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Calculating the number of Vetonit on the walls online

Before finishing the walls in the apartment, It is necessary to make preparations, leveling plaster and primed surface. But before, how to get started, You need to know the amount of putty Vetonit, which will be necessary for the entire room. Calculations of the amount of putty with an online calculator can quickly and easily. For calculation, simply enter data and click calculate room.

Online calculator for calculating the amount of filler Vetonit and Baytera It will not only help to settle, but also save money on the purchase of excess material.

The Plasterer?
The length of the room (m)
The width of the room (m)
The height of the walls (m)
area window (m)
area doors (m)
Number of windows
Number of doors
consumption of plaster : 0 kg


The Plasterer?
The length of the room (m)
The width of the room (m)
consumption of plaster: 0 kg

Calculation of fillers is carried out on the basis of the calculation of the floor area, which will be filler and pictures Baytera or Vetonit.

To calculate the area of ​​spackling use formula:


  • S - surface area, which is subject to spackling;
  • S1 - area of ​​all walls, including openings;
  • S2 - window area;
  • S3 - the area of ​​the door.

consumption 1 m2 Vetonit Baytera or dependent on the presence of irregularities and the wall thickness average is 0,9-1,3 kg. The wall or ceiling should be plastered maximally flat, that there is no waste of material.


necessarily primed technology, and the primer to dry. Consumption also depends on the viscosity and plasticity. If the material is too thick, respectively, and consumption will be more.

Using online calculator for calculating a mixture amount of putty Vetonit, you can quickly and easily get the number of bags and weight to calculate the necessary material. Learn the methods and Ornamental applying coatings technology like putty walls quickly you can see the video here. We can calculate the flow rate and the desired number of bags of plaster online calculator.

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