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Calculating the amount of grout for a tile

Manufacturers grout suggest an approximate amount of material, used for tile seams jointers. As for the beginner, and to master first need to calculate the right amount of grout to perform quality work on time. To do this, there are many methods, based on physical formulas. Online calculator for grouting tile will do the job for a few seconds.

How to use online calculator?

In a given table you need to keep the length of the performance, width, tile thickness, and seam width and density of the grout. Press the "Calculate" button and get instant effective results. Of course in the table do not count error percentages (tile roughness, Cutting the pipes, state facing surface). Only individually wizard will advance to eliminate minor errors, and simulate the result in a favorable position. In this way, calculate the amount of grout for a tile is not difficult, and most importantly, quickly and efficiently.

type of calculation

tile format (mm)
The joint width (mm)
stacking area (sq.m.)
consumption of grout (kg / sq.m.)
The required amount of grout (kg)

calculations manual

Also not to pay twice and economically put finishing tile, It can be used to calculate the following formula:

x = (A+B)*H*W*P/(A*B), where A - the length of the tiles, AT- width, H-thickness, W-width seam Between tiles, P - the density of the grout.

The result will be more accurate when the small expanse no seams. For better and faster is better to use a calculator counting grout flow for joints. It applies more precise and complex system to obtain the necessary data.

Consumption and calculation of grout

Before calculate the amount of grout should be familiar with the method of preparation of the mixture, its relation to the size of the tiles. In order not to increase the weight of consumption trowel, you need to properly prepare it. The mixture should be mixed very carefully, in order to obtain a homogeneous mass. The finished material is added to the latex or ordinary clean water. It is important to respect the proportions, not to disturb the process for preparing the mixture trowel.

Grout is the cement, epoxy, but basically it involves a first embodiment. Thanks to her, we can assume the desired width for the mobility of the tile without disturbing seam. This method allows:

  • hide all tiled defects;
  • extend the service life of facing products (the tile will not crack and fall off);
  • the aesthetic appearance of the finished work;
  • reliability and safety of the structure.

In view of having a calculator for calculating the grouting for the tiles can make a calculation of the material quickly and efficiently, saving time for the main work on laying the lined products.

To calculate the amount of glue, required for stacking the ceramic, necessary to assess the smoothness and state the basis for the tiles, determine the thickness of the adhesive layer and the size of plates used. The smoother will be the wall, the less need glue.

Grout should coincide with the basic coating color, It is most often used white. necessary to determine the amount of space for future work to harmonize Bole exact result for flow grout per 1m2. The result obtained using the calculation of the calculator grouting increase to more and not forget about 2-3 percent of possible error. Only in this way can confidently purchase building materials and saves on the correctness of the estimates.

Online calculator grouting tile is available for every user around the clock and free of charge!

The calculation of the amount of grout for a tile


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