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How to install the mosquito net on the door

Without mosquito nets in the summer it will be impossible to open the windows and doors to the balcony or outside, if you live in a private home, as different insects will fly into the house, bite, bring discomfort and spoiling products. Get rid of them easily, thing to know, how to hang a mosquito net on the door. This can be done by their forces.

The use of mesh in an apartment or cottage

In order to get rid of the insects in the house, on windows and doors installed mosquito net. They may have different mounting and installed in different ways. Installation of mosquito nets to the door or window will help prevent mosquitoes entering, flies and other intruders in the house. The grid can also be useful to protect from dust, plant down, other small debris.

Most often, the product has a small cell and stretched on a sheet of aluminum profile. This is a standard option, used in most plastic constructions. This system has a special fasteners, accessories, mounting and connection profiles. The design has the following advantages:

  • easy to use.
  • It does not require complex care, simply wash.
  • You can quickly install and remove.
  • Malozametna.
  • Completely closes the window or doorway, It can be used on all types of windows.
  • The material has high strength, if necessary, the grid can be quickly removed.

time to think, how to hang mosquito net on the door, you will not have to. Manufacturers produce a mesh structure with loops: they put the second door. This allows not only to protect the room from insects, but also use doors, without removing each time the net. It established a very simple design, by screwing to the door frame.

Installation of mosquito nets to the door

What other options are there?

For doors should choose certain types of mosquito nets, because of their high strength and durability. The grid itself can be made of different materials: commonly used nylon, fiberglass, polyester, cotton. Each material has different advantages, It has a different strength, and price ranges. several species of mosquito nets is available for doorways:

  • swing: they are used for the standard door systems. Made of aluminum frame door inner, instead fabric mesh used against insects. This door is hung on hinges, It has a special device, allowing to lock it in the open or closed state. This grid differ convenience, reliability, easy installation, shape and color can be selected by the owner of the premises.
  • magnets. Think, how to fix the mosquito net on the door, do not have. This system is quite handy, since the edges has a self-adhesive tape, which helps to quickly fix the net on any surface. There are two parts of the structure, between which there are magnets. Once you have passed, parts are interconnected by means of a magnet.
  • Pleated has the shape of a rigid door. Net fixed on special frame; most often it takes the form accordion pleats, leaf surface can be decorated with a variety of drawings, allowing you to perform out of the door of the interior decoration.
  • Roll models are equipped with aluminum duct, which is located above the door. mesh pulled out therefrom and fixed if necessary. If you need to remove the grid, her release, and she folds into the box, which protects it from dirt and mechanical damage. This kind is also easy to assemble, just enough to tie the finished box with available inside the net in the right place. The apparatus has the following advantages: useability, mobility, there is no need to remove the grid under improper conditions for operation (box can protect the material in the winter, would not allow him to break down under the influence of the sun).

How to fix the mosquito net on the door

Use of systems with additional functions

solving, how to set up a mosquito net on the door, and which model to use at the same time, you need to think and over, Do you need the additional features. for example, if you have small animals, in particular cats, they can save you from falling out of the window, if you set "Antikoshka" system. Such a grid is not only has a higher strength, but also has high rigidity, because it is covered with fiberglass. The cat will not be able to break or squeeze a grid, so it does not fall out of the window and not the device itself will tear claws.

Set this grid in the same way, as a regular. It is equipped with mounts, which are bolted to the frame of the door or window frame, and then the frame with a mesh insert in them.

How to hang a mosquito net on the door

Grid "Anti-dust" can be installed instead of the usual mosquito nets, it can be used both for windows, and for the doors. The main objective of such a device is to protect the premises from being hit by the dust. The grid will be useful for people with allergies, because it does not allow fluff, dust, pollen enter the room. The room will be much clearer, wipe the smooth surface can be less. Installation is the same, as a conventional grid.

Characterized by such a model the, that it is much less standard cell. Their total size 06-08 mm. The only drawback is the complexity of the mesh ventilation, as it significantly delays the movement of air. It is therefore recommended to use the opening frame or use a removable structure.

How to fix the mosquito net on the door

How to choose the right product at the door?

Mesh should fit snugly and match the size of the door opening, so you need to start with the selection of the measurement of the door frame. You can choose to collect from boards hinged door and tighten the net on it, you can order a higher quality and a neat option for companies, are engaged in the production of mosquito nets, including opening for balcony doors. Pay attention to the diameter of the cells: it should not be too large.

Using the standard mosquito net on the door, hang it on your own is not difficult, can simply attach the hinges to the door frame.


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