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On the choice of plastic windows

The most frequent questions, that arise with customers , is how to choose the most optimal plastic windows? How to choose a window, which can last for a long time? Which of PVC profiles better? This material will help to answer your questions and help you understand, how to choose the plastic windows.

A significant selection criterion serves the price of a plastic window, which depends on the number of components of the value: glazing, profile, findings. To any of them if you want the manufacturer can save, to provide samples of cheap windows Economy. The price also depends on the quality not obvious details: fixing and assembly materials, window seals, reinforcement, etc..

Selection of double-glazed windows

To choose plastic windows, we first need to choose windows. For many plastic windows and there is double glazing. In fact, plastic windows consist of three components: direct glazing, profiles and accessories. Windows - a set of glass chamber. Your task will be to, to determine the number of chambers, glass structure and the presence of the protective film. The number of cameras is responsible for the thermal insulation of windows - the more cameras, so it is higher.insulating glass chamber

For our latitude is optimal presence 2 cameras - more than enough, to keep warm. note, that the distance between the panes must not exceed 16 mm. So you will save on your profile (it leaves less material). Protective film deposition or prevents infrared rays in a room. A space between the panes can be filled with a special gas. This helps to keep cool in the hot summer.

Choice of PVC profiles

On the insulating properties of the plastic window is affected by various factors. In the first place - is the formulation of raw materials, which is made from PVC-profile. Next - the wall thickness of the outer profile (It must be from 3 mm for better heat insulation and rigidity indicators). AND, of course, quality used for the manufacture of equipment (Quality does not come cheap, that affects the price of the finished product). Clutch Density PVC product and quality depend on the surface profile extrusion speed (passing through special die is in a state of burning Profile, in which it acquires the desired shape). If the profile strip visible longitudinal indented, this result is selected incorrectly extrusion speed (usually, big). Probable in this situation and incorrect feed composition.

And finally - this is the number of cameras in PVC profiles (It is readily determined from the profile section by counting the vertical chambers from the bottom to the top point of the profile). These cameras inside can be split on the mini-camera using stiffeners. The most common variants are five- and three-chamber profiles.

Window camera profile

Five-chamber profiles have a thickness 70 mm and more expensive. However, there are sections of the same thickness 70 mm, but having only three cameras. Such samples is quite difficult to distinguish the appearance of the five-chamber, but they are noticeably lose teplosberezheniyu last. When selecting a profile sure to consider the weather conditions, cold winters and hot summers, as well as the relative humidity of the climate.

What you need to know when choosing hardware ?

The choice of accessories you can not do on their own, If you are not an engineer, repairman, so here you decide to professionals, which will be based on your other preferences. They know exactly, how to choose the plastic windows and accessories for them. The most popular manufacturers in the market are fitting Roto Frank, GU, Winkhaus, и Siegenia Aubi.

It is from its reliability depends on the quality and functionality of the window, Therefore, the choice of hardware should be taken with utmost seriousness. often manufacturers, wanting to reduce the cost of construction window, consider it possible to set the low-quality fittings. The result of this saving becomes a window with a fairly good performance profile, but does not meet the high performance requirements due to the unstable operation of accessories.

Today, when the market window designs crowded, Many of the buyers, getting lost in the selection, pay close attention to the quality profile, sometimes forgetting, that a significant role in the reliable operation of the windows play hardware elements. openers, locks, loop, latch, decent quality locks provide durability and reliability of the mechanics of the window, thereby prolonging the life of the whole structure.

Work window mechanisms constituting the system should be smooth and stable, Hardware must have resistance to external influences - temperature extremes, humidity, etc.. The window should be closed tightly and hold the position of the sash in the selected mode. Life of the quality fittings shall be not less than fifteen thousand cycles.furnitura-okna

One of the components, determining, quality it is necessary fittings for plastic windows, are the characteristics of strength and reliability of the constructions and components. Despite the simplicity of fasteners, Each of them plays a vital role in the durability of the structure use. Underestimating the reliability and significant savings on the elements of window frames can lead to serious consequences in the future. So, poor-quality fittings will cause, the fact that the consumer himself will soon be able to open folds mud put on their mode of ventilation.
choosing, what is necessary fittings for plastic windows and doors must be special attention to the characteristics of resistance to temperature extremes, as well as to mechanical damage, or weathering and the presence of anti-tamper mechanism.

anti-burglar mechanism

Identify important consumer characteristics necessary to pay special attention to the following details of the mechanism:

  • Scissor arm;
  • Hoist casements;
  • stopper slam;
  • Hinges reinforced hinges;
  • compensatory clamps;
  • swinging mechanism;
  • Fastening flaps loop and framework.

And the most pleasant thing in the selection window, correctly to figure out the parameters to select the type of opening which will be operated window.

Opening windows decryption
Explanation of symbols on the type of opening window sashes



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