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Leveling floor tile adhesive

After floor screed in any premises may have various defects such as cracks and minor roughness. The same errors occur over the operating time. In this case, there is an excellent cheap option for leveling floor surfaces - tile adhesive. installation process takes a short time, but in the end it turns out really smooth surface.

The use of glue

Not always the established beacons can provide an excellent result at the end of work. To this can include a variety of reasons:

  1. Poor quality of the mixture used for planarizing indoors.Leveling the floor with glue
  2. Lighthouses themselves are set not by the rules and not qualitatively, violated the terms and conditions.
  3. A large amount of water in the resulting solution. This factor appears most often, as the performers think about, the better the mixture spreads over the surface, the higher the quality. But in reality, the opposite is true.

In any situation, you can resort to create a smooth base to self-leveling compounds. But here are some nuances - a few large cost in comparison with tile adhesive. In addition, even prominent representatives such high quality blends, can not guarantee perfect quality with minimum thickness in 2-3 mm. With a crack may form over time and look immediately deteriorate. Not to mention the fact, if over any floor covering is laid. Here, this process should be given more attention as much as possible.Leveling the floor with glue

If you want to cope with small cracks and minor irregularities on the floor surface, the tile adhesive becomes an excellent option. It is not only budget option, but also practical,, consuming a small amount of time during the work.

Use glue base for alignment does not take a distance from the floor to the ceiling. It is for this reason that it is used all over the place, without departing from the technology of the device.

When it is necessary to carry out full alignment and self-leveling floor screeds with tile adhesive, it is best to abandon such an option. Despite the low cost, he can not boast those weighty positive qualities, as, eg, self-leveling screed. Clay is more suitable only for the removal of minor defects on the basis of sex.

Preparatory work

The technology of tile adhesive in alignment very simple and can be performed even by beginners in the construction industry. Align floor tile adhesive is not problematic, practical and less time-consuming. One need only fill out an adhesive surface defects, whereupon razravnyat it with a spatula made of metal.

It is very important to prepare the surface. To do this, remove all unnecessary trash, dust, all elements are stripped, then primed. The primer layer may be somewhat. All will depend on the quality of the base, the level of humidity and other factors. Prior to applying the adhesive to the floor, should be allowed to dry all layers of primer. Sandpaper is used for rubbing the surface for better adhesion. It is worth noting, applying the technology to align the tile adhesive is completely identical Device topcoat self-leveling floor. All must be carried out on high quality.

there are nuances, on floor covering device. If a, eg, take a tile, the alignment is performed using the qualitative composition of the under coat adhesive. When we face a laminate, the tile adhesive is used only for high-grade the elimination of all defects on a surface.

What handle glue?

Many wonder about, whether it is possible to align the floor tile adhesive, and, in which field it is used more often. Over time, almost any tie begins to falter and show all his qualities on the negative side. In such a situation will have to carry out their own work on the restoration surface. Leveling the floor with glueSelect tile adhesive or other mixture should for, looking at the used floor covering. In addition, no small role play existing height differences.

Alignment floor tile adhesive used in minor differences of, when it is possible at a lower cost to repair. Screed in this case can not always handle the high-level.

It is necessary to highlight those issues, which may be encountered in the finished floor covering filler:

  • Screed starts to flake off parts over the entire area in the room.
  • A slight increase in the size of the pits, potholes, cracks, holes and other defects.
  • You may receive a large amount of dust during operation. This indicates, the solution was mixed against the rules, or used in the low-quality building mixture.

All these negative developments noncompliance device technology self-leveling floor should be rectified immediately, to later do not run into even greater problems. Align floor tile adhesive for laminate can in a short period of time and it does not hit hard afford. Not rare, when local recovery surface eliminated the occurrence overhaul.

Scope answers the question of whether, whether it is possible to align the tile floor. It's very easy, and later even produced laying any type of flooring. true, subtleties are exactly the coating and will depend.

Laying tiles

Before, How to make laying a floor covering, you should check in any case the base of the existence of irregularities and other errors. To get rid of them immediately, to cover not only lay flat, but as long as possible.Leveling the floor with glue

When it comes to ceramic tiles, then only need to buy a special adhesive for laying. After that, begin the preparatory work. To begin, the upper point is determined, on which it will be made styling. Looking at these figures, alignment is performed for a tile adhesive surface. But in this situation, you can make one stacking element, and already from it, Using a builder's level, to mount all the other nearby areas. In this case, the height difference will be minimal.

The amount of adhesive used will depend for the full height from floor level drops. The smoother surface, the smaller will be the cost of equipment and materials. When there are only minor flaws, is nothing else, except for tile adhesive and do not need. This will be the best option. Online calculator on the site will allow correctly calculate the amount of tile adhesive to purchase.

The beginning of all work should be started from the area, where the placement of furniture or other objects are not scheduled in the near future. Sufficient to apply the adhesive on the tile itself, razravnyat with a spatula. Excess material is removed and used in subsequent. No harm will slightly push the tiles to the surface, that it is not hanging in the air.

Leveling the floor with glue
Stages tile

It is very necessary tool to be applied, called wedge. The length will depend on the ease of work on leveling the floor surface. And the final result itself is at an altitude of. When using it, the adhesive easily leveled and "being pushed" into existing pit. This is how the work is done by leveling the floor tile adhesive for tiling. Nothing complicated.

Creating a smooth surface on wood

Many think that, whether it is possible to carry out the alignment of a floor tile adhesive, If the base serves as a timber. This can be done without any difficulties.

To begin at the surface should install guide. They will serve as a reference for determining the height of the next layer of adhesive for tiles. They are beaten by the level of. They have approximately the distance 50 cm from the available vertical surface. In this case the base should not itself have a dirt and dust accretions. is not superfluous to use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the building. Leveling the floor with glueAlso often produce degreasing the surface for better performing mounting.

Thereafter, the mixture should be prepared for operation. To this end, the tile adhesive is taken, to which you add sawdust. Should get a thick mass. Application of such a mixture is layers. It comes from the fact, that the very high shrinkage material, because it uses the sawdust. The second mixture layer is arranged only after complete drying of the first, which must have a thickness of about 1 cm. No speshek should not be. It is better to wait and do everything qualitatively, than later to redo everything.

If everything is carried out according to floor leveling technology glue, then the surface is not only smooth, but also very strong, reliable.

When the screed is arranged on top of a wooden base, but it has a roughness, any impurities do not have to add in the tile adhesive. It is enough to use a normal texture and a slight layer.

High differential offer to consider dry screed technology.

Subtleties and nuances

If you want to align the floor glue, as a substrate can not select sheets of GOLS. This material collects moisture very good, which would negatively affect the process of drying out the surface. In choosing the material, to implement floor leveling glue, It should focus not only on the quality of, but also of the manufacturer. Sometimes, his reputation is poor. Because of tile adhesive will depend on the quality of the surface after leveling, as well as its strength and ability to use a variety of floor coverings.

Using tile adhesive leveling floor is a pleasure. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to, that reduced the ceiling height. Gender several rises and you have to think about, to elevate the positioning of the door between the rooms.

performance technology works is, it is very important to carry out training grounds. It is from the subfloor will depend upon the final quality of the glue as a leveling material. If the device runs the floor in the bathroom or other rooms with high humidity levels, it is best to buy for installation of water-resistant formulations.

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