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What paint to choose for ceiling

Какую краску выбрать для потолкаIf you've already done the installation of the ceiling or what - else, then after that you need to choose the right paint for the ceiling. In the market there is a huge choice, but what is right for you? Site repair apartments with their own hands will give some useful tips and recommendations.

Water-borne acrylic, silicone, silicate and latex paint used to cover the ceiling.

acrylic are most popular. Sufficient to apply two coats of paint are not the ceiling, and a micro crack size 1 mm in the base will be blocked. A coating of acrylic is resistant to soiling. And the abundance of the different properties of the paint will create a different effect. Depending on the quality of the components is a price. Now consider the other and examine in their application.

silicate It recommended for use in those areas, where basement waterproofing broken.

Composition: Liquid potassium glass, mineral fillers, mineral pigments. silikat_kraska_2

before painting, the ceiling is applied silicate primer, as the silicate less elastic means, than acrylic and does not cover small cracks. They are very convenient to use for mineral stucco, for cement ceilings and old lime paint. In addition, they have a high water permeability, so they should be used in buildings with damp walls. Not adding the antiseptic additives required, as they themselves hinder the development of micro-organisms.

In modern construction are widely used high-quality silicate paint, created on the basis of sodium silicate with the addition of ethyl silicate, which due to its properties are ideal for facade work and painting the walls inside the room.


AT silicone paints combined advantages of acrylic and silicate. Plus, silicone coatings form a waterproof film. silicone resin, part of the paint, It does not soften at elevated temperatures. It is perfect for all surfaces. With high elasticity, Silicone coloring covers wide cracks up 2 mm. A distinctive feature is that it is not aggressive, and when working with it, you can not use precautions. Silicone paint can be added to acrylic and silicate to improve the performance properties.

Latex paint has many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Easily applied on any surface, whether it's wall, ceiling, structures made of wood, concrete, etc.. It has good adhesive properties.silicone paint
  • It can be used for painting, not prepared beforehand surface. The dye of this type is easy to hide cracks, roughness and other defects in the walls and ceiling.
  • The coating tolerates changes in temperature.
  • With special callers, you can create virtually any hue.
  • Among its useful properties - steam- and a gas.
  • water repellent. Thanks to this feature is suitable for use in the bathroom.
  • On a surface, colored silicone paint, will not appear fungus, bacteria and insects.
  • Silicone exterior paint will not crack. This is because the, that it has no surface tension.
  • On the painted surface is not accumulate dust and grime.
  • Paints are sustainable. When you work with it, you can not use protective equipment.
  • This dye is easy to tolerate direct sunlight.


Despite all the properties of silicone and silicate paints acrylic most popular.

Acrylic benefits:

  1. Durability and abrasion resistance.
  2. Small paint consumption.
  3. Resistance to UV light caramel.
  4. The resulting film is water, but after it passes freely pairs. This is especially important when working with wooden structures. Acrylic allows the wood to "breathe", bringing moisture from inside to outside the house. Good water-repellent properties of the paint allow for finishing in the bathrooms and kitchens.
  5. dries quickly. Depending on the purpose and composition of the hardening period can be from half an hour to 2 hours.
  6. Painting is quite flexible, therefore shrinkage at home on the cover does not form cracks.
  7. As the solvent, water is used instead of aggressive corrosives. Because of this acrylic paints are safer for health.
  8. If paint gets in the wrong place, it is easy to remove, thus it does not damage the surface.
  9. affordable prices, which is slightly lower, make acrylic paint popular material enough.

The result is, that in order to paint the ceiling in an apartment, fairly conventional acrylic paint properties.

Now it is necessary to understand in detail what is better choose acrylic paint.

Now that you know how to choose paint for the ceiling in the store Leroy Merlin and other stores and why it is better suited. See also how to paint the ceiling latex paint without divorce.


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  1. My husband and I took the acrylic. Tikkurila products – very bad happened! the quality did not disappoint, although we took a discount of LMB Leader. Still, it is not in vain, we have advised..

  2. When choosing paint for the finish of the ceiling decoration settled on acrylic. Just added to slightly caramel. A stunning shade, gently salad. Red on the ceiling for more than two years, no deformation no, she is not a bit faded due to sunlight. Council next: unless otherwise prerequisite to the use of silicate material, do not give up more cost-effective option in the form of acrylic paint.

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