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Tools for the flange assembly and roofing elements

Roofing mites used in the assembly of metal sheets, when you need to bend their edge. there are curves, direct and semicircular pliers. In direct mites flat wide jaws. Thanks to them the zinc metal layer is not damaged. They are used in the hearing device and the ventilation openings, chimneys. With semicircular ticks carry many operations, such,

Инструменты для отгибки и сборки элементов кровли фото
Tools for the flange assembly and roofing elements

eg, as a finishing roof shaped elements, different types of folds, edging crests, disassembly grooves and coatings for repair. mites curves are used for the assembly of the roof on the hard to reach areas.

Kromkogibschik. To bend the standing seam, use kromkogibschik, which longitudinal slot is located in the middle of, having a height of 25-35 mm.

By the jaws, first of all, are a vise. They can be parallel and Stulova. Both of these clutches consist of a lever to rotate the screw and the movable and fixed jaws. Vices fixed on the workbench.

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