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plinth, which can be bent by the wall geometry

The problem finishing complex geometric designs inside the house is gone. To decorate the joints between the walls and the ceiling or floor, use a flexible plinth. In today's market, these products are presented in a wide range. This allows the buyer to purchase the material of different quality at the best price.

flexible moldings

Features a flexible plinth

plastic product, called the Baseboard, It reminds flexible bias tape. Due to its characteristics, It is used in the design of complex twists and original geometry of space.

Universal flexible skirting has a number of advantages over traditional products:

  1. He is able to mask any defects, arising at the junction of the surfaces on the ceiling or on the floor.
  2. It can be used to round the corners of the top and bottom of the room. This will give it a harmonious appearance.
  3. It is used when creating the original transitions between different finishing materials: eg, on the floor between the tile and laminate flooring.

Flexible skirting - a great material for decoration oval, semi-oval, circular shapes. Manufactured from modern plastic components it bends easily and gets the desired shape. It is simple and easy to install, installation requires no special skill building.

Manufacturers offer different types of plastic edging:

  • liquid plinth;
  • flexible polyurethane;
  • Plinth tape;
  • PVC skirting.

Each product has its advantages.

Designers are advised to use the material, based on the characteristics of the premises and personal preferences of the owners.

liquid plinth

liquid plinthSkirting board as a slurry - modern development, wherein the components are used with the solid structure. Manufacturers have learned to soften the wood, giving it a special plasticity. Oak, ash and other species are treated with special chemicals, to cellulose acquired consistency of jelly. This technology allows to preserve the natural color of the wood.

Jelly is sold in vacuum packs. If you violate the integrity of its composition becomes hard. This property is used in construction. Soft moldings from wood pulp as the edging mounted between wall and floor surfaces. Most claimed in masking it transitions between different floor surfacing materials. for example, between the laminate and tile. Its use avoids projections. The surface becomes perfectly smooth.

Working with this material is easy. But it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer and comply with the basic requirements for the application of the liquid border:

  1. Vacuum bags are placed at the same distance around the perimeter of the room.
  2. Unpack containers with use. Pre-open all the packaging can not be.
  3. The mass is applied neatly, filled into joints and align the top layer, creating a smooth transition between the surfaces.

Liquid (soft) skirting the cost is very expensive ( 50$ for 1 meter) and differs from the traditional analogue. But in the original project design is popular because of its high efficiency.


Tape-plinthAn alternative to the liquid material can become soft Plinth tape. It is produced from natural or synthetic rubber. The result is a high strength product,, moisture resistance and elasticity. For finishing and decorating surfaces using a suitable tape colors. It is not recommended to paint: pigment composition is not fixed on the product.

Fastened soft baseboard (Plinth tape) a special composition. For some products at the production stage is applied a thin layer of the fixing means. When using the self-adhesive soft baseboard is freed of the protective film and pressed against the surface. Such an article is held securely for a long time.

Skirting flexible polyurethane

flexible polyurethane moldings are used for bordering ceilings. It is made from a different set of chemical components. The composition of the initial components determines the quality characteristics of the product. However, polyurethane workpiece have such properties:

  1. Highly resistant to moisture, corrosive substances and environmental.
  2. Temperature Latitude range: by - 60 to + 80 degrees C.
  3. Strength and durability.
  4. flexibility (it depends on the density of the material).

Flexible polyurethane moldings is light installation. Due to the small weight is attached it to the glue without any special fixing devices. Easy to care for them, You can update, changing color. This is an inexpensive and popular type of border.

polyurethane moldings

Flexible PVC skirting

PVC skirtingPolyvinyl chloride - one of the most common synthetic compounds, of which produce building materials, including flexible baseboard floor or ceiling. This flexible product, which acquire plasticity when subjected to high temperature. When mounting, they acquire curvature and surface topography. Besides, PVC soft skirting floor has a number of other advantages:

  • low weight;
  • humidity;
  • resistance to UV rays;
  • fire safety and non-toxicity.

Many manufacturers produce flexible PVC skirting board with cable channel. This allows the mask to it and other electrical conductors. Due to their curb tape acquires additional rigidity and stability in the fixture.

Skirting PVC - soft and comfortable to use a decorative element. He perfectly conceals the joint between the flooring and the wall. Colors and texture of his fits well with the floorboard, laminate, polymer tiles, linoleum. For carpet edging baseboard outdoor use with soft edge or printed on the product main carpet tape.

To choose the right soft baseboard floor PVC, It should focus on the standard dimensions of the product and the size of the room.

Skirting cork

Opponents of artificial decoration materials can be used in the finishing of products made of natural ingredients. These include veneer cork. Their main advantage - high environmental friendliness and safety for human health. They perfectly combine with different finishing materials, especially with cork wallpaper, hardwood floors. Such a border is resistant to moisture, extremes of temperature, otldichno absorbs sound.

cork plinth

Cork - pliable and easy to install material. It can be cut with a hacksaw usual. It quickly adheres to the surface. To use the quick-fixing compositions.

Cork soft border has excellent decorative properties. Natural colors and topography gives it a special flavor. To protect the plug from external influence, it is covered with varnish or stain the same color.

Like any natural material, cork plinth - an expensive cost product. It can afford to wealthy people.

Any flexible moldings can solve the problem of premises finishing, give them a finished, harmonious appearance and aesthetics. What material: man-made or natural - is used for this, It does not matter.


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