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How to prepare the old apartment for the winter

That in cold winter season in an apartment or house was warm, enough to have a hot battery. If housing is not insulated, the costs of public services will increase significantly. Therefore, you should thoroughly prepare for the winter and spend complex works, allowing to keep the heat in the apartment. And the main question becomes, how it works, and how to prepare the apartment for the winter.

What should be done?

First let's deal with the, to be done, and all it is worth noting a number of factors, which will help to significantly reduce heat loss in the apartment, namely:

  1. wall insulation.
  2. Thermal insulation of floors and ceilings.
  3. Thermal insulation of window systems.
  4. Replacement of the heating system.
  5. Installing a new door system.

Let's consider in more detail each of the processes, and save, how best to organize the work.

wall insulation

first, which will help keep the heat in the apartment - Take care of the wall insulation,

insulation only two options:

  1. internal.
  2. Outdoor.

It is worth noting, that independently carry out external insulation is not always possible, especially, if you do not live on the ground floor. Because self-best option of warming becomes the inner workings. If there is such a possibility, most effective will external insulation.Insulation of walls with his own hands

Briefly about, what you have to do:

  1. For internal insulation, remove all the finishing materials of walls.
  2. Zashpatlyuyte walls and obtyanite their steam insulating material.
  3. Atop make insulation.
  4. On the insulation and drywall screw make finishing work.

Thermal insulation materials are available in the trade sector in a wide range. Choose those, that will take away the least of your living space. Bulk materials appropriate to produce the outer insulation.

More details about the internal insulation, choice of material and the technology of its devices in a separate material.

Warming of the floor and ceiling

Do not forget, that the insulation of the walls need to just warm the floor and the ceiling.

This is not necessary in the case, if you live on the middle floors, above you and below you are heated apartments. The only thing, that will have to do it to close up the gap by a sealant, and further lay carpet or derevoplitu.

For warming the floor and ceiling will also have to dismantle the decorative coating and insulation equip, in its further device technology depends directly on the choice of insulation.

insulation of the ceiling with his hands

About tom, how to perform floor insulation and the ceiling with his hands in a separate article.

If you live in a wooden house on the top floor and it is useful to know, how to insulate the attic.

Winterizing windows

The next step will be preparation insulation window systems, there are several options here, and the choice depends on the required, a glazing provided, and, what financial costs are assumed to be.

If there is the possibility of large investments for replacement of old windows, then make a seal installed.

insulation of windows with their hands

But if you do not plan to invest heavily, you can do the following measures:

  1. Buy Silicone sealant or assembly foam.
  2. Seal all cracks.
  3. Then plug the window using a warming tape and seal tape or paper.

Besides, if you live in an old house, then remove the window sills and Insulate voids beneath them. Sometimes even that is enough, to keep the heat in the apartment, as in homes, built under Khrushchev, under sills are voids, which when removed sills can be repaired mineral wool. Such a move could significantly reduce heat loss rooms.

Replacement of the heating system

If your apartment is an old heating system, replace it with a new. It is important to replace pipes and batteries before, as you will spend finishing works of walls after the completion of insulation works. This can be done with the help of specialists from the housing department. detail, about drawing up treatment.

Here an important factor is the choice of a new system, therefore we recommend that you read additional material.

It is also important to note, that if the central heating, something on it, you can not affect. This is because, that the heating is carried out special boiler, and the only, what can you do, is to replace the pipe and radiators in his apartment. But it is worth noting, that such a move does not help much (if you can help at all), in particular on the first floor.

installation of heating systems

In this case, the device will need additional heating devices. The most popular option becomes floor heating device, o tom, how to install it can be found in a separate article.

replacement of doors

Also worth mentioning, that a large part of the heat escapes through the doorway. Because if you have the opportunity to, Insert the double doors.

installation of entrance doors

This step will allow to preserve the warm air in the apartment, especially if your apartment is located on the lower floors, and the family has children of school age, who are constantly in motion and have a lot of friends, constantly coming and going.

Besides, if you can not replace the door, pobespokoytes on additional compaction, which can be used for special seals, or just small strips of rubber, pasted on the perimeter of the door.

Also a good option would be to equip the curtain of dense material at the door. It will help to reduce heat loss, though slightly.


Each of the items is undoubtedly important and individually help to keep warm. But it is worth noting, that only comprehensive work on warming will allow you to save 50% heat during the cold season. Therefore it is recommended to fully perform work on warming apartments. But also to take care of windows and doors, which will significantly reduce heating costs, but the apartment will be much warmer.

In conclusion, a few movies, that will show you, how to prepare an apartment to frost, and what to do in the first place.



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