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homemade cabinet

Today, many are faced with such a problem, as a lack of funds. This problem is especially relevant ceases in the repair and regeneration of new apartment. Imagine, that you are buying an apartment in new building, and suddenly the prices of construction materials and furniture are increasing. It is much effort on the family budget. Today, such a problem faced by many. Of course, you can save on repairs or furnishings. But, at the same time care must be taken, as the use of low-quality material can result in no way, you want to. In many cases, this leads to the need for re-implementation of a work with the use of better materials. As a result, costs increase by half, and even higher.

If the savings on building materials is meaningless, the furnishing of such an option can be considered. In this case, the best option will be the production of furniture with his own hands. This saves a lot, since the funds will be spent exclusively on the material, and not labor for the production or assembly of furniture. Of course, production of furniture is a fairly complex process, in which it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.

Bedside tables

If you decide to make their own furniture for their new home, it is better to start with something simple. In this case, the best will start manufacturing bedside tables with their own hands, which has a very simple structure, which will execute it even unprofessional Furniturer.

so, how to make a bedside table with his hands? Creating a bedside table with his hands, and to color Other furniture, It must begin with a definition of its design features. To do this, take a piece of paper and draw on it the next element of the interior. Of course, before it is better to see the photo bedside tables with their own hands. If there is a computer available, then create a sketch tables of wood with their hands, you can use programs, to use in their work the professional furniture manufacturers. The most important thing to accurately determine the size of the bedside table with his hands. In order to facilitate the process of making tables, each element must be separately represent precise dimensions. Drawings, tables with their hands to quickly and produce blanks without problems.

As for billet, they can be ordered from the carpenter's workshop, where professionals on the machines quickly settle the question. At the same time pay attention to the edge, which is applied on the end boards. For this application you will have to pay separately rather big amount, especially when you consider the number of blanks. In order to save this, you can independently carry out the process using common household appliance - Iron. You just need to buy a tape and a heat treatment to fix it on the ends of the blanks.

It is also a stand with their hands can be made of materials, who just lie around and take up space in vain. So, eg, Drawers from chipboard with their hands may be the best solution for you.

so, if the cabinet is made with their hands out of scrap wood, then it will need to blank treatable. First of all, blanks are cut-to-size, that have been identified during the preparation of sketch. It is better to first make a nightstand made of cardboard with their hands, which will use it as a stencil. Once they are ready, they must be treated by a grinder. This would make the surface smooth and beauty. Details will also need to treat the stain, that will protect them from adverse environmental factors and give a beautiful shade.

After that, all the details of the product can be assembled into a single structure. Often for bonding wooden elements using glue and screws. If the production of tables with their hands held by means of the workshop material, it is possible to use bolts hexagon, which are widely used in the manufacture of modern furniture. To use this mount, necessary to make openings corresponding diameter. At the final stage, the installation fitting and sticking edge.

Some advice of professionals

1. During the production of billets to be maintained accurately size, which have been determined during the design of furniture. Deviation of a couple of millimeters can make all the work on "No". As a result, gather the bedside table with his hands is almost impossible. This is especially true corner tables with their own hands.
2. Cutting of wood must be done carefully and slowly. This would allow for a quality cut. This is especially true cutting by electric jigsaw.
3. For furniture should use high-quality material. If the appearance plays an important role, you should choose the classic version of the material - particle board with laminated cover. Of course, if it is possible to produce solid wood furniture, you should take advantage of this option is. Wooden tables with their own hands have many advantages.
4. To create a beautiful appearance of the tables you should use high-quality fittings. Cheap furniture can completely spoil the appearance of the furniture, which completely negate your efforts. As for the quality, The emphasis here should be given to the veil and guides for drawers. Dressing tables with their hands depends precisely on these elements.
5. Crate better use of ball bearing slides, are in the process do not produce noise. Such designs are not only noiseless, but also strength. The lockers are on the balcony with your own hands can be used and the usual roller, since the noise during their operation will be negligible.
6. In the process of pasting edge necessary to use a piece of paper, which is placed between the iron and the fabric. This will allow the correct pokleit edge and avoid its damage while working with iron. When it comes to cabinets in the bathroom with their hands, then pasting to the edge must be approached very carefully, since moisture may disrupt the structure of the material.

TV stand

Manufacture bedside tables with their hands, everyone can. The same technology is manufactured kitchen cabinets with their own hands. The only difference is in size and number of drawers and compartments. With regard to technology, it is the same everywhere, but not so on the bedside table under the TV with his own hands. If you like to often look at the DVD-player and movies you have in your house is full of discs, the TV table with his hands you just need. It is possible to determine not only the video player, but also to lay down disks and magazines.

Bedside table under the TV can be bought ready-made, and can be made with their own hands. The virtue of the second embodiment in that, it is possible to create tables of this design, which you only want to. You can also make a stand folding table with his hands under the aquarium. In order to make a stand for the TV with his own hands, you will need:
1. Tree. In this case, the best option would be laminated chipboard.
2. Joiner PVA glue for better securing workpieces.
3. Glass. That is, if you want to make glass shelves.
4. fasteners, kolesik.
5. edging.

so, how to make a stand with his hands? For the manufacture of stone with their hands out of wood is best to use a laminated particleboard, whose thickness must be at least 16 mm. As with a bedside table under the aquarium with their own hands, furniture manufacturing should begin by making a sketch. The design tables have to be complicated, since it is often installed in the living room. With the right approach you can make furniture, from which will be excited not only your household, but also guests. In this case it is better to use a design with rounded corners, that will give the product a modern and smart. Such decoration tables with their own hands will allocate it from the rest of the interior items.

The advantage of the use of laminated chipboard in, you can save time on production of tables under the aquarium with their own hands or under the TV, since there is no need for processing and polishing of the surface. so, Drawings TV Stand with your hands, and some of its parts ready. Now you're ready to direct the production of billets. When applied to the material dimensions must adhere exact dimensions.

In the process of cutting blade hacksaw should not go beyond the level of the line. In order to make a smooth cut, better use of electric jigsaw. In this case, it should be smooth movement. If you push the tool with great effort, this may compromise the integrity of the topcoat Particleboard.

When the workpiece will be ready, You can proceed to drill holes for fasteners and furniture fittings. If the cabinet has shelves with their own hands, it is better to use modern holders of "pills". Attach these elements is quite simple. You only need to make small holes and insert to the holder, configured as a capsule with a stopper in the middle. Before you put the nightstand, All holes must be cleaned of chips.

Once everything is prepared, you can start folding the aquarium cabinet with his own hands. When attaching the structural elements necessary to use PVA glue. Adding a bit of glue to the Hole Wizard will improve their grip and make the connection stronger and more reliable. Once the design is ready, the ends must be glued chipboard edging. There is still used iron. It should be remembered about the application of a piece of paper, that protects the surface of the tape and folding the hot soleplate.

It ends with the production of tables installing shelves. A good option would be glass shelves for cabinets under the TV, which will give elegance design. If desired, a curbstone under the aquarium with their own hands or under the TV can be mounted on wheels, which will allow it to move around the room, if the need arises.

In order to create a modern nightstand, which will not differ from the models in the store, you need to use complex design. Deaf nightstand with a few boxes here will not be the best option. To improve the appearance of the product is necessary to use small design on the lid tables. So, you can make a niche for TV, in which you can set the video player.

The main thing to remember, that the presence of such a complex structure will make the product a real work of art, on which will be delighted with all your guests. Special attention here is paid to the use of modern materials. Glass and metal will add style and beauty product. Properly prepared drawings of stone for the aquarium with their own hands, or under the TV will create furniture of any configuration.

With his hands and can make furniture in any room. Cupboard for shoes with his hands, cupboard under the sink with his hands, stone for the tank with their hands and more will significantly save on the arrangement of new apartment. If you do not know, how to make a bedside table under the sink or in the hallway, you can see the video on the Internet. In this way, You can learn the basics of creating a particular furniture.

So in conclusion that, how to make a bedside table with his hands video in several parts
Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


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