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How to choose an electric generator, guidelines for choosing an electric generator

Almost all the owners of private plots, cottages, country houses and small construction companies dream of being independent from the power supply and have its own self-contained power source. Currently, these dreams can be easily implemented, purchasing power generator, and date range of the proposed models is so wide, that the ignorant man sometimes very difficult to navigate in this mnogoobrazii.Uchityvaya urgency of the issue of choice, This article will review the basic principles, to be followed, before choosing an electric generator for the house, garden, work.

Generator as an alternative source of electric power

Autonomous power sources, small power generators, equally popular among repairs, construction teams, so the owners of private farms. However, consider them as an alternative to the main power source should not be because of the high cost of 1 kW of electricity, but overestimate their role as emergency power sources can not be. The main parameters of the equipment are the power and resource generators.

power generators

Almost all users in their choice first of all pay attention to the power of n

Как выбрать электрогенератор
Hitachi Elyektrogyenyerator

neratora, and it does not take into account a number of technical characteristics affecting the operation of the generator. Immediately, we note, that manufacturers specify the maximum power, in which the generator can operate for a short time. Get acquainted with the working, main power value can be, Refer to the documentation of equipment, a parameter called cos φ. Knowing the value of cos φ can calculate the value of a generator operating power. for example, at a value of cos φ 0.8 and power 5 KW value of the operating power will be equal to:

5*0.8= 4 kW

where kVA - a unit of total power (active and reactive),

KW - kilowatts, active power unit

Parameter cos φ indicate European manufacturers. Japanese manufacturers believe, that the generator can be operated at the limit of its capacity is not more 1.5 % of the total working time. For this reason, the value of Japanese origin generators may differ significantly from European equipment.

Бензиновый генератор Makita EG 410 C

For example, consider 2 generator - generator brands Makita EG 410 C value 28 thousand. p. and a generator Glendale GP4000L-GEE value 30 thousand. p. Technical characteristics of the two generators are almost identical: Both single-phase generator and the generator are both equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine air cooled. The difference manifests itself in the capacity of the fuel tank and the cost of. The capacity of the first generator is 5.6 l, a fuel tank capacity generator brand Glendale 25 l. However, a careful introduction to the technical data cause some doubts.

Makita Company delivers products in this market segment for many years and enjoys a reputation for reliable and high-quality equipment. The product documentation indicated 2 parameter: maximum capacity 4.1 kW rated power 3.5 kW. easy to identify, that the power factor in this case is 0.85.

The documentation of the second generator Glendale brand not specified nominal power of the appliance, and declared power 3,8 kVA / kW does not match the real, whose value does not exceed 3.2 kW. However, the manufacturer calls for the respect of the, that does not have a stated capacity as nominal.

Бензиновый генератор Glendale GP4000L-GEE

It is logical appearance of the reader's understanding of the need in such technical details. The answer is extremely simple. Such technical details necessary for a competent choice of products. Some future users ignorant naive to believe these subtleties, that the power of the generator must be equivalent power connected equipment, that is not true. For clarity issues were considered of high enough power generators. Now consider the details how to choose the right generator.

How to choose the right generator for the house?

How did correctly pick generator for home use? It is logical to calculate the total load on the generator, and his choice to focus on her. But not all so simple.

In their calculations, it is necessary to take into account the type of load itself, which is divided into an active and inductive loads. For active users of electricity include lamps, electric ovens, heaters without fans, kettles. Calculation of power for these appliances is a simple calculation of the total power. Practically in most cases to provide several power light bulbs in 100 W, heater or an electric furnace is sufficient alternator capacity of 3KW. However, a small power generator is unable to provide sufficient energy to the vacuum cleaner or electric drill.

The problem is that, Some appliances are equipped with electric motors, require consideration of some amendments on power. For cleaner value correction factor is 1.25. Consequently, for normal operation of the vacuum cleaner power 1.8 kW with a correction 1.25 required power 2.25 kVA, however, considering the coefficient of the generator, the value of the required power will be 2.8 kW. In this way, brand generator Glendale GP4000L-GEE able to provide energy to the vacuum cleaner and a plurality of active electrical consumers.

Below are the value of correction factor for certain types of household appliances and construction equipment:

  • electric drill power 0.75 kW 1.2;
  • Woodworking machine capacity 2,3 kW 1.3;
  • Pump (water) power 0.85 kW 1.25;
  • Concrete Mixer power 0.9 kW 3.5;
  • Refrigerator capacity 0.5 kW 3.2

The above discussion demonstrates the need for a certain amount of technical knowledge to choose the right generator. It is recommended in the case of vendor ignorance of the parameters discussed above to purchase the product elsewhere.

The design of the electric generator

The design of the various models of generators is almost the same. The construction of models includes a base, in which by means of rubber shock absorbers mounted engine and generator. Generators equipped with or diesel or gasoline powerplants. The novelty of recent years are the generators, gas-operated. It is recommended when choosing to focus on the production of propulsion Briggs Companies&Stratton, Honda, Yamaha и Subaru, wherein the engine with overhead valves preferably.

Power plants with overhead valves assume a longer life, since this type of engine has a greater service life. When choosing a model, it is desirable to pay attention to the equipment of the generator starting amplifier, which smooths the load during load connecting high voltage electric power. Manufacturers also offer generators with automatic failover option household power grid. A significant drawback of this type of generators is their high cost. However, at this cons of this type of generator is not limited to. To install them you must perform a number of technical measures, eg, allocate a separate generator for a utility room or protective housing to protect the housing when it is installed in the open air. An example of this type is the mark generator Endress ESE 1206 DHS / A-GT ES ISO value 183 thousand. rubles. It is also necessary to remind consumers of the future, that all internal combustion engines require regular maintenance in a qualified service.

Бензиновый генератор Endress ESE 1206 DHS/A-GT ES ISO manufacturers of electric generators

well-known, enjoys the reputation of major manufacturers of generators, not so much, since technological generators production process is quite complex and time-consuming. This statement should serve as a warning to prospective buyers. In the present in this market segment are products from various manufacturers, and almost always approved by the, that the models are equipped with power units famous brands. Note, even when equipped with products known manufacturer of motor, this is not evidence, that offers a truly quality product, since almost nothing is known about its operational resources. Sellers in the market, touting their wares, claim, that almost in vain sell products known, European and Japanese manufacturers. responsibly claim, that all the proposed models have a cheap Chinese origin, and in passports of products listed addresses small, European firms. As I mentioned above, real major manufacturers of generators is very small and their production is quite expensive. However, the quality and the operational resources of the products of famous brands is fully consistent with the formula of "price-quality", acquiring a generator, better to choose a generator that is most suitable to the needs of.

In this way, we can safely say, that the acquisition of a powerful generator capable of providing all the energy needs of a country house or cottage, you must contact the professionals, working in specialized stores for the sale of household appliances. Only in this case, the user can be confident in the quality, in the long term of operation and reliability of the model. Do not forget about safety.

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