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How to choose a gun for water-based paints

Repairs in the apartment is not without painting. Most often painted walls and ceilings.
At high ceilings or large area coloring process of applying the colorant by means of rollers or brushes become laborious and time-consuming.
Can help you out sprayer or spray gun.
Painting of the ceiling spray gun not only reduces the staining, but also allows you to create high-quality surface.
But you should be able to choose the right model of the spray gun.

The main advantages of spray gun for water-based paints

Using sprayers for latex paint significantly reduces the staining.
The surface obtained with a thin, evenly.
When sprayed on a surface not leave marks or sagging divorces.
The minimum thickness of the painted layer significantly reduces the drying time.
Dyeing process is considerably facilitated complex curvature surfaces, such as baseboards, baguettes.
Availability of extensions allows staining situated high ceiling surface from the floor.
Guns are equipped with a set of replaceable nozzles. Nozzles are called paint spray nozzles.

types of spray guns

Spray gun for water-based paints are divided into three types: hand, power, pneumatic.
But how to choose the spray gun, for painting with water-soluble paints?
The problem is that the low pressure is difficult to achieve fine grained spray. The problem is that, that when using water-based paints in the apartment drying is not as fast, how to paint solvents.
The complexity of the gun of choice is to choose between the chapel and the diluent water paint coating properties.
If you put the nozzle of larger diameter, it is permissible to use a thicker structure. And if there is not enough pressure, on the surface will form a large grain or paint will not go into a spray bottle. It is very important especially for the electric spray guns.

Hand guns
Hand gun KRDP-4-2
Hand-held device called kraskoraspylitelem, consisting of a nebulizer in the form of rods, capacity, and pump hose. More often than not capacity and pump combined in one unit.
With the help of the pump is pressurized in the container with water-based paint. pressurized paint is supplied through the hose to the spray gun, fixed to the end of the rod.
This type allow guns to paint up to 200 ... 250 m² per hour.
The main advantage of spray guns of this type in their simplicity, low cost, ease of maintenance.
Spray gun for water-based paints are great assistants when painting ceilings limestone or chalk water solutions. Spray gun A disadvantage of this design is the large grain painted surface. pros- ability to pass the fine particles fraction whitewash.
it is recommended to use a high-quality water-based solutions to reduce graininess. And do not forget to control the viscosity of paint used.

by the way, a few words on the viscosity

A device for measuring the viscosity of the paint
A device for measuring the viscosity of the paint

Viscosity - a scientific term. But in simple terms, this means, as a fluid resists flow when passing through any hole. The viscosity of the fluid less, how quickly the coloring material is ejected through the spray gun nozzle. The magnitude of the viscosity influences the grain surface being treated.
Viscosity measured in seconds with special devices, called viscometers.

From manual spray guns can recommend gun KRDP HMAC-4 018-1031.
Operating pressure 5 atm.
Volume of the tank 2 l.
Performance 1.4 l / min.
Weight 5.3 kg

electric guns
elektrorasp 002
Electric paint sprayer called device, providing spray paint in two ways: Airless spray and due to low pressure.
Structurally, electric paint sprayers made in the case, visually reminiscent of a hairdryer, at the end of which is located the spray assembly colorant, and the bottom is mounted a container of paint. The devices operate from AC power 220 V. Their operation does not require additional devices and equipment.
For work at height is preferable to use electric air-brush. They are self-contained and easy to work.
The main disadvantage is, that falls heavily diluted acrylic paint with water when painting walls, reduce its viscosity. At low solution viscosity of the coloring density decreases and reduces the coating properties of the walls and the ceiling surface. It makes you put on the surface of multiple layers of paint.


airless sprayers They operate by pressurizing the primary node device - a plunger pump. The container is pressurized and it will provide a coloring speed and high quality painted surface.

Painting machines
Apparatuses are composite device, in which there is a manual spray gun, pneumatically operated pump for supplying a spray solution, heaters, filters, connecting hoses, carts.
Cost airless spray gun is in the range of 20 thousand. rub.
The best device is considered to be the installation of the company Wagner Paint Crew.

IN Low-pressure spray gun Feed air pressurized to 1 atmosphere created by the integrated pump or compressor.
Low-pressure spray gun for painting operates from the AC mains voltage 220 V. The weight of such devices does not exceed 1,3 kg. Pneumatic spray gun equipped with a low pressure tank to 0,6 l. The cost of this type of spray guns does not exceed 4 thousand. rub.
The best brands of electric spray guns are considered Wagner, Paint Zoom, Bosh, Balack& Decker, Elmos and other.
The best are the brand Bosh models: Bosch PFS e.g. 65.
The structure of this model includes a spray gun, remote compressor and connectable shlangi.K airbrushes mounted below the tank volume 0.6 l.
power compressors 280 Tue.
performance gun 130 ml / min.
cost about 6000 rub.

The second model spray gun Bosch PFS 55.
power consumption 280 Tue
The volume of the tank 0,6 l
Bachek mounted below the spray gun.
Weight unit 1,3 kg
cost of 4500 rub

Pneumatic guns
Pneumatic air-brush are devices, spraying the colorant in which, It is performed by feeding compressed air under high pressure.
Spray gun pneumatic spray gun itself consists of a tank for a paint, compressor and connecting hoses.
In pneumatic spray gun container colorant may be arranged as a bottom, and top.
Performance pneumatic spray gun is 400 m² in time.
Pneumatic guns for supplying colorant technologies are divided into three types:

      1. According to HP technology, in which the paint is sprayed by air pressure to 5..7 bar and a large amount of it. This is an outdated technology. With this sputtering on the surface is not more misses 50% paints. But because of the low cost spray guns, more popular technology.
      2. By HVLP technology, whereby ink is transferred to air at a pressure of less than 1 atm. and its large consumption. This technology increases the transfer of colorant to 70%. There are such spray guns at least 1500 rub.
      3. According LVLP technology, in which ink is supplied the low pressure air at a minimum flow rate. This technology allows you to transfer to 90% coloring matter, without increasing the work speed. But the cost of spray guns of this technology can reach 12 ... 15 thousand. rub.

    sata spray guns
    The most common model of pneumatic spray guns brands Sata and Interpool.
    The most popular Russian kraskopultom considered sprayer SB-71. But in the passport is not available the ability to work the said sprayer with water-based paint.

    It is best to use a pneumatic gun for the painting of walls and ceilings.

    How to choose a gun for water-based paints?
    Choosing the type and model of the sprayer, give preference to paint spray guns, intended for use with water-based paints.

    When choosing a spray material, pay particular attention to housing. Give preference to models with aluminum housing, coated anticorrosive nickel layer.
    But the life of the plastic housing is not great, though its weight and significantly less.
    nozzle cover should be made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel.
    Gaskets should be made of Teflon. This will prevent corrosion of the gaskets solvents.
    Containers for paints made both from metal, and made of transparent nylon, that allows you to control the level of the paint.
    If you are not a professional, it is better to buy the easiest tool. The easiest is from the spray gun 500 rub. Professional paint spray guns are more 3500 rub.

    And what a gun is best for painting the ceiling?
    Paint high ceilings can be either the forest or on the floor.
    If you plan to paint the floor, it is better to use a hand gun in the form of rods.
    But painting the ceiling latex paint spray gun with an electric paint sprayer made forests, having not only low weight, but also the ability to work independently.
    ceiling paint spray color provides a high-quality surface, uniform and very thin layer of paint.

    Preparation of paint material

    Painting work starts with preparation of the ink solution. To prepare the aqueous emulsion solution in water is added beauty, the mixture is thoroughly mixed using an electric beater. As a nozzle used whisk mixer or building.
    The thoroughly mixed solution was added koler. Kohler in solution should be added in small portions, stirring constantly to the exclusion of divorces.
    Do not forget! The paint is necessary to prepare a reserve. If you run out of ink, it would be difficult to guess with the new color scheme.

    Remember! We paint in liquid form shade deeper and more vivid, than the dry surface.

    ink consumption is calculated from calculation, What's on 1 m² surface need to 0,5 l dye solution.

    How to use a paint sprayer?

    When painting the walls in the apartment have to start painting from the corner and continue to the next corner without stopping, To reject differences and shades.

    how to paint

    • using a spray gun, follow the inclination of the jet to the surface to. The jet must be directed exactly perpendicular to the surface staining with the distance to the surface is not more 70 cm. The recommended distance equal to 50 cm.
    • Movement of the spray gun must be uniform, circular, spiral. Try to keep a constant rate, not to paint twice the same areas.
    • Staining the surface of acrylic and latex paint is performed necessarily in two layers. The second layer is applied after drying of the previous layer.


    • purchase guns, a passport which indicates the ability to work with water-based paints;
    • for work at height should prefer an electric paint sprayer;
    • better to buy the spray guns in the aluminum case;
    • for a one-time work is better to use cheap manual spray gun, with large volumes of paint work without an air sprayer, do not.





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