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Green color in the interior living room, food, bedrooms, Children's, in the bathroom, office or office

Зеленый цвет в интерьере комнатThe interior of the green value for each clear: harmony and nature, a life, naturalness and kindness. Often, person, thinking about the green, He sees the reality of live wood, trees, grass. Many boldly say, that we are united with nature green, it is a symbol of peace and harmony. Per person a color in the interior rooms acts as a feeling of relaxation. See article, what colors are combined in the interior of the room, to harmoniously insert favorite colors.

In the interior, from a physiological point of view,, This color can be called the best, the impact of this is contrary to the red color. The world's proven, What do you want, Who welcomes this color in their lives, stubborn and persistent. Shades and combinations in the interior of green in the house brings a piece of nature, He is great with all its shades for each room. Most of the bright colors in a color atmosphere and light make joyful, while the bottle and olive green add a note of calm and peace.

Presence in the interior of the living room and a green kitchen

Let's start with the kitchen. The green color in the kitchen is a bit cold. In order to create an atmosphere of a cozy and warm, best green color combined with sun-yellow. In humans, a lot of energy will be for new achievements and improve your mood.

Exclusively in shades of green living properly will not look. Probably, this should be limited to the color of furniture or some accessories, and the walls and floor are made in bright colors: beige, soft golden, white or light blue suit for interior perfectly. This room will be emotionally free and easy, Besides, it will be light and airy, in it you can forget about everyday troubles and relax.

Interior of a bedroom and children's. Combinations of it green

Making children's room with green, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it will be on children brings boredom. Great combination gives a bright yellow and warm green, He will give you not only peace of mind, but also in a good mood, and positive sensations.

If we talk about the design of bedrooms, most people know, that the green color can have on human sedative effect, it acts beneficially on the nervous system, It gives the feeling of calmness, peace and freshness and soothe tired eyes. Bedroom is a wonderful choice. Description With its pale wallpaper, linens pale green shade and curtains. Hue "aqua" in combination of blue and green colors is perfect for decoration of bedrooms.

The green color in the bathroom

Use in the design of the bathroom Green should be cautious, since the first of the Association of the interior will be "wet" and "cold". He combined well with warm colors: gilded, yellow and beige. for example, bath in a dark green design, if it's small size and, It will not look very cozy. Will be feeling the bottom of the shady swamp.

Office interior or study in green

study, decorated in green, It will look good. Particularly respectable and rich look with the addition of gold dark green, you can also stay at the emerald and malachite shades. Some psychologists have come to this conclusion, what to look for ways out of situations and make important decisions easier in green walls, Green helps people focus.

medical advice

modern people, According to health workers, lack of natural colors, so green they are used for decoration of their homes. Attention should be paid to its holistic interior of the apartment. Lush emerald-hued carpets will look great in the nursery and hallway, enlivening the room, light shades of green can be used in any of the rooms. It does not tire the eyes gently green, therefore it is recommended to use in offices and libraries.

It goes well in the green spectrum with all colors. really, that the color purple, It may be an exception. It combines well with the warm colors of emerald color and salad. Do not forget about competent lighting in the interior, because the selection and placement of lights is not unimportant.

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  1. Green is considered a calming color. In recent years, the color is very in demand. I'd, eg, made baby, which would be dominated by green. Firstly it is very practical, if a family has two children, boy and girl, then this color is perfect for a child's Boden, because it is suitable for both, Well I have to share a room on the pink and blue for example, how often do now. Another kitchen in green looks good, in my flat, tiles in the kitchen with green beige, the combination of the super and the view from the kitchen cool!

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