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In what way it is possible to lay new tiles on the old?

At each such point may occur, when you need to update your bath or kitchen, and in particular to replace the tiles. But it can happen and so, that there will be difficulties with the removal of old coatings, or, possibly, I do not want to spend time on it. In this situation, there is one question, is it possible to put the tiles on old tiles or not. And we will reply to this question. Yes, can, but there are certain rules, which will be discussed later.

Is it possible to put the tiles on the tile

When possible laying of tiles on old tiles?

worth knowing, that the possibility of laying a new coating on the old foundation is not always possible. And that's why, It should first be determined, when, though, we can draw a laying:

  1. If the old coating is held firmly on the basis of, no waste and no signs of failure.
  2. Thus removal of the old layer to be avoided, as subsequently formed a lot of debris and dust.
  3. In a qualitative consolidation, subsequent dismantling can entail damage floor, in consequence of which there is a need further repair.
  4. And the last reason becomes the, that the removal can significantly lower the level of the floor, which is not always desirable.

Is it possible to put the tiles on the tile

At the same time should be considered and the reasons, which put new tiles on the old is not possible. among these:

  1. If there is significant damage to the old surface.
  2. If there is risk of deformation, damaged tiles, or it unstuck from the floor.
  3. If you hear a sound when tapping the check, characteristic for the presence of the cavity under the material.
  4. Ate area of ​​the room is small, and it can not be done even less. In particular, it is important with low ceilings.
  5. When, when, under the old coating are any communication system, for example, water pipes or electrical wires.
  6. If necessary, align flooring.
  7. And the last factor is the, that if we put the tiles on the floor in the old tiles, the floor level will be too high and exceed a threshold. In this case, you will need to lift the door frame. But it would be better to remove the old layer of the coating.
Remove tiles
If a particular tile poorly kept it should be removed

Necessary materials for work

Considering the recommendations of experts, who have extensive experience in tiling on old tiles on the floor, you can highlight the following materials, will need to work:

  1. In the first place - it betonokontakt primer Ceresit CT 19, or such a mixture with the same performance.
  2. And the glue mixture for a tile, SM-17 recommended Ceresit or SM117, it is less susceptible to stress.

The first question each, Why did you choose the primer is betonokontakt, because we are working with tiles. explainable, such a mixture in its composition has small particles of cement, and mixtures of such squeak, which create a certain roughness on the surface, in this situation, glossy.

types Betokontakt
Different manufacturers Betokontakt

It is because, only in terms of use of such a primer can confidently guarantee the success of the work. Differently as, coating is not durable, and durable. If you do not come unstuck altogether in a few days.

Be sure to let it dry well Betokontakt before laying new tiles.

A word of advice, Always buy a little more materials, than is necessary on the basis of calculations. At least for 10-15% more, which is quite enough. Such step is necessary in order, to eliminate the lack of. With all there are failures, and when trying to put floor tiles on old tiles, you can damage the multiple instances of the material, wrong cut or simply drop. Because it is always better to have a small margin.

How to put a tile on the old tiles: step-by-step instruction

We now proceed directly to the very important point, the question whether it is possible to put the tiles on the tile, we have already answered, Now we shall understand how to do it. As with all work, this is also divided into several stages, we take a closer look below.

surface preparation

To start, must be satisfied that, old coating that is strong enough. If, one of the tiles cracked, or skololas, then it must be removed. Also, earlier about the possible presence of voids, if such are present, the material on these sites is also necessary to remove. Further, all the empty places you need repaired with cement mortar, and allow it to dry.

After that, before, you start laying floor tiles on the tiles must be completely clear coating from dirt and dust. Note the grouting. If it is cracked, be sure to remove it.

Is it possible to put the tiles on the tile

The next step will be to cover the base primer, that will help to create roughness. Such a move will significantly increase the adhesion of materials. Despite, that this kind of primer too expensive, it helps to speed up the process and increase the quality of masonry work.

Also, there is another way of preparation, which eliminates the use of expensive coats. In this case, the glaze layer must be removed from the old coating. This procedure is easily carried out using a standard grinder and sanding disc. The surface should be well scratch, which increases the adhesion to a large number of times.

Besides, there is also a manual mode, for it is also used sandpaper, or special grinders float to the presence of a special nozzle.

And the last option is the creation of notches on the tiles. With all grinders is removed 60% glaze layer, the rest of the surface of the wire notches. Run can be any tool, which will make it. This method is the most time-consuming and takes a long period of time. That is why experts do not use it very often.

Laying tiles on old tiles on the floor

It's time to make out directly how to put the tiles over the old tiles. In particular, we offer a step by step sequence of actions, who shared with us highly qualified specialists:

  1. The first step we knead solution. For its preparation finished adhesive mixture is used and usual water. Pour a little water into the tank, then adding to the adhesive mixture. Then the composition must be mixed until a homogeneous mass. It is important to plant a mixture of strictly according to package directions.
  2. The next step solution was applied on the floor. note, that the application itself is carried out with a smooth trowel, while the further alignment with gear. This solution avoids the excess glue.Is it possible to put the tiles on the tile
  3. The next step is to put floor tiles on old tile and press it firmly. You should always make sure that, that each element has been laid out on a level. This can help Use special tools for floor leveling (SVP). note, If you make any mistake in the alignment, we should take a little more mixture and repeat the laying.
  4. After that, How did you put the tiles in the bathroom on the old tiles, it is recommended not to go for coverage during 3-4 days. For the most part for the glue has dried enough days, but not worth the risk.
  5. After three days, you must perform grouting, It is done using a special mixture of a rubber spatula and.

Tips and tricks

  1. If you decide to put a new one on the old tiles, at most packing needs to handle only the base adhesive mixture, on the material itself is not applied.
  2. Besides, in the case of a standard mixture of, should be more carefully prepared base, because you need to maximize the level of adhesion.
  3. All surfaces except processed must be protected to protect against the impact of a primer, This also applies to communication systems.

So we fully develop a theme and answer the question whether it is possible to put ceramic tile on a tile. Besides, We recommend that you watch the video, which visually shows and tells how on the tiles can be put new tile.



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