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The new standard insulation penofol

Thermal insulation material penofol is currently one of the most common in the field of energy saving. Such a universal heater is ideal for use in a home or apartment. Niches under the battery, soffits, all kinds of walls and roofs often they are warmed. For floor heating device is also used penofol reflector in the form of aluminum foil.

The main types of

Basically all kinds penofol consist of polyethylene foam and the reflective layer. Consider the most common types of.

Modification "A"

Light rolled material coated on one side reflecting layer. Available thickness 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 mm.

Modification "B"

Web material with two reflective sides. Bit universal insulation, than "A", with high demands on mechanical impact.

Modification of "C"

Self-adhesive insulation is a versatile and easy to install.
Modification «ALP». Self-adhesive kind penofol foil on one side only, and laminatedpenofolth PE protective film. Thickness 3 mm.

Some technical characteristics of foil penofol

  1. Heat reflection before 97%.
  2. application temperature -60+100 Celsius.
  3. Coefficient of thermal conductivity without considering heat reflection 0,037 – 0,038 W / m ° C.
  4. Moisture absorption by 0,65-3,5% (in terms of volume).
  5. Specific heat 1,95 kJ / kg ° C.
  6. Vapor permeability coefficient, m, no more (mg / m. no. on) than 0,001.

Where is the best to use as a heater penofol

Wall insulation inside penofolom not laborious process, if you use the simple tools (knife, Stapler, shurupovёrt), insulation works can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Consider where and how best to use this type of material.penofol foil

Type "A" are generally used in combination with other thermal insulators insulation, foam and polystyrene foam. for example, for thermal insulation inside the walls, when, when there is no possibility to carry out an external installation. And you can lay it under the screed when installing floor heating. Primary insulation product storage chambers, not rarely spend this type of insulator, gluing it directly to the wall.

Type "B" is more suitable to install partitions and ventilation systems, and insulation foiled penofolom any walls and ceilings to make very simple, he works as an independent insulation material. Dual reflective layer, inflicted on both sides, perfectly designed for this purpose and. Penofol "B" well proven in the apparatus and balconies lodzhiy. fastened his, pressed between the rail, guides for finishing, and the wall.

Type "C" longer find use for thermal insulation of cars, or rather their thermal booths, different kinds of huts and technical premises. As the heat reflector radiators and various vessels and heat exchangers.


Everything for "underfloor heating», used penofol type ALP, since the cement slurry in a wet state is aggressive to aluminum. A sheet mounted on tie up the blister foil with the release on the wall to 8 cm and secure the seams with aluminum tape (metallized tape). After all of the heating elements placed on top mesh for reinforcing and finishing poured screed. The edges of the cut after casting. In such an application, it serves as an excellent reflector and heat insulator.

Universal application foil penofol outputs the product to the front of the heat conservation and efficiency in applications with minimum structural thickness.

Shiny foil insulation penofol

By isolating all sorts of surfaces, wall, ceiling partitions or pipes need to know exactly, than in each case to insulate structure. There are a variety of thermal insulation, but we will look fine, universal system. "Izolon" easy, easy to use, with high quality material. Lovely and cold heat insulator.
Take insulation pipes, izolona brand PPE 3004-3010 further coated with PET film on top reflector, for thermal and acoustic insulation, ventilation pipes, channels or tanks and heat exchangers.

Polystyrene foam or problematic mounted on such rough surfaces, and blow the foam generally expensive. Suddenly will remove or modify the structure. Save in such cases izolon, do not insulate the pipe bulky mineral wool by obsolete technology. A foil as a reflector izolon, It will serve as a long and qualitatively.
And the price of such insulation is relatively small.

Methods for attaching and properties penofol

option №1

On insulated balcony can be used skeleton mounting rail 20*40 mm, pressed against the wall of the insulator with a pitch 40 centimeters. Zakrepyv screws, if the wall of wood, or use the dowel quick installation (DBM) when the base concrete. Seams prokleivat necessarily metallized tape. The thickness of the material selected, Based on the weather conditions in winter and summer. When purchasing an experienced manager considers more accurately, what kind of a cold insulator needed, taking into account the information in your area of ​​temperature and humidity.

variant №2

In the combined insulation, or polystyrene foam, penofol foil for second layer (reflector), perfectly suitable. Take the cooling chamber or heat exchanger insulation. Securing the mounting dowel foam or (fungus) polystyrene plates in a day can be glued self-adhesive stamps penofol «ALP». But the brand "A" with a reflective side fairly easily attached using silicone-acrylic (modification must conform materials). Sometimes, in spite of the adhesive brand, Wizard melted polystyrene unsuitable adhesives.

option №3

On the floor or under the laminate floorboard not seldom rolled "B" modification of material with two reflective surfaces. thickness up to 5 mm. Such a substrate will last for a long time, performing at 97% thermal protection of your floor. Secure it can be special is not aggressive and mastics, glued to the base. Scotch brand Izospan FL seams taped perfectly.

option №4

Protection against vibration when using industrial equipment solves the gasket under the Machines izolona. And by mounting the additional layer (Type "A") inside walls or walls, Noise in the workplace will fall by 28-30%. The absorbance of this material to the sound 68%. Stapler and staples galvanized him well deter insulator on any surface other than concrete or plaster. On the solid wall of the reflector can be glued or mounted on dowels, then closing the finishing layer (plastic, plasterboard).

Foamed polyethylene foam from which is izolon, It is a polymer of chemically resistant material. Operating temperature range of foam stamps: PPЭ of -60 to +100 degrees centigrade, standard mark without extinguishing additives is quite flammable.
In case of fire extinguishing means is quenched by standard: foam or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, sand, water. In case of fire use respirator!

Foam itself does not contain harmful substances, ozone depleting. After inhalation, contact with the skin does not cause allergies. As you can see such a versatile material such as foil izolon fairly easy to use in setting up all kinds of structures and buildings.



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