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Overview sander for walls and ceilings

Choose grinder for walls and ceilings without dust, review of the known brands and analogues. Grinding the walls - a rather time-consuming process, the complexity of it is, that in addition to the hard work there is a negative indicator of the health impacts enormous amounts of dust, which is released during the grouting. That is why it is so relevant and needed for machine sanding walls and ceilings without dust emissions.

Overview of the known models

Festool PLANEX LHS 225.

The leader of the list of popular and high-quality products - sander Festool PLANEX LHS 225.

it is a universal, powerful and durable system for grinding walls of dust. It has different variants of the length of the handles, all at one time, you can make a long or short handle.

Inside the two-stage reduction gear system, which ensures high performance unit. The device easy to operate due to perfectly balanced and reliable drive with optimal parameters given power.

Machine can handle edge, sanding drywall and dry putty, remove the remnants of wallpaper and other obsolete facing material. The total weight of the product around 4,5 kg, and it comes bundled with an intermediate substrate, and the device itself.

If we talk about the system minuses - is justified high cost, 90 000 rub. and higher. But, in spite of this, tool will serve for many years, performing at a high professional level of the problem.


Festool PLANEX LHS 225-IP/CTM 36 AC-Set

This grinder for walls is worth twice the price, from 160 000 rubles. Than justified such cost? The device is supplied includes a sanding pad diameter 215 mm, backing, extractor device in systainer.

According to the functional features similar to the above item, lasting, reliable, durable, It is lightweight due to the variable suction power, It allows to handle even the most remote places through the brush segment.

The system is used for high-grade finishing the interior, mechanical lock prevents the hose disconnect during the execution of the work, there is an effective dust extraction, harmful particles are not distributed in the air, and placed in a special compartment.

Stored securely in the maxi-container, This "suitcase" space for the second extension. The unit used to support the belt vest, additional handle installed and removed in one second. So that the unit can be used even novice, I am in complete safety and confidence while polishing various surfaces.



MIRKA DEROS - electric rotary orbital sander

Next sander for walls and ceilings, impressive well positioned:

  • compact;
  • ergonomic;
  • powerful in its class;
  • It has a high performance;
  • brushless motor;
  • inexpensive consumables product.

Cost of goods 20 000 rub, it is an order of magnitude lower than the above arrangements. It supplied without external power supply, It has a proprietary speed controller. Yes, Vibration level is slightly lower compared to peers, but power will be sufficient even for complex operations.

This grinder for walls and ceilings has an innovative sole for effective dust extraction, Electric motor brake and brake soles. That allows you to safely use the unit, even for a beginner in this business.

The machine is easy to hold with two hands, easy start lever, the product is easily turned on and off. A brushless DC motor ensures preservation speed even under high load. The housing has a closed design, the engine is firmly protected from dust and debris from entering the system.

Electric sander, wall and ceiling is ideally suited for various operations, It allows to process different types of surfaces. It characterized by high performance, It allows you to fully control the grinding process. More a detailed review of models of orbital machines.



Sturm DWS6016 with a diameter disk 225 mm

For those, who wants to make sanding the walls of dust can be advised to purchase the system, with the cost of approximately 15 000 rubles. Price available, machine is an ideal tool for a wide variety of surfaces for subsequent painting or wallpapering.
The large diameter grinding wheel 225 mm allows easily overcome extensive territory in a short time, and thanks to the well thought-out ergonomics products increases the likelihood comfortable, safe and effective sanding of drywall.

Work is carried out without dust, reduced risk of falling gizmos harmful to the human body. following benefits:

  • the hose is mounted rotating connector, reduces the risk of clogging of the grinding disc and dust in space;
  • grinding head is able to rotate, repeating surface contours, With this system, we can talk about a professional result;
  • grinding putty dust - the room will not require additional cleaning;
  • controlled balance;
  • a light weight, about 3,5 kg, It allows to work for a long time without feeling tired;
  • speed control by giving 600 to 1000 rpm.

Using such a system can rely on a good result in a relatively reasonable amount.



Sander Interskol UPM-200

Advantages and disadvantages of cars Interskol UPM video review.




Exercising choice sander, It should focus on the productivity of the unit, manufacturer, supply of components, availability of the service center for further care, as well as to take into account the cost of the product.
As far as price craps functionality of the machine - will show time, but without the guarantee of a dusty sanding of various surfaces will be all of the above models with their characteristics indicative worthy.

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