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As the choice of Bosch rotary hammer is not to buy a fake

On the reliability of the rotary hammers Bosch Russian users have seen firsthand. Different building forums give their opinions about the high performance rotary hammers Bosch, their operational reliability and convenience.

Bosch rotary hammers are equipped with dust removal system, rotational stabilizer, rack limit drilling depth, system of "soft start", speed controller, anti-vibration devices, safety device. It all relates to the original designs Hammers Bosch 2-20, 2-24, 2-26.

But not everyone knows, that along with the originals and counterfeits exist. This fully applies to the Bosch rotary hammers.
But how to distinguish the real from the fake punch or a tool of the Chinese production?

Several words about the Chinese famous brand rotary hammers.
Chinese drills, produced under license or Chinese factories, Bosch-owned firms (Dremel, Rotozip, Understand), Quality is no different from Hammers Bosch, made in Germany.

This Bosch
This Bosch

Recently, Western manufacturers are trying to place their production in China. Differences of Chinese and corporate perforator is the finished product acceptance system.
For rotary hammers Bosch, manufactured in China for Western Europe, There are two control stage: factory inspection and acceptance already in the country of the buyer. Chinese drills, sent to Western Europe, are factory acceptance, and on arrival in the country of the customer, checked and there using input controls.
The rest of the punches, not passed the factory inspection in the factories of China, are sent to third countries. But they are made of the same parts, on the same lines, the hands of those same workers. A cost 4-5 times cheaper. Quality is no different.

professional Bosch
professional Bosch

When buying any tool, first of all pay attention to the appearance.

Remember the golden rule: If the appearance of the case or the gun Bosch differs from the original, inside can not be proprietary tool.

Classification Hammers Bosch

Bosch hammers are divided into professional and consumer.
Household hammers weigh much less than professional with the power to 900 W. Among the shortcomings of household perforators isolate poor cooling of the motor and high impact at impact.

The advantages of professional Bosch rotary hammers are:

  • high power;
  • efficiency in cooling of the engine;
  • the presence of anti-vibration devices;
  • long-term service.

Among the shortcomings should be noted two main: high prices and heavy weight.

How to identify fake punch Bosch

In appearance it can be quite easy to identify, fake in front of you or the original.
Acquaintance with Hammers Bosch is necessary to examine the suitcase (Casey), in which the tool is placed.

Definition of counterfeiting on the outside of the case meant for transporting Hammers Bosch

Inspecting the appearance of the suitcase for transporting perforators Bosch, Pay special attention to signs, various nameplates, latch, performing casting quality.

When viewed from the appearance of the suitcase for storage and transport tools pay special attention to the latch. They Bosch label should be printed. We fakes Hammers Bosch such labels simply do not have to snap.

Case present Bosch
Case present Bosch

examining suitcase, pay attention to the gap between the lids. Gaps should not be, or the minimum clearances around the perimeter should be the same everywhere. We fakes cover loosely abut, alignment with. Seen on the covers of casting burrs, burrs.

The gap on the case lid forgery
The gap on the case lid forgery

Notice applied to the suitcase branded label. In the suitcase of the original mark and the words convex, made by casting, the so-called 3D signs. In the suitcase-counterfeit labels pasted and easily torn off nail.

Case original Bosch
Case original Bosch

We forged hammers on the back of the suitcase pasted special sticker with different codes, inscriptions and ciphers. Do not pay any attention to it.

The gaps in the original case study Hammers Bosch
The gaps in the original case study Hammers Bosch

It is designed to divert your attention from forgery. In this original sticker is simply not available.
On the back of the suitcase original embossed lettering and Bosch brand name. On the forgery of the squeezed out inscription no.

forgery case
forgery case

To distinguish a fake from the original Bosch rotary hammer, I need to buy a power tool in specialized stores with registration of all necessary documents.

Definition video fakes Bosch rotary hammer on the outer suitcase meant for transportation.

open the suitcase.

Determination of forgery in appearance body Hammers Bosch

The main body of the original all labels and icons deposited by extrusion. In a fake punch lettering or pasted on the film, each letter or pasted. These inscriptions and letters easily peeled off when picking a fingernail. In the original, this is impossible in principle.

Bosch-original(up) and forgery(down below)
Bosch-original(up) and forgery(down below)

There are drills Bosch 2-24, whose blue body. Usually, this hammers, produced in Europe. They are most often the subject of counterfeiting. We counterfeiting wrongly applied immediately visible inscription. Instead of writing Bosch 2-24 pasted a fake set of letters and numbers, at first glance resemble the original inscription.

And finally. Bosch hammer drill in the factory-made inscriptions in casting or extruding. In a fake punch Bosch labels pasted on a selfglue.

These are the main characteristics of counterfeits, based on the external power mean.

How to avoid fakes

In order not to fall for the fake, it is necessary to adhere to a few recommendations:
• Do not buy a power tool with arms, online stores, markets;
• unknown at lower price, quality tool can not be cheap;
• buy only in specialized stores power with registration of all warranty documents

Do not be gullible, do not fall for simple tricks, do not chase cheapness.

I wish you success!

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