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Simplification of the system installation of the tiles with the SVP and DLS

As known, for mosaics, especially, if you do not have much experience with this material, there are problems with the formation of joints. Luckily, To date, the assistance may come tiling system. It's about these systems, and we'll talk. It is important to know their views, and be able to use similar tools for laying tiles.

floor leveling system SVP

Advantages and disadvantages of devices

The first is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of MRA for laying tile, which is quite an important factor. Let's start, perhaps, with the advantages of such systems:

  1. The first is assistance in laying. Through the use of such devices it becomes possible to immediately exhibit an acceptable level of the floor, and then proceeding therefrom to carry out laying tiles. This solution allows to extend the durability of the coating, and in addition to significantly improve the quality of work and the appearance of the surface.
  2. Another advantage of getting the, that the output we get a coating of tiles, seams which are absolutely identical. This eliminates the need for conventional plastic crosses.
  3. Another obvious advantage becomes even distribution of material throughout the surface of the solution.
  4. Such a floor leveling system provides stability to the tiles during drying of the solution, which helps to avoid sagging.
  5. And then the last notes, that such a device makes it possible to fix in position every single element.

floor leveling system SVP

But, of course, Such a system tile SVP has its drawbacks, which must also be taken into account:

  1. The first big investment of time on the job. This necessitates the proper installation of system elements and subsequent removal after solidification of the solution.
  2. Complicated procedure for cleaning welds.
  3. Of course, the use of additional devices and is an additional cost. In particular, the regeneration of a large stack of tiles as it should be a double layer, otherwise, the system can not cope with their tasks.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the product before purchasing it, because on the market today, there are many fakes, that already during the early laying fail.

floor leveling system SVP
AMS system

types of devices

floor leveling system for laying tiles presented, of course, not in a single instance, Accordingly, there are several types of it:

  1. First option, It relates to the cost (СВП DLS). In this case the product is a foundation, mount which is conducted at the expense of the wedge. This view allows you to capture and align the tiles, suppose to be used on the surface, which has no significant uneven patches.
  2. The second option (tile leveling system Litolevel), more expensive, It represents a curved shape system. In turn, it is this feature and gives it a unique. Thus the device adapts individual tiles and surface structure, after which aligns evenly distributing the glue coating.
floor leveling system
different systems

the main thing, do not think, that this design will help do all the work for laying and distribution of glue, far from it. any type, whether tile leveling system dls or litolevel is only an additional assistant, which only can eliminate some of the shortcomings, but do not do the work for you.

Besides, important factor is the material and, to be used. Since the special role played by the quality of the tiles and the adhesive mixture.

SVP mounting system


Now it is necessary to consider and use of such devices. By itself, the use of technology is quite simple, but still need to get acquainted with it, understand and practice.

  1. Initially, the surface, pre-cleaned and prepared, applied adhesive mixture. Then it is distributed on the desired toothed spatula portion.
  2. Next, the first tile is laid, and aligned, for, to set a basic level of other elements.
  3. The next step, depending on the device, becomes the next: if you are using the tile alignment with clip, there shall install them on the edges, ie. on each side of the two clamps is set at a distance 50 millimeters from the edge. When using the more expensive option, elements are installed at the intersection of four tiles.
  4. In either case, the installation itself is carried out as follows:: turn down thrust pad clip and plants underneath tiles, from sticking to weld only the tail with a hole, in which a wedge is inserted.floor leveling system SVP
  5. Himself a wedge is put to a full lock, for which it is desirable to use special tongs, because to conduct this kind of work is not very convenient hands
  6. note, a place to commit itself must be left clean, and ensure that, that the adhesive mixture does not flow in the device itself.
  7. In this case, all excess mixture must be immediately removed.
  8. In this way, to be installed in all of the tiles on the turn to complete surface coverage. In the same time, floor leveling system clamp remains in the tile until drying glue mixture.
  9. After completion of the work necessary to remove the wedges, and the lower part of the cut so, as much as possible. ie. you see that it remains under the tile, but the top must be removed.

It should be noted, that without fail the entire clutch is held at the level of, and each tile is checked laid. Thus possible to achieve maximum quality of the work performed. Then held grouting.

fastening system DLS
Special pliers fastening system can accelerate DLS

Consumption of SVP fasteners by tile size

You can count the number of bases according to the table below.. the quantity depends on the size of the tiles, for example, 60x80 tiles on 1 m2 of laying will be needed 10 PC. ( as in the pictures in the example) but I recommend taking the basics with a margin 15% so this is how the table does not take clipping into account. wedges are usually taken by the ratio 1 to 3 3 packs of basics, 1 a pack of wedges, etc.. for large volumes, I recommend taking at least 600 wedges ( in order that they would be enough for 1 work day, after they go astray and are used again)

The amount of SVP consumption depending on the size of the tile


Despite the fact that the tiles fixing DLS easier to use, but the cost is more expensive than the SVP here is the right choice for a master, and carry out their work, both systems.

so, we have considered, What is SVP, its strengths and weaknesses, and a method of using. Now, after you just have to use such a system at home, the performance of work, or not. We hope the information provided for decision-making will be enough. Also watch the video which clearly considered, how held tiling using SVPs and DLS. If you have any further questions on this subject, not stesnitesy, write in comments, and our experts will answer them.




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