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Laying floor tiles in the kitchen

Ceramic tile - a material, used for decoration, exposed to moisture. Laying the tiles in the kitchen, It is quite challenging, usually the work is done by professionals with equipment, but it is possible to perform with his own hands. Unevenly laid tiles do not look very attractive, therefore required accuracy. Just stoneware tiles ideal for finishing the corridors and kitchen floors.

Very popular use of tiles on all types of terraces, balconies and verandas. Ceramic floor tiles, especially stoneware tiles, characterized by high resistance to wear, thus have a long service life.

Substrate preparation

If we want, tiles to serve us for years and are an ornament, it is crucial to prepare the appropriate ground. When we decide to perform the tiling work, it is important to abide by the rules of tiling. A faster way to compensate for irregularities - use cement mortars, rovniteli .flat floor

Then, after drying the floor is ready for the next steps. The substrate must be flat and solid, purified from any dirt, dust, remnants of old paint.

If the subfloor is uneven, Use one of the special lining material. If the irregularities are small and are about 0,5-1 cm, then you can use self-leveling self-leveling floor, but if irregularities exceed 2 cm, using traditional mortar. If you intend to install underfloor heating, use special formulations. It is also possible to cover the self-leveling floors are self-leveling compound, which align and prepare appropriate base.

Laying tiles

Naturally with the beginning of a way to determine the necessary placement and arrange tiles poryadovkoy. important factor! before laying, for clarity, easier to make a scale drawing layout.

options for tiling in the kitchen
Placing the tiles on the wall begins. It is important to leave enough space for the first row (if you want to trim), therefore it is necessary to take into account the height of the tiles and width of the two seams, and tile adhesive thickness.

calculate number of tile adhesive possible online calculator right on the site.

Surface Area m2
Thickness, mm.

The amount must be purchased for about tiles 10% more, than the number, necessary for laying.

The next step is to prepare an adhesive solution in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The solution was applied on the smooth side wall trowel, and then applied to the tooth side of the solution - we will then believe, that the tile is well bonded. Tooth size is compared to the size of the tiles, The more tiles, the greater must be the teeth of a spatula.
Glue, supported on the wall, dries quickly, however it should be applied to a small area. detail, How to style the kitchen pliku.

When, when the mortar dries on the wall - it should be clean and apply a new layer.

instructions for laying tiles on the nol
Step by step instructions for laying tiles on the floor.

tile laying usually start from the corner. If you are going to trim the tiles on both sides of the walls, the styling begins with the first full and ends with the last full, identical tiles are fixed in the following series. It is important to insert noughts or SVP Cotorro help set the distance between the tiles and supports the correct width seams.

 check tile level
It is necessary to check the tile level in all planes

tile Grout

Final stage, which consists in filling the empty spaces between the tiles. For this purpose, a special solution, available in many colors.

Important! seams it is necessary to clear of debris, plastic crosses.

tile Grout usually done the day after gluing tiles. Right, uniformly and accurately applied grout is undeniable as a bathroom decoration, and cuisine. Perform basic substrate quality conditions, such as dry, absence of impurities, stability and good adhesion, will give any kitchen comfort and will last for a long time.



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