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Prosekatel this speed and economy

Construction of drywall or other material on frame technology requires the use of metal sheets. But how to speed up the work process, thus achieving the maximum quality and the reliability of connections. Especially, that the use of the screwdriver is not always convenient, not to mention the time spent on each screwing the screw. The help will come Prosekatel for joining metal profiles for gypsum board which is very fast to Install.

Now actively in the construction of buildings or finishing, or even the construction of structures inside it is actively used this wonderful tool both, prosekatelʹ. It is also another name for ticks to connect a profile or skrepprofil. This tool has the following advantages over traditional methods of connection structures of metal sheets:

Application Prosekatel
Application Prosekatel
  • high speed. Just two clicks, it spends only a few seconds, you get the bond two parts of the structure.
  • high reliability. Prosekatel holes are proven, because in a few seconds is obtained a strong connection structure elements, able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Ease of use of the tool. Prosekatel for the profile does not require special skills when using, for its stable operation only a force required when pressing.
  • economy. Ticks for the profile does not require elements of hardware for attaching metal (screws, screws, bolts and other).
  • The high quality of the surface after use of the instrument. Due to the robust and strong construction of the device on the spot connections are formed by bends and valleys, eliminating the possibility of distortions in the entire structure or plasterboard sheet projecting.

Prosekatel device for drywall constructions

The device Prosekatel
Prosekatel apparatus for plasterboard profiles

Pliers Prosekatel for the profile are rather complicated mechanical device, consisting of a large number of components:

  1. Bracket with two legs, wherein the abutment has a recess.
  2. The movable handle, which is mechanically connected with the lever and the punch.
  3. fixed handle, which is securely attached to the bracket.

There is also a loop for easy storage of the tool-state information, movable axis, enabling the movement of the working bodies and more.

The quality instruments chromium-vanadium alloys used for the manufacture of its design, providing high strength and durability. Therefore, the choice is worth it to pay attention.

This model is more comfortable and allows the seal profile to corner joints.

The principle of operation of the device

Regardless of the design of any Prosekatel for connecting profiles has the same operating principle.

When pressed on the movable arm translational movement occurs punch, which the, abutting against the profile, it pushes through and abuts the abutment. Its design is made so, to the hole edge curled, thus ensuring a sturdy and durable connection.

The degree of pressing depends on the efforts, transmitted to the punch. Therefore, the design provides long levers and knobs or more gears, providing the necessary effort.

Choosing tick for the connection profile

How the profiles for connecting Prosekatel, found. Further, should be considered commercially available options for this tool, But a lot of companies is today, are engaged in the production of building tools. At the same time all the workmanship will be different, because someone is focused on the number of, thereby offering less reliable mechanisms, but cheaper. But when buying this kind of devices do not save, because the cheap acquisition of two units would entail high costs, a plus, here it is still added and constant torment to him.

Prosekatel costs
The cost of the tool in the Internet shops

Which are commercially available pliers Profile?

Before we find out, Prosekatel any better for the connection profiles, You should be familiar with the available models of this tool.

Today, the sale is a great variety to Prosekatel Profile, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider some of the most popular models of this extraordinary tool:

  1. Prosekatel mites company KNAUF, Photos are presented below. They are one of the simplest models of this tool. What does and its uncomplicated design. Structurally, they are made up of only three parts:

    Prosekatel company KNAUF
    Prosekatel company KNAUF

  • with fixed handle bracket;
  • movable handle with a gear;
  • punch.

simple structure suggests its reliability and practicality. Therefore, this model will be an excellent option for frequent use.

  1. Prosekatel Profile for drywall from "KB Prok", Photo is presented below. Are also quite simple in construction and reliable mechanical connection, that allows you to work with him for a long time. The technical parameters of the unit are:

    Prosekatelʹ KP-prok
    Prosekatelʹ KP-prok

  • width profile from prosekayut 28 to 100 mm;
  • Profile thickness 0,55-0,7 mm.

Pictures manufacturing tool is of structural steel.

This model is only suitable for direct connection profiles and only used for partitions.

  1. The next type is quite common for Prosekatel Profile for gypsum board from the company Knipex Model kn-9042340. Photos of this tool is presented below. Also represent a sufficiently strong mechanism, as evidenced by the use in their manufacture thick-walled metal. Excellent may be suitable for a short stint with wall profile.
Prosekatel kn-9042340
Prosekatel kn-9042340
  1. Considerable interest among professionals has Prosekatel for profile EDM ULTRA PROFIL. French manufacturer guarantees high quality and practical tool. He sold complete with interchangeable dies for different thicknesses of metal. Photo below shows the unit. The device is equipped with adjustable depth profile bracket, due to two special screws. As the material of the high-quality structural steel. Convenient and versatile model.

    Prosekatel EDM ULTRA PROFIL
    Prosekatel EDM ULTRA PROFIL


Not superfluous will also be a video about Prosekatel for connecting profiles. It explains how, how to use this machine, and which of the two similar devices more reliable and productive. Thank prosekatelyu, Profile drywall compound occurs without screws Work is faster and more economical. For more information on secrets with the profile.





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