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How to fabricate electro punch Makita

As is known the main punch in a source code are brushes. It is important to monitor their condition and cleanliness of the collector. The perforator Makita 2450 and 2470 used carbon brushes CB-419 art.191962-4. Factory recommended to replace the carbon brushes after 80 hours. Both brushes must be replaced, regardless of the degree of wear.

Signs of wear of brushes

Do not confuse ordinary small spark is present when working with partial overshoot sparks in a circle, this is permissible under the stress and the new instrument until the brush is not got used to.

The first manifestations of brush wear, this strong sparking and extraneous sound. Immediately stop!

Timely replacement of carbon brushes prevent the failure of the more expensive parts of the gun. Cost of the carbon brushes is not comparable with the value of the rotor or stator of any power. Do not skimp on the small, not to lose more. The conclusion is simple: often change coal electro. Do not forget, when a fault of one of the brush, the other must be changed automatically.

The critical length of the carbon brushes Makita perforator may not be less than 8 mm

When replacing worth a closer look and to anchor, how to develop a collector. With a marked deepening should polish collector to smooth state, if you do not even original new brush will spark, which will lead to even greater burnout collector.

After installing new brushes necessary to get used to idle without a minimum load 10 minutes.

A set of new carbon brushes Makita 2450 and 2470
A set of new carbon brushes Makita 2450 and 2470

The order of execution of works on the manufacture of coal from other brushes

Electro coal can be purchased at almost any store power tools. But there are cases, when there is no nearby store, and to work. There is an exit: We need to make their own brushes of brushes from other power tools. The important point is the selection of electro, similar in their characteristics. A wrong carbon rod will lead to severe arcing or Anchor generation.

Option homemade punch carbon brushes for Makita 2470
Option homemade punch carbon brushes for Makita 2470

The process of manufacturing the carbon brushes to punch Makita

The work begins with a preparatory phase. It is necessary to choose the right sectional coal preform rod. Here are the dimensions of the carbon brush factory CB-419A in mm (6×9×12). Picked carbon rods must be larger in cross-section or of the same size, as used in rotary hammers Makita.

If you picked up the larger cross-section billet, they saw round needle file or use sandpaper. But you can use a simple enough device. The electric drill is clamped a special device called a "mushroom". This device is practically at any master. It is used in the process of grinding poverhnostey.Prisposoblenie is a circle with Velcro, to which is attached a grinding disk of a certain diameter.

Try an electric drill securely to a workbench or table. Drill can be secured by clamps, xomutami, or temporary device. The drill chuck insert fungus, it secure circle of sandpaper №100.

Drill with paddle
Drill with paddle

include drill, adjust rotational speed of the chuck. It is preferable to start grinding at low revs. This will allow you to properly control the grinding process.

Coal grinding rod of batteries
Coal grinding rod of batteries

Continually monitor the size of the carbon brushes. Especially important are the cross-sectional dimensions electrobrushes. Brushes should be included in the brush holder tightly, but move freely.

Self-made brush to punch
Self-made brush to punch

homemade electro

We find suitable material, crop it to size with a margin of 2 mm. Then we bring in the sandpaper down to size. As the upper contact on the wire contacts recommended old brushes, solder them to the contact wire if it is.

If there is no contact group, to secure the wire, in electro drilled hole of smaller diameter, than the diameter of the copper braiding. twisted braid, It is inserted into the drilled hole and wedged on the opposite side of the copper wire. All is ready, We installed and tested on sincerity.

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