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Drilling holes in porcelain stoneware: techniques and tips

Not only among fans of self-repair, but also for the professionals the question "how to drill a hole in porcelain stoneware?”. After all, this is strong enough material is not an ordinary building brick by brick drills. This process is time-consuming, accurate in the realization of works, and also requires special training tools. The main nuance when dealing with granite is compliance with safety rules.

granite drilling

Features and properties of porcelain stoneware

Gres - tiled material for lining the floor surface, which has increased strength and durability. Due to these properties, granite drill improvised means will not work.

Ceramic granite has a high density, because it is made of granite chips and clay, then compacted under high pressure, and then calcined. By virtue of its properties, This material is used for flooring in industrial plants and there, where there is a risk of a large load on the floor. To work with the material used for diamond drills porcelain stoneware, and special crowns to large openings.

No need to even try kernit hole before drilling: porcelain - fragile material.

Besides, porcelain tiles used for lining the stairs, pools, installation of fences, communications mount. The material is durable, though, however, the direction of impact on the floor surface can significantly damage the granite.


The drilling of granite?

Tool, which will be used when working with granite, It must be roadworthy - from this factor directly affects the safety of the master. The usual drill is not suitable for drilling holes in porcelain stoneware - it can easily break. For this process, you need special drill and bits of porcelain stoneware.

diamond Drill bits


This piece has a round hollow shape, on the one hand the crown is equipped with cutters, onto which the diamond coating. The crown of a porcelain stoneware, usually, larger diameter, rather than the drill. Basically, these devices are used for drilling holes for communication, under the outlet and by mixers, If granite is located on the wall.

When working with a crown is important to know, that a frequent use of water. This can be done, typing in a silicone fluid and pear during drilling continuously add water to the material. Water is needed in order, to granite drilling yielded better tool, and the dust, from Him, once I settled on water.

Granite diamond drilling crown is necessary at a right angle, while using a drill without impact and at low revs. It is important to take into account the, that the larger the diameter of the crown, the smaller should be the tool rotational speed.

diamond drills

If you choose a company Bosch, the drill for ceramic granite does not require pre-cooling, as is the case with crowns. This drill contains a part of the olive oil, which is the cooler. Following the conditions of work with drills, their life will be prolonged significantly. If the use of products from other manufacturers, it will also need to water supply.

Drill on porcelain stoneware Bosch

When working with diamond drills, drill must be held at an angle 45 degrees and bring to the tile already included, not to damage the glaze porcelain. Gradually, the need to install a drill perpendicular to the material. The optimal drilling speed - 1500 revolutions.

Besides, there drill pipe for porcelain stoneware, which have a similarity, both crowns, and diamond drills. It is a tube with a diamond coating and is capable of producing a small diameter hole. When using these drills you can work with a drill at high speeds.

Do not forget about the support tools when working: to drill a hole in a tile of granite. If you do not drill, for such work simple screwdriver perfect escape, the main thing - that the seat coincides with the opening of the instrument for crowns or drills.

Besides, masters advise to buy a special centering templates. These products are needed in order, To determine the center of the hole with the drilling. If you are constantly doing repairs, it's wise to make jig - board for the material. Such a device made of wood, it helps to drill granite without slipping.

It is forbidden to drill tile puncher, she just split. Possible and get drilled granite, if the tile is well bonded to the base floor and use a new drill on small speeds. But this trick will cost in case of failure.

Overview of manufacturers of drills and bits

To date, the market instruments for repair replete with a variety of materials. Before, how to choose, What drill to drill granite, It should be considered the main company. among manufacturers, demand by consumers, can be identified:

  • Bosch. Qualitative and so popular among artists and drill bits for ceramic granite. This company has always distinguished high quality products, hence the high price of products is formed.

Why do consumers prefer the company Bosch? Brand produces diamond core drills with a separate cooling, which is based on olive oil. When heated drill, Oil is released and moisturizes drill for ceramic granite.

  • Monolith. Domestic production of crowns and drills with diamond coating. Manufactured by diffuse and are also water-cooled. You do not have perplexing questions about, how to drill a hole in the ceramic granite on the wall, wherein, without using auxiliary objects with water. product prices depend on the diameter of the product, and it has a range of in turn to 70 mm.
  • Hawera. One of the first European manufacturers of drills. This manufacturer of drills on porcelain stoneware are of high quality and durability. Products produced by vacuum adhesions, They are also working on a self-cooling. Most often, the firm and drill bits are of good value for money.


In addition to these brands, the market offers and other less popular manufacturers. choosing diamond drill, do not skimp on quality, since this will depend on the effectiveness of the work and the result.

Practical tips for drilling holes

The main rule when drilling granite: can not overheat drill, otherwise it will become worthless. Often let to cool the drill bit, use water to cool.


During the drilling process, granite may be a number of problems. To avoid this, We must take into account some of the nuances in the work:

  • use substrate. To granite drilling slipping off the surface, you need to put a wooden material. Most often it is a substrate made of particleboard or plywood, which will protect the property from damage, as well as provide additional security.
  • Pay attention to the direction of drilling. Any tile recommended drilling from the front side, as will be seen all possible errors, as well as minimizing the damage of the tiles. The reverse side of the material does not need the visual beauty - all the flaws hide tile solution.
  • Denoting the center drill for small diameter porcelain stoneware, it will be easier to put the drill bit larger at the beginning of.
  • drilling depth. It is not necessary to drill the tile to the end, do a better job on 2/3 parts, then pause.
  • You do not need to apply pressure to the tool, especially at an exit of the drill.

All work on the drilling porcelain tiles is recommended to make laying tiles on the floor or wall. In this way, you will always have the opportunity to correct deficiencies in.


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