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Calculation of the boiler output, for home heating

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Independent heating for private houses available, comfortable and varied. It is possible to install a gas boiler and not dependent on the vagaries of nature or failures in the district heating system. the main thing, to choose the right equipment and to calculate the heat output of the boiler. If the power will exceed the space heat demand, the money for the installation of the unit will be thrown to the wind. To the heat supply system it was comfortable and financially viable, at the stage of the design need to do the calculation capacity of the gas heating boiler.

Basic amount calculation heating power

The easiest way to get data on the heat output of the boiler house area: taken 1 kW of power per 10 quarter. m. However, this formula has a serious error, It does not take into account modern construction technologies, countryside views, climatic temperature changes, insulation level, the use of windows with double-glazed windows, etc.

Calculation of the boiler output

Bole To make a precise calculation of the boiler heating capacity must take into account a number of important factors, affecting the final result:

  • size of premises;
  • the degree of insulation of the house;
  • the presence of double-glazed windows;
  • wall insulation;
  • building type;
  • the temperature outside in the coldest time of the year;
  • view of the wiring of the heating circuit;
  • the ratio of the area of ​​structural and openings;
  • building heat loss.

In homes with forced air heating capacity of the boiler calculation should take into account the amount of energy, required for air heating. Experts advise to do a gap in 20% using the resultant thermal power boiler result contingency, strong cooling or lowering the gas pressure in the system.

If unreasonable increase heat capacity can reduce the efficiency of the heater, increase in the purchase costs of the system elements, lead to rapid wear of components. That is why it is so important to make the calculation of heating capacity of the boiler and to apply it to said housing. Receive data may be a simple formula W = S * Wbeats, where S - the area of ​​the house, W- factory boiler output, Wbeats- specific power for calculations in particular climatic zone, it can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user's region. The result to be rounded to a large value in terms of heat leaks in the building.

For those, who do not want to waste time on math, you can use a calculator power gas boiler online. Just keep individual data features of the room and get ready to answer.

Area ratio of windows and floor
The temperature outside the room
The number of walls coming out
Type over earch
room height
boiler heat output

Formula obtain a power of the heating system

Online heating boiler power calculator enables in seconds to obtain the desired result with all the above characteristics, that affect the final result of the received data. In order to properly take advantage of this program, you must enter data into a table prepared: type of window glazing, the level of thermal insulation of walls, the ratio of the floor area and the window opening, above average temperature outside the house, the number of side walls, the type and area of ​​the room. And then press the "Calculate" button and get the result of heat loss and heat output of the boiler.

Thanks to this formula, each consumer will be able in a short time to get the desired parameters and apply them in the design of the heating system.

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boiler efficiency formula
boiler efficiency formula

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