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Calculation of battery charge time

How long does it take to charge the phone, laptop or other equipment, where batteries are used? Would you like to know, and in fact it is possible to calculate very quickly and easily online calculator. How much should I charge the battery in time? Battery capacity is measured in milliamps per hour, its manufacturers write on the product, and the charger are still data on the current generation device according to this (Ml.a). If we divide the capacity by the charging current, you get the time in hours. But it's still inconclusive result, in fact need to take into account the efficiency of the device, that is, multiply the result divided by 1,4.

rechargeable batteries, charging calculation will be as follows: T=1,4 C/I. There are indicators of charging time, capacity and current charger. In practice, these data may differ in the percent 20, because during charging of rechargeable batteries depends on the quality of products, correct formatting and the ambient temperature.

The easiest way - to use with automatic control device, but in this case, the pre-charge can occur with a slow stream, because it is not necessary to leave the battery on the charger after full charge.

Each such product has its life time, which is determined by the number of recharge cycles. This value depends on the battery type. because, if the device is constantly underload, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of operation of the product. To keep it in the integrity and use for a long time is necessary to make a correct calculation of the charging time of rechargeable batteries

Effective calculator online

Battery capacity mAh
Electricity zaryadnogo mAh
charging time (time)

concerned about the issue, how many hours you need to charge the rechargeable batteries, there is a logical and simple answer. Thanks to a simple formula calculation result can be a few seconds to get the necessary data. To do this, enter the parameters of the battery capacity in the table and the charging current. Press the "Calculate" button and take a ready answer.

Attention: resulting value must be multiplied by larger coefficient 1, because part of the energy is converted into heat and lost, particularly at temperatures below zero. In calculating the charge time batteries of nickel suitable percentage 1,4.

battery discharge voltage should be less than 0,9v regardless of the discharge current. In most devices the threshold value is automatically determined.

You can interrupt the charge, but the overall value should not be less raschetnogo.V charge process can heat the housing, temperature limit - 55 degrees. When the device is switched from the main charge regime dozaryadnoe. Temperature is reduced and the process is updated.

How much should I charge the rechargeable batteries after acquisition?

When buying a new appliance charge carried by half, but because the first three times it is necessary to fully discharge device, until it is completely off, and then charge to full capacity around 12 hours, following the enclosed instructions from the manufacturer. Fully charging the battery for the 3- 4 o'clock, and in the subsequent time is slow charging current limit until complete. After three cycles of full recharging device enters into operation, and there is no need to wait for it to complete discharge or charge.

Online calculation of the battery charging time on our website will very quickly get the desired result, which will prompt each user how much to charge the rechargeable batteries, so that they function smoothly for a long time.

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