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Installing sliding interior doors

Installation of sliding doorsInstallation of sliding doors can bring substantial benefits, if the space in the room is not very large, and the swing door is inconvenient. Besides, sliding design more practical and easy to operate. They are easy to install, even on their own, therefore call on the wizard, you can save a lot of.

Pros and cons of the sliding door

The advantages of these products include the following factors:

  • The wide choice of materials and constructions.
  • Extensive design possibilities.
  • saving space.
  • Mounting sliding door can be carried out independently.
  • Safety for children (pinch your finger so the door can not be).

The disadvantages are also considered the following points:

  • weak insulation.
  • You can not move up the furniture to the side walls, towards which the door moves.
  • Care should be taken rollers, prevent them from warping.
  • Higher cost compared with classic door.
• Installation of sliding doors
Door coupe. The guide is mounted on the wall above the opening faithful

Installing the mechanism of sliding doors

Sliding structure separated into two types of:

  • visible.
  • Mounted in the wall.

Installation of sliding doors with their hands is possible in both cases, and will differ only scheme of work.

door mechanism can be attached tightly to the upper suspension: such door is convenient, that has no threshold. In most cases, used for self-installation is so constructed, since it is the least costly financially and easy to install.

It is possible to secure the web to the lower suspension, but this model has a significant drawback: on the floor will be the nut. Some experts recommend to combine both types of attachment, nut and sink to the floor, if possible. This design is the most reliable and durable. The probability of the door of the slots will be zero.

Council: reduce the installation cost and the product itself can be, establishing a low-cost hardware.

If you need, that the door was hidden when opening, it is not necessary to break the wall. You can make a pocket, which will hide fabric. Make it possible to independently, applying wood or drywall.

How to install sliding interior doors
Interior doors sliding device on the upper rail

How to install interior sliding doors with their hands?

First, you need to put the guide profile for the product. It is recommended to set the mechanism of the sliding type with the inside of the premises. If the door separates the hall from the room, it is more convenient to put it on the part of the corridor, if you do not plan to put in this place closet.

Sliding interior doors with their hands begins with the application of labels to guide future. You need to install them on a level, otherwise the door will be displaced and will not open. Before you install the sliding door, her canvas need to fix hardware and intended for this purpose holders. That the web could move, You need to tie it to the roller carriages bracket.

installation videos

Installation of the sliding interior door must clearly comply with instructions. On opposite sides of the doors it's best to make the holder clamp. Handles on doors installed after the mounting of other elements, but you need to pre-select them in a way, so they do not catch on the wall. When all of the guides will be installed, you can start securing web and its setting on the level. When installing the carriage with rollers in the slots you need help of another person.

Installation Interior sliding doors
Installing the handle

To the door leaf stuck, It needs a dock adapter bracket and doors, which departs from the carriage. After that, the product set stops and closers: they need to, that the web did not jump out of the grooves. Recommended to choose those products, abutments which are rubber or plastic. In this case, the door will be opened without the high-profile attacks on them.

Installing sliding interior doors with their hands
Perenosenie marks on the wall by a thin drill

After the install sliding doors and guides them have turned, you can proceed to the installation of casings, which will be hidden from the eyes of door opener, and help protect it from dust.
For the installation of the element on the wall brackets are screwed in advance. They can be bolted to the rail and with latches.

Fine laths can be nailed directly to the beam

After all the manipulations are completed, You need to check, correctly adjusted door. They must stand horizontally, no blockages in any direction and distortions. Check out, Whether fabric tight to the structure, how easy it is to open and close the door. If there are problems, you need to configure hardware using a screwdriver or a wrench.

In order to understand, how the installation of sliding doors with their hands, You can see an introductory video on our website. It will delve deeper into the intricacies of the job.

one- or dvupolynaya structure?

Usually put a single door in the doorway, but, if it is very large, it makes sense to install the system dvupolnuyu. In this case, one of the doors will pull away, and the second - to remain in a fixed position. If necessary, remove the lock and open the two flaps. This design is used for arches, wide doorways. She is able to decorate the interior, make it original.

Installation of sliding doors with their hands
Single-leaf interior sliding doors

Production of foam for a sliding door

Installing sliding interior doors with their hands, and may include the installation of the canister, which can also make your own. It should be on 15 cm wider than the door leaf. The easiest way - is to install a pencil case near the door. This will require a frame attached to the wall, which will be sheathed with plywood or plasterboard; You can use decorative panels. After the measurements to be calculated pencil thus, so that the door could easily enter into it. If a relatively light fabric, You can use a frame made of slats or bars, can arrange them at a distance 50 cm apart. This design will withstand web content not exceeding 80 kg. If the weight is more, make metal frame.



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