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Embodiments and methods of laying tiles on the floor with photo

If you had decided to equip the floor in the room with tiles, it becomes one of the main factors to study the issue, What are the options for laying tiles on the floor. After that, how this issue will be fully reviewed, will only choose a tile. But now we will deal directly with the most popular ways of tiling.

To start, small board. Preferably well in advance to choose the type of tiles, which is the most you like. note, that the choice should be based with regard to the shape and size of the room.

Types and methods of laying tile on the floor

so, all can be divided into six main types of tiling. Among them:

  1. diagonal method.
  2. Traditional.
  3. Laying a herringbone pattern tiles.
  4. A process arrangement vrazbezhku, or as it is called differently - offset.
  5. modular method.
  6. And the latter becomes arrangement with a shift.

Well, Now is criminal directly to all types of review in more detail, taking into account their individuality, features, and also an important factor will be the scheme and laying tile on the floor. In addition, learn about technology tile works.

The traditional way

first, and the most popular is the traditional way. By itself, it provides the location of the tiles parallel to the floor, besides laying in neat rows, tightly pressing together.

In this case, the basis of quality of performance such masonry becomes flatness. Thus note, that after laying of each tile and some need to check the level and correct any errors.

Mostly used for this type of square tiles, in the same time, in some cases, will be a good replacement and rectangular tiles. For a better understanding, we offer you an outline of laying the traditional way:

tiling scheme

Among the features of this pattern can be seen an unusual and rather original form. In particular, if we take elements of different colors. Thus it is possible to quickly perform the clutch in such a way. But do not forget, that there are a number of features, that must be considered mandatory:

  1. First of all the defects and irregularities will be very evident. Therefore, in the work should be approached responsibly.
  2. Itself facing this kind may appear somewhat monotone, that is not always good.
  3. Besides, this kind of is optimal only with respect to the ceramic tiles.

And besides, a very important factor is the full observance of stacking technology. The entire surface must be perfectly flat, and fully complied with all sizes of joints. But it will be a good advantage, that there is no need for additional training.

Now we offer you a look at some photos, which shows a surface made by using the type of furnish:

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

diagonal method

follows, in the opinion of the majority of the most complex and beautiful it becomes a diagonal method. And even despite the fact, that the basis of this type of basic skills laid paving, very complexity is done properly mark, it is not always as easy as it seems. In this way, carrying out this type of finishing would require certain skills, much time, as well as the significant costs of materials, compared with the other embodiments.

For a deeper understanding, It proposes to consider such a scheme layout:

tiling scheme

It should be noted, however, that this method has a good advantage, which is expressed in the ability to skillfully disguise surface imperfections and hide flaws. Quite often, you will notice the use of this type of cladding on non-standard floor, as well as rooms with small dimensions.

Also it should be noted, and some feature picture. Considering, that each tile in this case should be located strictly at an angle 45 degrees, most good option would be to use square tiles. Thus the floor pattern will look like the most impressive, even when using a single-color materials.

options for laying tiles on the floor: a photo

Should take into account the, that such an arrangement causes a large amount of waste, because adjacent to the wall tiles requires trimming. Considering all kinds of tile on the floor, this becomes the best, as well to hide all surface defects. And besides, It allows you to expand the space visually room.

A significant factor in this case becomes a stacking technology. Be sure to remember, that all diagonal stripes need to thoroughly count. Besides, mandatory training required, complete removal of the old finish and primer.

Most of the recommended use ceramic tile, because it is a much better fit, thus it allows to considerably reduce the consumption of glue mixture.

options for laying tiles on the floor: a photo

In particular, the first row of tiles is laid direct standard method, wherein, straight tile length, It should correspond to the diagonal of the base material. The second series of settling with the help of pre-harvested tile triangles. All subsequent already developing are diagonally, in full compliance with the principles of laying.


Floor tiles with an offset

Considering further ways of laying the floor, you may notice an option arrangement vrazbezhku. This kind of resembles a standard masonry. This kind of original and quite common. Most good option for him to become laying rectangular tiles. But with, more often, the standard square. This variation will help get rid of the possible effect momnotonnosti and create a kind of historical atmosphere. And besides, It will help to hide from the eyes of possible small surface defects.

As earlier, bring to your attention the laying scheme:

tiling scheme

In total, considering methods for laying tile, you can note, that this is most suitable for decorating the floor in the kitchen or hallway. This is due to its originality, which he transmits to the room. It should be noted, so that the stacking can be executed horizontally, and diagonally.

Considering the first embodiment, Among the features you will notice that, that the binding factor is the bed material so, to the middle of the tile, It coincides with the seam of the previous row.

Speaking about the second option, can be seen, that he also settling at an angle 45 degrees, and it looks quite impressive and unusual. but note, in this case the floor surface must be perfectly flat, because otherwise the whole work will be done in vain, this type of masonry will give all defects.

tiling scheme

Considering the peculiarities of the work, It should be noted, it will take an additional stack lighthouse plate at the corners of the room. Such a move will put the floor level, according to which in the future will have to be guided. Next beacons carried styling, and using a rubber mallet coating leveled, and beacons are eliminated. Then, a few days later you will need to fill in additional seams solution.

For understanding, we offer several options to see the works, performed in such a way:

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

Laying a herringbone pattern tiles

Considering further options for laying floor tiles can be seen quite an original way. In particular, it implies an arrangement of floor tiles in the form of parquet. Such a solution would look unique enough, interesting and unusual. In particular, for laying herringbone tiles used exclusively material of rectangular shape. Considering in more detail, you can note, that there are only two variations of this type:

  1. Normal herringbone
  2. And view Pin.

We propose to consider such a scheme laying:

tiling scheme

tiling scheme

Among the features of this type of decoration can highlight the most natural look. Particularly good stacking one tile becomes, to the surface, imitating natural wood. At the same time it is not desirable to use such a form in the case of using a material with simulated stone, because it looks unnatural.

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

Considering all the ways of laying floor tiles, feature of this is the location of each individual element with a turn in different directions, while the basis for the diagonal arrangement laid. Wherein, This technique minimizes the amount of waste.


modular masonry

Also, methods of tile and assume a possibility of modular stacking. This variation will give an extraordinary effect coatings, and will look quite original. Besides, it is almost the perfect solution. But especially here it is to carry out calculations, Whereas it is necessary to accurately calculate and create drawing project, to be executed.

tiling scheme

Good feature and at the same time the advantage of such a solution becomes a wonderful view of the small square rooms. Besides, completely absent patterns and each pattern is created individually. The main thing to perform accurate drawing to fit all sizes as a room, and tiles. Besides, you can use ready-made kits.

considering the technology, one can note the easiest way to perform finishing, in particular the use of a large tile with a picture of her small. But do not forget, that the pattern can be performed to, it is only necessary to take into account all the features of the module grid and all.

Tiles with shift

And the last one coating arrangement becomes shear, it takes quite a distinctive appearance:

tiling scheme

options for laying tiles on the floor:a photo

Well, we looked at the basic options of laying tiles on the floor, and can be seen, that this process is easy enough. You just have to select your preferences clearly, and you can begin to translate your design dreams.



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