation of a new. To properly install it, you might want to widen or narrow doorway. when expanding, if the concrete door frame, Use the "grinder" - it will provide a smooth surface. opening size should be at 20-25 mm larger than the size of the installed door frame.

2 If you install a metal door for a precise fit in the place of the box using wooden wedges. With the help of level, ensure that, that the door is installed vertically. Secure the box with anchor bolts, inserting them into the pre-drilled holes in the walls. making sure, that the box is properly installed, definitively secure it by means of grout.

3 In that case, if you have to narrow doorway, reload excess space pour concrete or brickwork, setting almost to the top of a vertical wooden formwork. Concrete is poured through a hole in the top of the formwork. After hardening of concrete formwork understands, remaining in the top part unfinished portion is laid bricks and plastered

The order of installation of the front door
The order of installation of the front door

4 Before pouring the concrete is required to reinforce the place of junction with the main wall segments fittings, inserted in cement mortar into the drilled holes. If you are doing brickwork, insert fittings every three or four rows of masonry.

5 By installing a door frame, drill holes for the gate. Place the fixture on the door lock. Spend the final finishing places of conjugation of the door frame with walls. If the door does not have a decorative exterior trim, or available you do not like, Use the door to give the necessary decorative qualities of such materials, as laminate, vinil or natural wood.

Remember, that reliability of the door is determined by the reliability of its weakest element. Bad or poor quality locking fastening of the door frame can negate all the protective properties of the door. Apartment thieves often enter the room by pressing the door leaf in place of the lock mount. In high-quality door should not be gaps between the frame and the door, Allows you to insert it crowbar or other tool. Now you know how to insert the door properly, and safely. Good luck.

Video Installation of metal doors with their hands





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