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Floor tiles for the kitchen and hallway: Tips for choosing

Quite often people wonder, it is better to tile or laminate, since the choice of material for the flooring is a very important factor in carrying out repair works. This is primarily due to the operational requirements for the surface of a room. In particular, we will talk about these rooms, like the kitchen and hallway, and yet determine what coverage is best, and how to choose the right.

Features tiles

What's better on the floor tiles or laminate

To begin, consider the characteristics of each material, and its compliance with certain premises, in this case the kitchen and hallway. Let's start, perhaps, with tiles. First of all let's talk about its merits:

  1. The durability of the coating.
  2. Ease of care and maintenance.
  3. Large selection of design solutions.
  4. Humidity resistance.
  5. wearing qualities.
  6. Environmental Safety.
  7. Low conductivity current.
  8. Inertness and fire.

And it should also be noted some shortcomings tiles:

  1. The first material coldness, that is solved only provided floor heating systems, respectively, additional costs for works, and electricity.
  2. The relatively high cost of the material.

On this main shortcomings can be considered ended. Besides, It should be noted, that compared with the laminate, Tile though will be more expensive, but it will last a little longer. However, due to its lack of first, laying in large rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms is not recommended.

how to choose a tile hallway

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate

And the second member becomes a contentious issue laminate. Now it is necessary to consider all the characteristics for a full understanding. Among the advantages of such a coating:

  1. Attractive appearance (it can also be said of the tile).
  2. Durability.
  3. Ease of installation.
  4. The low cost of the material.
  5. A good level of hardness and density.
  6. Ability to simulate any coating material.
  7. wearing qualities.
  8. Simplicity of maintenance and operation.
  9. Resistance to mechanical stress.
  10. The heat of the material.

And now, respectively, turn to disadvantages material:

  1. Improper installation or errors in the manufacturing process, may start crumbling material, which leads to rapid wear and, respectively, at times reduces the service life.
  2. Requires additional moisture protection.
  3. In the case of natural products of wood expensive breeds, instead of the laminated coating, It requires processing protective structures to improve moisture resistance after laying.

What to choose on the kitchen floor tile or laminate?

And go back to the basic question, it's better on the floor tiles or laminate. And there are already a number of factors, from whom, and will depend on your choice. Basically becomes a need and budget. But comparing materials, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Tile material more durable, than laminate, Though more expensive.
  2. Even considering the fact, that the laminate is waterproof, when it is subjected to flooding damage, and floor covering may be completely spoiled. In the same time, tile water is not terrible, the surface does not undergo any change or damage.

In this case, only, which speaks in favor of laminate, it becomes the thermal conductivity. Tile material cold, while laminate warmer. But due to its superiority in performance, for wet rooms is better to use tiles, because it will last longer and, and in total, in this case, it is better for the kitchen.

And now, when we decided that for the kitchen, corridor and even the bathroom with a toilet best option becomes a tile flooring, we must ask what kind of ceramic tile to choose and what to look for.

Quality indicators

To start, some tiles in the hallway you have not chosen, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to its labeling, which is almost entirely talks about the material itself. It usually indicates the following specifications material:

  1. PEI - this figure indicates the level of wear resistance material. The assessment may vary according to the scale of 1 to 5, actual floor covering in the kitchen required indicator from 3.
  2. Also listed on the packaging and moisture resistance index, what is important, when we are talking about, how to choose ceramic tiles for bathroom.
  3. The next indicator becomes a tile size.
  4. Also consider the cost and resistance to the effects of various kinds of chemical elements, in this case there is a classification by D to AA, minimum and maximum respectively.
  5. Pay attention to the costs and, manner in which tile was made. Varintov may be two, pressing and extruding, designated by the letters B and A, respectively,.
  6. Tile hardness level, that assigned a score on the Mohs scale in scores of 1 to 10.
  7. Sort tiles, respectively, the higher it is, all the better.

It is also worth paying attention to the following indicators, which may be indicated on the packaging (Refer to the table below)

tile quality indicators

A word of advice! Never save on tile, buying low-grade products. First of all, it will take longer, because such products, there are a quarter of the marriage of materials. Secondly, it is less durable. In this way, in the long run you will spend much more money, than purchasing a high-quality tiles originally. because, deciding what is better to choose tile in the hallway, consider only high-quality and beautiful options, then to enjoy for years to come.

Ideal characteristics for the tile in the kitchen or hallway

not important, some tiles in the hallway or the kitchen you choose, basic requirements for any kind of operating characteristics become, and these become ideal option:

  1. Durability on a scale of PEI 3, it's desirable 4 or 5.
  2. water resistance level of not less than 3%.
  3. The coefficient of friction of not more than 0,75%.
  4. If you raise the question of, manufacturer of tiles to choose, it should be the country Spain or Italy.
  5. First grade tiles.
  6. Size or shape according to personal preferences.

Besides, mention, some tiles do not just better pay attention only to technical specifications, and choose the material at inflated requirements. The first big difference you will not personally seen, and the cost in this case is significantly aged. because, the best choice becomes tiles averages, without overstatement strips requirements (if a, of course, you will not regret to spend more money in two, something that you can not prohibit anybody).

Talking about, what quality tiles should take into account not only the pointers on the packaging, but the advice of the seller consultant, it is important not to forget about it.

Good tile has a regular geometry, but recommend that before purchasing to make two tiles facing each other, This will determine the smoothness of the surface.

What tile is best for the corridor

important characteristics

When choosing a tile should pay attention to some factors.

Size and shape

Floor tiles for the kitchen and hallway of their size and shape can be varied. Considering the standard sizes, You can allocate 20 × 20, 20×25, 20× 30 and 30 × 30. Besides, it should be noted, and the tiles of a larger size, in particular, 40×40, 60× 100 and 70 × 120 cm.

Speaking directly about the form, the most popular option became square and rectangle, wherein with any aspect ratio. Directly laying tiles in the form of elongated rods is extremely rare, more popular ratio 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. detail about ways of laying tile on the floor.

Color and texture

Talking about, What tile is best when choosing colors and textures can be faced with numerous variety of goods. In addition, each of the types is significantly different color, textured decision and even form.

An important factor is range of grouts.

But, making choices, It should be clearly defined, some tiles suitable for kitchen, for which it is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  1. First of all, Tiles must have a rough surface, which reduces the level of slip. But at the same time, the surface roughness should not be heavily textured and deep, because in this case will accumulate in the tile dust.
  2. Preference is better to give a glazed tile, because it has a higher degree of water resistance, and is itself somewhat stronger.
  3. Also, before, how to solve, how to choose a tile in the hallway, It should clearly define the color. His choice is fundamentally dependent on the overall interior space. In most cases, better to give preference to lighter tones. In this case, use can not only tiles, but granite.
  4. Talking a bit about colors, note, that light floors enable visually expand the space. In the same time, dark floors emphasize the size of the room, and because their use is permitted only in the spacious rooms, and in addition require light colors in the rest of the design elements and decoration.
  5. As known, black and white quite easily soiled, but note, that the combination of these materials, when laying a checkerboard field remains the most popular option. Especially, when we are talking about, what better to put the tiles in the hallway.
  6. It is also true that, that the most successful use of design options becomes gray, beige and brown, especially their combinations.
  7. Besides, while the glossy surface is more durable, matt, in turn, is more practical. This is because, that it is less noticeable dust, dirt and mechanical damage.
  8. Becomes the best one for use also simulate natural stone. This variation is well suited to create the classic style.
  9. Kitchen is also very popular tile on the floor under the laminate or natural wood. This solution is suitable for any design and is versatile.
  10. If necessary visually reduce the room, and in addition make it somewhat more comfortable is recommended to use small tiles with repeated ornament, desirable light shades.
  11. considering, what color to choose tile in the kitchen, We should pay attention to the square, for large size of the room using bright colors or dark, otherwise bright. because, before deciding, what tiles to choose the corridor ask yourself lighting.

what color to choose tiles

As it became apparent, in question, which tile to choose plays an important role is the color and texture, It is depending on the actual room itself, its design and conditions.

Interior decoration options

It should be noted, that the choice of colors of flooring depends directly on the interior of the room, In addition to the availability of the windows and their directions. For example, in the task, some tiles lay on the floor in the hallway should pay attention to the presence of windows, if they do not, or sent to the north, it should use light colors. In the case of good lighting and windows, directed to the south or east, you can think about the choice of a dark coating.

Another factor, which affects, how to choose a tile on the floor in the hall or kitchen becomes a space area. Speaking of large areas, it is worth noting, it is rational to laying tiles larger.

In the same time, in the case of small corridors and kitchens, should pay attention to tile smaller dimensions and light colors.

Also it becomes important and method of laying, which is selected on your preference, but, undoubtedly, really affect the overall appearance of the interior.

design options tiled floor

Council! For the arrangement of the room, so it does not look boring and monotonous, it is recommended to combine the small tiles with larger tiles. Original small inserts are performed in the middle, or distributed over the entire area.


Having considered all the tips and tricks, We decided on the, that the best coating for kitchen and hallway tiles it becomes. Besides, dismantled what tile to put in the hallway and the kitchen. And to consolidate the material studied suggest you watch some videos about, how to choose a tile.


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