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How to repair the hammer mechanism Makita rotary hammer 2450 and 2470

Even a very reliable company Makita drills break down over time,.
Any failure is eliminated, it is only necessary to have a direct hand and perseverance.
Besides electrical faults punchers and prone to mechanical breakdowns.
hammers work with solid materials in a dusty environment reduces the service life and requires user intervention to perform preventive maintenance.

Repair mechanical punch Makita 2450 and 2470

Any repair tool starts with defining the nature of the fault and disassembly.

To repair the gun Makita 2450 and 2470 the user can, having initial locksmith skills and familiar with the electrical safety requirements.

This article discusses the mechanical part of the gun Makita, major faults and their solutions.
A general view of the mechanical part
Dismantling of the mechanical part of the gun Makita 2470

To get to the mechanical part of the perforator, necessary to remove or dismantle cartridge.

Disassembly of the quick chuck
Set the punch on the case back to the surface of the table, covered with a clean cloth or paper. Using tweezers or screwdriver rubber tip 35, Item 1.

Gently release the annular spring pos.2, pos.3 coupling guard, steel ring pos.4. You get to a steel ball with a diameter 7 mm poz.20.


Now you can remove the body of the mechanical part
He is black.
With the help of the screwdriver, remove the four screws on the side of the case.
lifting gear cover
Clutching his right hand black case, Push your thumb on the end of the shaft, from which the cartridge dismantled. The plastic housing is easy to star.

Then it is necessary to remove the gearbox shaft.

lifting gear

To disconnect the mechanical part of the electric, you must first remove the electro.
Remember! At the bottom of the rotor housing is kept on electrical brushes, that it is necessary to remove the.

checking, that electro disconnected from the rotor lamellas, screwdriver to pry the metal casing perforator on the border of green plastic housing.

Now turn to detach the rotor from mechanics perforatothe rotor mechanical assemblyra. The rotor is held in mechanical parts due to the helical gear unit.
If you take in one hand and the rotor housing, and the other housing the mechanical part and pull in different directions, pokachivaya, you disconnect the two nodes.

Get here is a node in the used grease.
Further unscrew using two hex bolt M4 × 12, pos 43., art.266273-7 with internal hexagonal head.
Remove the shaft with the intermediate spur gear 10 poz.80, art.226399-7.
of the inner housing poz.49, art.153687-8. Clean the parts of the old grease.

Will is such a mountain of pure components.
prepared for the assembly of parts
And now carefully review the details, rubber rings immediately discard, picking up new.
Defective parts are replaced with new.

Mechanical faults perforator makita 2450 и see 2470

For frequent mechanical failure Makita hammers are:

  • the destruction of the quick chuck;
  • bearing failure;
  • failure of the striking mechanism;
  • amount of trunk perforators;
  • wear rubber bands striker and the striker;
  • failure of gears.

Repair punch cartridge is made to replace the anther and the rubber ring, and a conical spring and a steel ball, providing the working tool clamp (storm). This is indicated by the, that the working tool? namely drill, poorly retained in the chuck.

The main reason - the wear of the steel ball 7.0 poz.20, art. 216022-2. Ball Wear occurs by contamination due to cartridge barrel ingress of dust and dirt.

Overall view and perforator Makita chuck device shown in photo enlarge.
type of cartridge

Overhaul cartridge perforator makita 2450 their own hands to make easy. The cartridge should be disassembled, freed from old grease, throw rubber parts, replace defective.

More complex faults require knowledge of the mechanical part of the device punch Makita 2450.

Defining the nature of the fault punch Makita, proceed with the disassembly of the mechanical part, called gear.

Disassemble the mechanical part according to the attached video.
Free her from the old grease.
Carefully inspect all parts, their integrity, wear level. All rubber products in any disassembly to be replaced.
spare gum

Consider repairing the gun barrel. Let us examine the mechanism fully.
disassembly video, Lubrication and build punch Makita

Repair parts of the gun barrel Makita 2450

Remember! At the bottom of the rotor housing is kept on electrical brushes, that it is necessary to remove the.

In the next stage of the excavated mechanism is necessary to disconnect the rotor. The rotor is disengaged from the simple mechanism, pulling out, as held by the friction of two helical gears.

The result here is a messy knot.
perspective view of the mechanical part 01

Now it is necessary to separate the shaft impactor.

Most often worn rubber rings, peen poses. 24, Spring compressor poz.18. and parts of the cylinder.
Here's how to wear out and break down the barrel parts if misused tool.

Consider the most complicated failure - the failure of the impact mechanism.
The characteristic features of a failure is the absence of the hammer blow and unpleasant noise perforator operating in the "Strike" mode.

Such a failure characteristic of the rock drill, which during use strongly presses the surface to be treated.
disassembling the gearbox, remove debris and pieces of foreign material. We find the faulty part and cleanse all the old grease.

Very often destroyed striker poz.24, art. 324396-8, part of the trunk.
impact mechanism defect
metal ring poz.27. art. 324216-6.
Wear shock bolt housing
Discard any damaged parts, replace it with a new, cover with a thin layer of grease. Parts ready for assembly. But more about that in the next article.

I wish you success!

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