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As wash primer after repair

Priming compositions are used during almost any repair. They are processed ceiling surface, wall, floor to improve adhesion to the material finishing: paint, wallpaper, tiles. To no question, as a wash primer after repair, you need to take care of the protection of furniture, window panes and finishing coatings, which are already available in the room. You can use cellophane tape or fabric materials. If, despite all the precautions, spots appeared, We have to resort to different methods for their removal.


Purification of the primer can be made in different ways, depending on the type of the contaminated surface and the primer composition impregnation. All methods can be attributed to one of the following groups.

  1. Universal.
  2. Household, or folk, facilities.
  3. Using professional chemistry.
  4. Cleaning with steam generator.

Sometimes to wash primer spots, especially chronic, we have to use different types of funds, until the contamination is not removed completely.

Try to wash away the stain immediately after his appearance. For curing the primer composition is necessary to order 30 minutes. After this time, clear the pollution will be much harder.

Primer has several varieties: composition for application under wallpaper, acrylic primer for paint, adhesive and phenolic impregnation primers for wood. The easiest way to cope with spots on acrylics.

Universal ways

Universal methods suitable for the removal of stains from any type of primer compositions also help to wash the floor with both primer, as well as from the glass:

  • Fresh stains from virtually any surface can be cleaned with a cloth, dipped in water.
  • Dried up contamination should be well wet, covered with wet rags and left for a few hours. After this primer will make it easier to separate from the surface of the glass or tile.
  • Dried spot lubricate the same primer, which caused pollution. After a while, it swells, and it can be removed with a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Using a fine abrasive sponges - a good way to wash primer with tiles. But we should prepare ourselves, that process will take a long time. Haste will damage the surface of the tile.
  • Clear glass or ceramic tile with a smooth surface to help scraper or razor blade. Before you start, better pollution drench with water. To avoid scratching, removing make an angle 45 degrees.
  • Wash plastic windows and window sills of PVC primer can be resorted to the help of such tools, as a foam cleaner. Spots abundantly wetted with a cleaning composition, and then removed with a scraper.
  • containing pigments acetone used to dissolve the primers, "White-Spirit», petrol and similar compositions.
  • Some types of primers can be cleaned with "Mr. Muscle" Glass. It is best to rub the spot with smooth surfaces.
  • The easiest way to clean up floor tiles of acrylic primer - pour boiling water and wipe the stain with a sponge. With other types of primers of this method is unlikely to work.

Before you clean the tile from the primer, it is desirable to test the method chosen for its residues, if these are available after repair.


Household, or folk remedies

Virtually every kitchen there soda and vinegar essence, and this is exactly what, than you can wash primer with glass and tile.

To remove a stain with an ordinary baking soda, you need to mix it with water. The resulting slurry is spread on the dirt and after 10 min wash sponge. In this case, the solvent acts soda based on the alkali and abrasive means simultaneously.

Concentrated vinegar will clean the tiles, glass and plastic surfaces. But it is only suitable for acid-resistant types of tiles. Therefore, if confidence in the tile properties no, better not to risk. To remove the primer vinegar essence is poured on the spot and, after 10-15 min, scour cloth. Typically, you want to repeat this procedure several times. You can burn the lungs, so working in a paint mask.

Vinegar will not harm the integuments, but a pair of Concentrated essences can cause burns the lungs. Therefore, it is necessary to work in a paint mask.

steam generator

Using a home steam generator - is also a version of the, how to wash primer with tiles. This method can not be used for window cleaning, because of the uneven heating of the glass will crack. The same trouble can wait and glazed tiles. Therefore, to avoid problems is better to clean the steam generator only coating on the floor.

steam generator cleaning method is, that spot is directed jet of steam and at the same time the primer is removed with a stiff brush.


professional chemistry

If conventional methods of removing contaminants have not led to the desired result, then come to the aid of professional tools. They are produced by acid or alkali and wash primer capable of deep penetration both with tiles, and glass surfaces. For use on tile better fit means with lye, Glass can be purchased any version.

  1. Dopomatforte - alkaline agent. Removes old oil, grease with alkali-resistant surfaces. Average price - 3,5 thousand roubles. the canister 10 l.
  2. HodrupaA - also means an alkaline. Specially recommended for cleaning metal surfaces. Average price - 4,5 thousand roubles. the canister 10 l.
  3. ATLASSZOP - acidic detergent. Do not use on surfaces, not resistant to acid. Suitable for ceramic tiles, plumbing, chrome-plated steel, glass. Cleans lime and plaster stains, rust, cement, etc.. d. Average price - 300 rub. per bottle 1 l.
  4. Powerfix - agent based on phosphoric acid. Suitable for cleaning water afterconstruction- and acid surfaces: granite, clinker, pottery, glass. Average price - 3,5 thousand roubles. the canister 10 l.

Professional cinema chemistry characterized by a high concentration. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions on the composition of breeding in the water and to comply with personal protection measures.

Before starting any repair work you need to spend time and close all the surface, which can be stained with building materials. This will allow in the future not to waste time and effort on many hours of scrubbing stains throughout the room or apartment.


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