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Painting of wooden floor with their hands

Окраска деревянных полов своими рукамиIf you decide to paint your own floor, then this, it must be very carefully prepared. Eliminate the gap between the boards, repaired potholes, align the deflection boards, etc.. The smoother fitted and aligned floor, more beautiful and more practical to look in the end surface.

Painted must be completely dry floor. Prior to joining, ready-to-use paint, to be mixed thoroughly and make a test on a piece of dry board, it should be applied a thin layer. The sample should be kept for about two days. If it is after this period, does not stick to the fingers, so, it dries well. Before mixing linseed oil paint and dough, they should be checked in advance by separately. If they do not dry out completely for two days, it is not suitable for use.

at paint application performed on modern technologies, These test methods are eliminated, since the manufacturer guarantees these drying times.

Plank floors should be painted necessarily in two or three layers. The first layer must dry for about a day, second - about two. And a very important detail, - when applying the upper layer, driving directions or a brush bead, should as much as possible with the direction of the wood grain.

Coating may be plain, improved and high-quality.

simple. Depositing a first layer, not very thick consistency and after two days second layer is applied. At worst, If some areas of your floor shine, a couple or three days is applied a third layer. If the painting was made with linseed oil, then it spoke remnants wash with hot water, without the use of soap or soda, because they destroy the surface and reduce shine.

The paint should be applied, very thin layers, very carefully shading. Thick layers are applied to wince, long dry, have an uneven surface and a generally, unattractive. The thinner layers are applied and the better they are allowed to dry before applying the next layer, the higher the quality.

color improved quality. AT 1 liter of linseed oil, add 100 - 150g. dry or grated paint, and a thin layer of carefully proolifte floors. After two days, putty, completely eliminate all the defects. After drying putty, Sand the entire floor of medium-grained sandpaper, and then, good grind. Thereafter, apply a first layer, diluted to a liquid state, than that, which is prepared for the application of the main layers. after drying,, Apply a final pair of layers.

High-quality painted wooden floor. it is performed, as well, as well as improved, but the floor surface puttied completely twice. Putty color recommended, adding a dye, the same color, what will be painted floor. Thus the result will be beautiful, boards joints unnoticeable, but the surface itself is very similar to linoleum.

With their hands, you can not only right paint floor, but also apartment to make repairs on their own, and our website can help you in this. stay with us.

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