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Homemade tools for rapid application of the adhesive on the tiles

Tiling premises - a monotonous process. It can speed up, using the original tool for the application of tile adhesive - improvised devices, that will make the work of the conveyor. Some of them will also help to better control the amount of coating solution.

construction machines

The main member of many self-made machines is putty knife. Its mounted between two parallel wooden slats or strips of metal, which are spaced apart a distance, Equal tile width. Spatula handle fixedly secured up, between it and the work surface leaving a small space.

One of the self-made tools to work with tiles
One of the self-made tools to work with tiles

Before, how to apply the adhesive on the tiles, it put a trowel in such a way, that it was exactly between the side walls of the machine, and the end of a spatula barely touched the edges. Face tile should be facing the floor, and the reverse applied weight of the solution. Then the tiles are moving forward, spatula to evenly distribute the glue.

Such a machine is stationary, but there is another version of it, when you do not move the tiles, and he trowel. In this case, the lateral mounting need for, to trowel does not strayed from the path of movement. Tiles at the same rank.

Another kind of machine, able to facilitate the application of tile adhesive, It can be described by the word "template". It is a metal sheet with a rectangular slot, with the help of loops attached to the table top. The latter is equipped with stops under tiles. The principle of operation of the device is, that the tile is placed on the table and covered with a sheet so, To process the surface of the material was in the slot. Next, an adhesive is applied. What to do if you want to put tiles around obstacles.

The advantages of using homemade tools

Thanks to these adaptations, Tiler work easier and faster. It reduces the need for manual labor, per day with less effort, you can get more done. Thanks to, that the application of tile adhesive on the tiles is carried out with the same effort, It increases the quality of work. Optional, Master may modify a tool - with "stencil", for example, It can be applied from solution indented tiles edges, Do not spray the adhesive.

Collect any of the machines can be from scrap materials. For better bonding parts it is recommended to use self-tapping screws. If necessary,, the machine can be dismantled and transported. The width of the machined surface is easily changed. Calculate the number of tiles will calculator.

Possible options of homemade machines, video masters

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