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Choosing the best fillings in terms of price and quality

wall finishing quality largely depends on, what brand of acrylic finishing putty used. The sale represented a wide range of materials from different manufacturers, and it is important to make the right choice, coating to maintain the initial performance properties for a long time. But what a good finishing putty will allow to achieve the desired result? Let's compare the products of different brands.

Putty - the best in terms of price and quality

What are the finishing putty

Mixture to use on the walls are dry and divorced, and can be produced based on various materials. It is necessary to consider, choosing the best putties: Each material has its advantages, and suited for a particular type of work.

For example, easier to carry out the application of the finishing plaster putty, and the cement mix is ​​much stronger and more durable, although it is difficult to work. If the layer of gypsum material laid on the surface of cement wall, it is best recommended between them create primer - and this is an additional cost. The question of, whether it is necessary to prime the wall after finishing putty, also affects the value and quality of the material.

As for brands, the most popular among Russian consumers are:

  • Knauf;
  • Ceresit;
  • Akogips;
  • WeberVetonit;
  • Sheetrock;
  • snejka.

Who is in the lead on popularity of price and quality

studies show, that the walls under the finish coat wallpaper using dry mixtures of any brand gives the same result. All of these materials by dissolving acquire the same thickness, contain no lumps and foreign matter. Stirring finishing putty on video usually cut, in fact, this process takes 5-15 minutes: during this time the mineral additives in the mixture are dissolved.

The differences between the materials appear different manufacturers in finishing putty wall surfaces. So, least effort when applied requires finishing putty Vetonit, others require a certain level of preparation of the master. The most dense solution is Snejka - it causes serious difficulties in working with the material.

The disadvantage of a number of mixtures - high solidification rate. Materials gypsum-based dry sometimes directly in the tank, before, puttying walls like putties completed. To avoid trouble, it is recommended to prepare the mixture in a small volume.

Different for different grades of materials and time is drying on the wall surface. So, coat finish 1R + Vetonit from producer solidified through 4 hours after the completion of the work, KR her sister from the same company - through 7 hours. Total 2,5 hours required to complete drying of the mixture CeresitCT 126, 3 h - SnejkaAcril-Putz. Putty hardens through EkogipsAlciSaten 6 hours, and it is necessary to dry KnaufHPFinish- even through the night most of the time it is not suitable for further processing. Relatively rapid hardening putties Shitrok - from 3 to 8 hours, depending on climate conditions in the room. Naturally the drying depends on the temperature and humidity room.

After drying the mixture triturated wall surface. At this stage, the most difficult to work with materials from Knauf manufacturers, snejka, Akogips. The remaining mixture, especially finishing putty Vetonit, demonstrate good compliance.

putty shitrok

Generally, best finishing material in terms of price and quality is Sheetrock. The worst result - at Knauf. This mixture of long dry and poorly to grout. In the same time, the more difficult it was after finishing putty sanding walls, the smoother they become - however, perfectly ironed surface can not be considered indisputable advantage.

Applying technology and quality check on the lamp defect

For mixtures of different manufacturers application technology on the walls of the same. After preparing the base layer is created walls, sometimes it may be reinforced with a special mesh - required, to final coat of putty is not collapsed together with the base, if the surface is already very uneven.

First composition is filled cracks and gouges, Why use a spatula small size. Then triturated composition across the surface of the walls. If the surface has no significant flaws, it is better to proceed to the second stage, Using a wide spatula: then finish filling of walls and ceilings will be completed soon. When the first layer has dried, applied to second.

Check, several qualitatively performed puttying walls putties, It is possible using the lamp: in the twilight of her at an angle relative to the surface, and if there are shadows - this is evidence of irregularities. Consequently, work is not yet completed.


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