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Finishing slopes - and especially the need for procedures

Finishing slopes is an important task, since its non-compliance with installation seams not only decorate window designs, but also can be a source of drafts or cold air into the room. Through the seams and moisture can pass, therefore it is important to them and seal closed with a decorative veneer.

How and what materials can be finished?

Finishing window slopes It can be carried out on their own, if you get to the product it is possible. With internal otkosamiv this regard, there is no problem, but external elements, if you are on a large enough height, better not to decorate yourself, and to entrust this business professional installers, having appropriate equipment and necessary qualifications.

Before you get started, We need to address the following issues:

  • What material is used for decoration: most commonly used metal, plastic, plaster.
  • Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a material, appreciate the complexity of working with him.
  • In a corresponding manner to prepare the surface for.
  • Prepare the necessary tools.
  • purchase material.

Window decoration slopes
Finish outer slopes is better left to professional installers

How to choose a material?

If the windows are made of plastic, the most competent and harmonious solution will Finishing slopes plastic panels. The materials easy to operate, it is available in different color variations, may be laminated wood, that allows the use of a plastic in the decoration of any plastic windows. Material will look good and wooden structures, if purchased with lamination of the corresponding color and structure.

Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive. Another advantage of working with him is, that it is easy to saw with an ordinary handsaw for metal or wood. Finishing slopes with plastic panels is straightforward, It may be performed with both internal, and the outer side windows. Plastic is not afraid of water, do not miss it and do not absorb; He will reliably protect the joints from the wind and other negative phenomena. Aesthetically material looks attractive, It does not require a complex system for installation. The use of PVC slopes convenient. They are suitable for any window design, as the segments are produced by three meters.

Window decoration slopes
Finishing slopes plastic panels

How are external elements?

Window decoration of slopes on both sides of the room passes on the same principle. Work outside difficult due to the fact, that access to the slopes, without using climbing equipment or mehruku, It is often impossible. If it is possible,, eg, you need to decorate a window, overlooking the balcony, the obstacles for independent work does not.

Before buying materials to work on the street, carefully review their properties. Not all finishes are suitable for use from the front.

Note, to space Mezhuyev window and wall were completely clogged with foam; cutting off the excess, you can begin the installation of slopes. Start finish better from the outside of the window: This will help to protect the structure from the weather, make the temperature in the room acceptable, save you from drafts. Interior finishing quality at the outer processing is done only for imparting a decorative kind window and insulation.

furnish of slopes It may be made of any material, ability to resist moisture and weathering. An excellent embodiment will be plastic or aluminum, stainless steel can be used. The inner side of decorate such materials can be, how plasterboard, plastic sheet, tree.

Should I use the plaster?

Finishing window slopes plaster - one of the oldest ways of putting in order the seams. However, it has several drawbacks, from which delivered advanced materials.

Finishing window slopes

The main drawback is the fragility plastering coating and the complexity of its application. It takes a few days, as the plaster to dry, and applying the next layer, until it dries out first, must not. Besides, you may encounter with a number of other problems:

  • Plaster is porous and can absorb moisture.
  • Due to the porosity of the material in the space may enter the cold air. Blow out of the seams will not, but the room will cool down pretty quickly.
  • If the plastic windows, solution would be bad to lie down on them because of the smoothness of the frame. Plaster can begin sprinkle after drying.
furnish of slopes
Interior Decorating slopes

If you want to decorate a window cheaply, mortar - perfect. There are modern compositions, superior in quality ordinary plaster and more suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Surface preparation and installation

Making slopes of windows starts with surface preparation. If earlier there was some finish, eg, slopes were plastered, it is necessary to completely remove, then clean the surface, removing old material traces, dust and dirt. In order not to stain your windows, You can close their frames with duct tape.

It is advisable, and the reinforcement of slopes. For this purpose, the mesh of plastic or steel. Along the perimeter of the slope is recommended to install strips of wood, You can use aluminum frame. Note, slopes that PVC should not be perpendicular to the frame. line may only be in a position window sill.

furnish of slopes

Application plaster

Finishing slopes plaster - troublesome, but not costly affair. You should begin to trim the top of the. Before the work is necessary to consolidate the plaster grid, then the solution may be applied with a trowel or spatula. Layer should not be more than 2-3 mm, otherwise it may fall off. Typically plastering is carried out in three layers. Before applying the next must wait, until the previous dry. Can not be dried artificially; an average of one layer to dry overnight at a temperature +20 WITH.

Finishing window slopes

Installation of plastic slopes

In order to fasten the window plastic slopes, You need to use a U-shaped profile as the starting, and F-shaped, as a final. Slats fastened with screws. Worth using fasteners, the length of which 2.5 cm, step - 40 cm; with a shallow depth of the opening is used strips of wood F Profile.

Finishing slopes plastic panels

Before mounting the slopes, you can fill in the gaps with mineral wool, it will make the design warmer and quieter.

Lathing necessarily be mounted with the help of the level. Finishing profile is also secured with screws, then the prepared frame bolted themselves slopes.

Finishing slopes is a necessity. There is a large selection of classic and modern methods of finishing, that suit you design, efficiency and price.



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