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How to make an arch made of plasterboard

Arch is a great way to decorate a doorway in your home. It can be as an additional, and the main element of the interior, It is becoming a center of attention. It depends on the type and version. Arch can be produced by methods old, built of brick and then all be finished with decorative plaster, but there are easier and less time-consuming ways - an arch made of plasterboard. Today - this is one of the best options to create your own exclusive interior in your home. Give it some fabulousness or making a certain harmony.

Arch made of plasterboard perfectly fit in the passages in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and even at the main entrance to the house. Generally, everywhere, which do not require privacy. Create such a miracle of design is quite possible and by their own efforts, even if there is no experience. Enough to be able to handle screwdriver, a spatula and a knife assembly. It is not necessary to consult specialists. Arch with their hands Plasterboard will be an excellent tool for the initial construction, which will help you in the future design of their homes.

If you have clearly decided to build at home acre, it is necessary to determine its type and method of designing. Often, this is dependent on the presence of a building material and, of course, ability to deal with them.

Types of arches by type

Separate the two main types of arches depending on the design type:

simple arch
simple arch
  1. of the metal profile;
  2. wood.

Here preference to the material, with which you are most familiar with and have more experience working with him.

Also secrete certain types of drywall arches, depending on its form:

  • with a small radius of curvature;
  • with a large radius;
  • simple, using one curve;
  • complex, having several types of curves and bends;
  • symmetric;
  • unbalanced.

Selection of the arch is dependent on the desired effect and its effect is produced. Simple interior arch made of plasterboard with their hands, ideal for the quiet and simple interior, simply replacing the door opening round. The degree of circularity, and it depends on the symmetry of the master preference.

arches manufacturing manual

How to make an arch made of plasterboard? Before answering this question, We take a look at the two types of its construction.

wood frame

Arch of the wooden bars
Arch of the wooden bars
  • The first thing you need to plan the future shape of the arch directly on a sheet of drywall. Its width is enough, to her to draw any shape. Design arches of plasterboard, as mentioned previously, It may be the most diverse, which is mainly dependent on the width and height. If an opening wide enough, it is better to use a large radius or rectangular with rounded corners. To draw a perfect shape with the correct dimensions, you can use a compass. This does not necessarily run to the store office supplies, it may be constructed of self-tapping screws, Lace and pencil. The first thing a rectangle drawn on the sheet, corresponding to the size of the opening at the moment. Further, it should be noted on the middle sheet with a roulette and a mark screw screw. The curvature of the arch and its profile is dependent on the height of the placement of the label. The higher it is the arch, the steeper will bend. If you want to make an arch made of plasterboard with their hands asymmetrical, it is necessary to shift the center in the required direction, thereby displacing the arc slope. If it is necessary to represent two or more bending, the number of centers will be used.
  • The next step is to cut out shapes obtained. It is better and more agile to be done with a jigsaw, wherein the sheet must be fixedly fasten, so as not to cause injury to yourself and do not damage the material.
  • Further, arch begins installation of plasterboard with their hands using wooden bars. The first thing they are mounted around the perimeter of the future arch. Cut out drywall sheets are mounted to them with screws.
  • The next step is to fix the middle parts of the sheet bars using, for this they need to be cut into small pieces and fastened to the sheets in the radial direction. The bottom sheet of drywall is attached to them already in the end.


Metal frame arches

Production arch of plasterboard with their hands using metal sheets differs only in the method of fastening the backsheet. It is mounted on a user's profile, curved in the shape of an arch.

To give the necessary curved metal sheets must be at a distance of every 10-12 cm to make cuts, while it bends well in both directions.

Then, with the help of screws received in the arc is attached to the bottom of the frame construction of the perimeter. After this procedure can proceed to fixing plasterboard to walls of metal arc.

Metal arches frame
Metal arches frame

But this installation arch design does not end, because she has no strength. To ensure that it is, necessary to fix the cross-pieces of the profile using the same screws. their number, proportional to the length of the arch. If it closes the opening in 80 cm, it is enough 5-6 pcs.

In the next step you can proceed to the bottom facing sheet fasteners. But if carried out with their hands arch made of plasterboard, the, naturally, it must be given the same shape.


Manual production of curved arch element

How to make an arch with their hands Plasterboard curved shape, wherein, that it turned out perfectly rounded profile? The answer to this question is quite simple and has several ways of solving:

incising. This method consists of marking on the sheet perfectly aligned, perpendicular to the edges of the segments. This can be accomplished using a level, ruler and pencil. With the mounting of the knife on the one hand made incisions upper paper layer. This will allow the sheet to bend in the opposite direction, which will provide the necessary arc.

Making arch made of plasterboard with their hands using this method is quite laborious work, so you need to give full attention and care.

Method of bending plasterboard
Method of bending plasterboard

The second method consists in soaking and bending sheet, and then followed by drying. But this option is suitable only for large bend radii and takes up more of your time. But it has a significant difference from the first, which is a smaller consumption of finishing compounds to obtain an ideal spherical shape. This will help you video selection methods for bending a sheet of plasterboard.

If you're doing an arch made of plasterboard with their hands by the process of getting wet, to give the required curvature can be used an ordinary chair or stool. And just putting on his list, Slowly lower edge to the floor and lock in this position for drying time.

The curved or notched sheet is gradually fastened from one side to the other. At this stage, the installation of the arch is the arch zakonchen.Zatem finish with the mandatory use of the building stacks and fillings. In this pre-smeared all seams and joints.



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