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Beautiful curly options for the hall ceiling

Curly ceilings allow you to create an exclusive design rooms, and give a unique interior. Modern technologies of use of gypsum boards provide an opportunity to draw the ceiling space of the whole system of several levels. This solution for the decoration adds comfort, comfort and function room.

Figures from the drywall on the ceiling are suitable for any interior. The main advantage of the design is the ability to create different shapes and geometric shapes. Multi-level system allows to translate design ideas, and the combination of materials will help to create an individual style. This design of the ceiling looks rich and modern.

Ceiling space is one of the important components in the design space, which refers to the suspension designs. The form, shade, the number of lighting devices create an overall impression of the room as a whole. Curly ceiling can radically transform the interior.

The ceiling is not closed furniture or drapes, he always visually open, so you need to carefully think through the form of figures, which will perfectly underline the overall style. Design ideas for plasterboard ceilings help to harmoniously fit into the interior design. Creating a visual model of the future of the ceiling in the hall, You can use geometric shapes giving luxury and wealth premises or comfort and peace, as well as add playfulness and give meaning.

The advantages of curved ceilings

Making the ceiling space using drywall pieces has a number of positive characteristics:

  • It gives the room a sophisticated look;
  • visually increase the ceiling height;
  • It helps close the disadvantages of ceiling slabs;
  • It allows you to make a perfectly flat ceiling plane;
  • quite easy to install;
  • Plasterboard is an environmentally friendly material;
  • design ideas help to divide the room into semantic areas;
  • It allows you to hide a variety of communication: wiring, tubes, vents;
  • creative design of lighting fixtures adds functionality, It makes it possible to change the degree of illumination;
  • gypsum material is easy to cut, during the manufacture of curved shapes can create a rounded design with different diameters;
  • shaped ceiling does not require special care.

Before you give preference to the ceiling figure of plasterboard should be remembered, that the material is quite heavy. Weight of the finished construction can reach up to 20 kg / m2, so you must ensure the reliability of the ceiling.

Drawing up a work plan

Before we proceed to the choice of the figure of the drywall on the ceiling is necessary to draw up an action plan.

  1. Determined by the purpose and dizyn room: kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery or hallway. Based on this information should be mentally form the approximate location of lighting fixtures.
  2. Then, according to the scale of the ceiling area projected on a sheet of paper and a few models to choose, the most appropriate under the criteria, shape. Modern technologies allow to use the software to recreate color computer model of the ceiling, so if there is a possibility, it is recommended to use the service for purposes of clarity,. If you plan to ceiling with pieces of drywall in the kitchen, it is necessary to provide lighting over the dining table, as well as the kitchen countertop.
  3. Move to full-scale version of a sketch of the ceiling.
  4. Carry out installation work metal profiles, Bookmarking Communications, sheathing gypsum boards, corners issue perforated corners.
  5. Putty and primed surface.
  6. Run finishing ceiling surface decorative trim (wallpaper, paint).
  7. Install lights and check their performance.

For the economical consumption of electricity is recommended to divide the lighting into zones, each of which will be activated independently. Zones may be two, three or more. Forms ceiling light.

Design options ceiling figure

Ideas for the ceiling of plasterboard for the kitchen or hall, help set the style of the room. Most often the owners of apartments in the stop selecting elongated structure, the so-called box on all perimeter of the ceiling. This solution allows you to evenly distribute and spotlights illuminate the kitchen. Combining components ceiling zone may comprise a structure of the drywall and the tension material. This variant design looks stylish, modern and does not require much effort to create a design.

Combined with tensioning GOLS
Gypsum ceiling in the kitchen with side lighting

Also popular and curved design, such as circles and ovals, curved lines, waves.

wavy ceiling plasterboard

The most exquisite and unique ideas of the ceiling of plasterboard in the hall allow unleash the imagination. Multilevel system and various bends figures allow to diversify and revitalize the living room. Numerous design options, by clear and straight lines, to smooth and curly patterns. multicolored lights, application LED and a variety of lighting elements for suspended ceiling will add richness and elegance of the hall.

Due to the hollow design shapes, can be made Concealed wire, as well as special mount speakers for surround sound while watching TV and listening to music devices.

sound in the ceiling

figure on the ceiling

circle on the ceiling of the GVL

ceiling with the transition to the wall

When choosing the number of construction levels should know the height of the room. In order to avoid too strong and an impending ceiling is not necessary to load its many stages. Despite the increase in the height of the visual, ceiling design makes it less.

Figures from the drywall on the ceiling in the bedrooms is recommended to perform in a more quiet style. flowing lines, circle, ovals perfectly complement the rest room. With the help of color light can change the mood of the room, warm tones will add comfort and warmth, cool shades will add freshness.

Romantic, rolling on the wall
Romantic, rolling on the wall

Painted ceiling with wall

With the help of a figure from the ceiling drywall in the bedroom may dramatically change the style of the room. Design ideas offer a variety of options for migrating to the ceiling wall. In this way, creating a three-dimensional structure can be made more functional and draw the wall as a bedside area, with small shelves for storing small things.

A bedroom for the girl with a semicircle

bedroom with niches

The opposite wall, connecting to the roof structure can perform the function of the wall, holding television and decor elements.

ceiling in the hall

pieces of drywall on the ceiling in the bedrooms

Choosing a shade for painting figures of plasterboard on the ceiling in the bedrooms it is recommended to prefer calm tones. White color always helps to saturate the room with light. This is especially true for rooms, It is not in the sun. Beige shades visually increase the bedroom northern location. Grays, in order to avoid the crushing effect, should be used carefully and diluted pearl or silver tone. Different shades of green are classical modern variant, adding pistachio and sand-colored bedroom will acquire freshness notes. Blue - a strict male version, Pink - Children, and in the cold powdery tones, acquires nobility and femininity.

Despite the idea of ​​the color of the ceiling of plasterboard should be remembered, that natural colors are not loaded with eye. With bright, dark and saturated colors should work accurately, use case, if the room dynamics requires just such a solution.

If it is difficult to determine the tonality, it is recommended to stay on the white version. Traditional snow-white ceiling suitable for any style.

Stages of work on the installation figures on the ceiling of plasterboard

Before proceeding with installation of designs, you need to prepare a working area. Old wallpaper removed by soaking. To do this by spraying is carried out spraying the ceiling. After a few minutes, after wetting, wholemeal fabric is removed. For this operation, you can use a spatula, which poddevat material, and fine particles are removed wallpaper.

Visual inspection of the surface, verified the reliability of tile joints. If there is little to keep the fragments, necessary to carry out grouting. After careful cleaning, the joints must be closed, applying plaster or bonding agents composition.

After proper substrate preparation, the surface should be treated with a primer composition.

The primer should be used deep penetration and do not save. This composition helps to increase adhesion (clutch) materials. An additional advantage is the use of such a primer with antifungal and additives protivoplesnevymi.

The first step after the preparation of the base you need to know where to begin the installation and how to make a piece of plasterboard on the ceiling. Rather complicated task is to move the drawing option in the right scale on the ceiling. To perform this work should be taken seriously. By competent line drawing determines the final drawing.

The next step drill holes on the inner side of the figure along the lines of. An intermediate step between the holes 20 – 25 cm, depending on the wall thickness of the metal profile mounted. Further, are inserted into the holes the plastic sleeve.

note! For the installation of suspended ceiling structures used ceiling profile. When fixing the ceiling, which is made of concrete (slabs) recommended wedge anchors.

For, that the profile can take the desired shape necessary to make incisions along the wall. ticket

In advance make a hole in the profile, inserted into the press - and the puck, using screwdriver, metallic element is pressed against the ceiling. Thus the work is performed on all lines Damage.

A simpler approach to creating a wavy ceiling is with an arched profile technology.

To strengthen the construction of large gaps in the inserted profile PP.

Fastening of connecting strips to the ceiling is performed using suspensions, under the strict control of the level of. You can use nylon thread, building a water level or a laser.


When metal carcass collected, held laying electric wires and all communications. Is then possible to start mounting gypsum plasterboards.

Elements of desired shape are cut, and assembled to profile screws. When the entire frame will be closed plasterboard, installed perforated plastic corner angle to create a curved design and galvanized for straight lines.

Building stores offer a wide range of perforated plastic parts for curved constructions. It is recommended to choose a high-quality material. From cheap plastic segment it is fragile, flexural creates not enough beautiful line, to the hall.

How to bend drywall

Carrying a curved trim FCL design there is no need to cut small pieces for laying along a curved line. Plasterboard amenable to bending with water.

To do this, on the one hand carved elements make small punctures cardboard layer. To complete the task is convenient to use a special needle roller. Then a small amount of liquid applied to the element in such a way, so as not to wet the reverse side. Avoiding sharp creases, slowly bend the fragment to the desired shape. Installation is carried out in the soaked state. after drying,, element hardens in the desired shape.

The next step is performed complete luting ceiling surface, with figures. After drying putty material carried ceiling priming.

The design of the ceiling figure is ready for decorating. Usually, pasted wallpaper on the ceiling and carried out coloring to give monochromatic color.

Further drilled holes for spotlights, wire connection of lighting fixtures, checked their performance. The ceiling is ready!

painting the ceiling is recommended in two - three layers, highlight the portable lamp from different sides, excluding the uneven application. Too frequent use of paint rollers in one place can cause damage to the textured pattern, so lightly press down on the roller, so that in a couple holding a paint time to penetrate and stain the entire structure.

If there are skills and tools necessary set of figures on the ceiling of plasterboard can be mounted with their hands, without the involvement of expensive services masters - finishers. By following the rules and regulations can produce high-quality work, which will delight for years to come.





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