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Building a calculator calculation of the weight and the number of screws

Consider calculator podchota materials online, namely fasteners, screws, nails, bolts. Their field of application according to specification (metal, wood, roof, sheeting). As technically correct to use the calculator for calculating the weight and number of screws?

Pick up construction fastening materials - is not easy and fairly complex. To avoid unnecessary material costs a few times to go shopping, while continuing the repair process, It was created a universal calculator mass screws, their exact number. Now calculate the required number of fasteners snap. With the help of a simple table in a few minutes it is possible to conduct complicated, troublesome, responsible work counting screws according to their weight in kilograms.

How does this calculator?

Professional building in a short time calculator online makes the material calculation according to specified parameters. so, you must first select the type of fixings, eg, screws, and nails, dowel, bolts, etc.. Specify the specification - wood, roof, universal, metal.
Further, you must enter the specific dimensions of the fixing element. The data given in millimeters, the first number represents the diameter of the screw, and the other - the length. Here you need to be extremely careful, to correctly select the appropriate product, which is exactly suitable for attaching construction materials.
Then automatically detects the amount of screws in a kilogram, and fastening mechanisms weight.
This online calculator for building materials will help to calculate the exact number of screws for a few seconds for immediate, UPS repair work.
ATTENTION: IF entered in the table of an integer with fractions need to use a comma, A POINT, To separate the first part of the second (EG, 5.6)

The size (mm.):
to make transfer:
Weight: kg.

If the user is difficult to answer, how much it will weigh the right amount of fixing material, select the item in the table the number of screws in kg, enter the number, how many items you need to buy. After you click "Calculate" weight calculator screws immediately provide the necessary information.

Types computing mass calculation tables screws according to their specifications

There are some tables:
• calculators screws on metal with a press washer;
• calculators screws for wood, galvanized;
• calculators metal roofing screws, for professional floorings;
• construction calculators for calculating the black pointed screws for wood and metal.
All the tables are almost identical, size screws are, the user selects the desired graph and automatically receives the calculation of weight of product in grams, further presumable introduced quantity and the calculated mass of material in kilograms.

Table weight screws on the size
Table weight screws on the size

Table screws by weight
Table pieces of screws per kilogram

Table weight roofing screws
Table weight roofing screws

Pre can get information on the number of units per kilogram screws. It's pretty plain and simple.
Thanks to this calculator for calculating building materials, namely fasteners, you can easily buy in the store the exact number of screws and bolts, without extra costs time and money.
Let Your work will be quick and efficient, and calculators fasteners flow calculation will help you in this!

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