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How to choose a tile for a modern bathroom renovation

For quite a long period of time bathroom has ceased to be only room for personal hygiene. Today, it is increasingly described as a place of rest, where you can relax, take a shower or soak in the bath. And repair it, respectively, performed following the latest trends. In this way, to create a nice and cozy design is important to know, What tile is now in vogue.

Compliance with the trends and the pursuit of fashion

Given the modern approach to the repair of the bathroom, strongly demands changed in the choice of finishes. Nevertheless, all of ceramic tile is also a good option for finishing. At the same time, its choice of approach with great caution, and carry out a careful selection. About the same before choosing flooring or wallpaper in the bedroom and living room.

fashionable tiles for bathroom

As known, modern tiles, Along with its aesthetic qualities, also possesses good handling properties, Among them is the ease of maintenance and high resistance to fire and more.

Nevertheless, there are many variations of choice, and even choosing what to put on the tile floor in the bathroom, many face difficulties. But that, how to choose tiles for the bathroom, we talk separately, and now a closer look at the current trends, and still define, What tile is now in fashion and how to choose matt or glossy.

The most popular varieties of tiles

small foreword, note that, as before to repair. Materials were selected on the basis of a dark bottom and light top, on what, properly, choice and ended. And it is quite rare to find something unusual and original. Now, considering the color of the tile in the bathroom, which one is better is rather difficult to define, We can only note, that the maximum popular options were the following:

  1. Tile, which imitates natural stone.
  2. Imitation wood materials.
  3. Tiles under the leather or fabric.
  4. Mosaic and its simulation
  5. floral prints.
  6. And last, design in hi-tech style.

But let's look a little more in detail each of the options, to decide for themselves, some tiles lay out the bathroom.

A natural stone

The first type is a ceramic tile or a porcelain textured solution in the form of natural stone. Stone products and a total invoice of the material never loses its recognition among consumers, which is why this solution is gaining popularity.

fashionable tiles for bathroom

This kind of coating allows to give the room atmosphere certain tenderness and firmness of. but note, that the decision to equip the design of the bathroom so not affordable for everyone. although tiles, simulating marble coating, shell can help to realize almost any fantasy. But the cost of this coverage is still high.

imitation wood

Talking about, some tile in the bathroom is now in vogue, more mentioned material, simulating wood coating. design, made of wood attached to the comfort and warmth, and also helps to relax better and faster, both on a physical level, and the subconscious.

What tile is now in vogue

Even given the fact, that is used to create such interior is tile, instead of natural wood, still a feeling, that you are in Russian bath or sauna, which allows maximum relax, relax, feel safe and detachment from the outside world.

Leather and cloth

Going further, it can be seen covering, simulating leather trim materials or cloth. Especially popular is the design imitation snakeskin or crocodile leather. This solution is often found in people, loving all the most elegant and unconventional.

some tiles for bathroom

tile surface is not only simulates drawing, but repeats the texture of different types of leather or fabric. Besides, coating itself is not slippery, it also allows you to expose this kind of finish flooring. The very same coat looked quite interesting, one might even say extravagantly.

Mosaic and its simulation

Probably the most popular choices is becoming a mosaic finish. Each, who had the opportunity to visit the Hammam, It remains under the influence of a lifetime, in particular, its leaves wall decoration, which is performed manually fine mosaic. After this type of, forever you can forget even thinking about, What tile is now in vogue for the bathtub, and give their preference to such a solution.

mosaic tiles for bathroom

This original work of art, which could organically connect various kinds of materials, among them the stone, and glass, and even mirrors, and all of this in one single figure. Right now, this decision has never popular, current technologies provide dozens of varieties of tile coatings, that mimics exactly the kind of mosaic.

This tile, pattern having a total, but on the other hand hundreds of independent, at first sight, apart elements. Each of them has its own uniqueness, but together they represent the whole picture, which overflows with flowers.

floral prints

Another embodiment becomes bright texture tiles with flower. This kind of material can dramatically change the entire room. Besides, using such materials, it is possible to visually magnify or reduce. Using different picture can be influenced accordingly placed differently.

Such manipulations are performed through the use of images of different sizes, in turn, the small flowers will contribute to increasing the visual, large, on the contrary decrease. That is what should be taken into consideration when choosing a.

tiles for bathroom in fashion

Considering the design recommendations, use this type of tile is desirable to focus attention on one of the bathroom areas. It uses a combination of different types of tiles, including standard monophonic. It is therefore necessary to know what happens tiles for bathroom.


And the last option is becoming popular in the repair of high-tech style. The very same tiles of this style is a coating with one color, the complete absence of any clicks or tones.

tiles for bathroom in style hi-tech

Thus not create the most simple and elegant room, in which each element is simply shout about its rationality and symmetry.


After considering a variety of types of tiles, We think you have come to the conclusion, some fashionable tiles for the bathroom is right for you. finally, we note, that the chosen tiles should not only emphasize your taste, but to make room, and stay in it as simple as possible, pleasant and comfortable.

also note, that in spite of modern fashion, still popular coverage options are fotoprint and classic design options are solid. And finally, we offer watch a few videos, in which are shown illustrative examples of bathrooms, designed with the latest fashion.

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