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How to choose crosses for tile

Как выбрать крестики для плитки фото
Select the appropriate crosses for tile.

The facing wall tiles is no big deal. If the surface is quite smooth, then you will easily cope with this task. It is only necessary to stock the necessary materials, including crosses for tile.

1. That as a result of tile you get the same tile joints, Use special crosses. It's plastic products are made in the form of crosses, why they never called. Today, manufacturers offer different options crosses with different thickness of a half to ten millimeters.

2. Choose tic, on the basis of the desired width between the individual tiles. The more tiles, the larger must be the crosses. For example, to the size of the tiles 100 on 100 tic mm width should be 1.5 mm. Lay them in the course of work, after another glued tiles. For this square-notched trowel, apply a specially prepared adhesive to the wall, sprinkle the back of the tile with water, to knock off the dust and moisten enough, place the tile on the profile and gently presses. To press is better to use a metal layer, then the power of pressure on each tile will be the same. After that, put the crosses, to separate one number from another.

3. Do not glue the tiles completely without gaps, because any of these dimensions exist error, and perfectly straight stick the tiles to each other can not be. And ceramics swells as a result of exposure to water, crosses and help to avoid cracks and other defects.

4. When laying stoneware insert crosses in the corners joints between the individual tiles. To do this you will need for each tile of four crosses. This method is used to create a wide grouts. Usually after installing these crosses are not removed, and overwritten.

5. For a more precise alignment of the joints between the tiles, use a different method of installation of plastic crosses. For this purpose, one tile expenses for eight parts, ie. two on each side of the cross. Install them at a distance 3-5 cm from the tile corners, considering its size. Put them on one side, then, after a while you will be able to free them to pull out and re-used.

6. After removal of crosses and grouting with a tool for laying tiles tile seal the seams. Grout is usually different colors, it hides the cement or glue, It looks more aesthetically pleasing and does not allow moisture to seep.

Note, if you have not removed the crosses, in this case in some areas the thickness of the grout will be considerably less, that can affect the quality of welds.




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