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How to repair a cast iron bath

Over time, the operation of a bath out of order. This is especially true of Soviet-made iron baths. But what to do? Buy new or to hold the cast iron tub repairs yourself? Of course you decide, but it is worth noting, that new baths purchase rather expensive pleasure, so we recommend to do the repair. But before that you need to explore all of its features.

Repair of cast iron baths with their own hands

Ways to repair a cast iron bathtub

Considering options for repairing baths can distinguish only two:

  1. Topcoat. Which in turn can be divided into the enamel coating device and the liquid acrylic.
  2. acrylic liner apparatus.

Each of these options is particularly, that must be considered in the works. Let's look at each in more detail is a repair method.


The first way to becoming application of new enamel. note, it is available for use only in case of, when the bath itself is intact, and you only bother her appearance (which has deteriorated badly over the years of operation).

the restoration work of this type is divided into several stages:

  1. The choice of the enamel.
  2. Preparing the surface of the bath.
  3. coating.

In order to qualitatively carry out all the work necessary to study the characteristics of each of the stages.

The choice of the enamel bath

first, and very important is the right choice of the enamel, which hereinafter will be applied to the surface. Accordingly, it is necessary to know to select several features:

  1. The coating may be applied in several ways: with a brush or roller, as well as in the form of aerosols. note, that the application of aerosols is not suitable for a full restoration..
  2. Also for enamel baths should be provided to complete with all the components, needed to work.
  3. For two-component compositions curing requires, which is selected according to the tint.

And let's look at the most suitable compounds for such work:

  1. Enamels domestic producer "Rend house" - "Svetlana" and "Fantasy". Presented enamel Sets, which are intended for restoration of bathtubs. The two-component enamel composition and means for surface.restavraii set for bath
  2. Epoksin-51. It is a two component mixture, which is applied with a brush. Due to its properties the composition allows to obtain a perfectly smooth surface and eliminates sag. The service life of such a composition reaches 9 years old.Bath Enamel
  3. enamel stakril. This composition is presented in the form of an acrylic, method for applying pouring. It is important to note, that it is used only on flat surfaces without cracks, spalling, bugrov and eat, since such defects, he does not hide.liquid acrylic bath

For work you can use any of the presented species, today most popular.

Now, when the material is selected, you can proceed directly to the performance of work.

Substrate preparation

Before, how to start applying the composition directly on the surface of the bath, you must carefully prepare its. Just very preparation is as follows:

  1. The inner surface of the bath, thoroughly clean the old coating. Strip of irregularities and rust, using a drill with a special nozzle (brush metal). It is important to clean the surface perfectly, to her there is not the old coating or rust.independent repair bath
  2. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water bath.
  3. You also need to worry about disinfestation, what etch limescale oxalic acid.
  4. The next step is to degrease the surface of the cast-iron baths, this is a very important moment in the repair. Used for this special formulations.degreasing bath before repair
  5. After degreasing, pour it into hot water for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and drain.
  6. Then dry the entire surface, after which it is desirable to give a little time to settle, to be sure of dry coating.

On completion of training, you can go directly to the enamel, and it will be different depending on the choice made. Namely, different ways to apply ordinary liquid enamel and acrylic. Each of them we will examine in some detail.


On completion of the training begin to repair the bath by means of enamelling, which is as follows:

  1. Mix hardener and enamel. This composition will be applied to the bath.
  2. Apply the first coat of enamel on the surface of the cast iron tub with a brush and allow it to dry in 10-20 minutes.Strengthening the enamel bath
  3. note, that the drying time can be a little bit more, whichever, a composition selected.
  4. Then, with the same interval Apply a second, and then a third layer of enamel.

Upon completion of the works give a bath to dry completely. Use it is recommended not earlier, than 2-3 days after application

Further, After a few days, you must strengthen enamel. The process is carried out as follows::

  1. The process of restoration or repair of the iron bath by this method takes about 4 hours. It begins after, how the replacement of enamel.
  2. The method is the application of additional (fourth) layer of enamel on the surface of a bathtub.
  3. If carried out before applying a new coating, it has to dry completely, after which an additional layer is applied.

performing strengthening, should take into account some special features:

  1. After applying the last layer, the enamel should dry well.
  2. You can not use the bathroom for three days.
  3. Such repairs are cast-iron bath can be carried out independently, taking into account the detailed instructions to the bank with enamel.
  4. You can also take advantage of services and restoration companies. However, there are some nuances.
  5. You must take into account the, that such enamel has a lifetime within one and a half years.
  6. Such a bath should be used with caution. Since enamel scratched, then wash it needs only a soft cloth and gels.
  7. At the end of eighteen months will require new repair.

But nonetheless, although the method and the short-term, but not expensive. Thus it is possible to maintain an attractive appearance for many years bath, and do not give it to rust and completely spoiled.

The liquid acrylic

And the second method restoration iron plumbing becomes applying liquid acrylic. The whole process is performed in accordance with the technology:

  1. Initially, smooth out the surface with a drill with an attachment or by hand. Perform work should be carefully. Then rinse and clean the surface of debris and dust.
  2. Degrease the substrate with a composition bed.
  3. Pour the acrylic coating over the entire surface of the bath.
  4. The process begins with the top sides and further on down the walls, performed it, that in the future there were water stains on the walls.on the application of acrylic bath
  5. Put the container under the drain hole, To get a stack of extra material.
  6. With this method, the thickness of the layer be almost 6 mm.
  7. Just the process of work lasts 4 o'clock. Perform application must be carefully, that there was no divorce, which can spoil the appearance of.
  8. Use the bathroom will be possible only after 3-4dney. Since the acrylic itself for a long time is gaining strength and becomes fully water resistant.
  9. After that, as the acrylic cures, coating will become resistant to abrasion, Detergents and scratches. Because it can be easy to wash even a metal brush.

More clearly can get acquainted with the painting of a cast-iron bath technology.


acrylic insert

Another way to repair a cast iron bath becomes acrylic liner device

  1. When the bath base in poor condition, and can not do by simply replacing the enamel.
  2. In cases, if you have the desire to give a new look soy old plumbing.
  3. Besides, actively used for "reconstruction" bath. As well known metal transmits and absorbs heat. And usually in any metal and cast iron products water cools down very quickly, not enjoy giving. It then comes to the aid and the acrylic liner device.

Besides, it is worth noting a number of advantages of such solutions:

  1. Liner resistant to wear.
  2. quite durable.
  3. During the operation does not change the color and its properties.
  4. It has sufficient moisture resistance.
  5. Easy to care and maintenance.
  6. Besides, It has a smooth surface, whereby dirt repellent.
  7. Impervious to household dyes, and household chemicals.
  8. heated rather quickly, and at the same time slowly cools.

But let's look at just how the repair process itself:

  1. Used to this sack of sanitary acrylic, which in this case should be inserted in our bath.
  2. The first step is prepare liner, since initially there are no holes for overflow and drain.
  3. They should be cut at the place of. This can be done by inserting the liner into the tub and draw a mark, the reverse side openings.
  4. The space around all openings should be sealed.
  5. according to the technology, iron bath should have a clearance around the perimeter 5 mm. On this gap and will mark the edges of the liner, unnecessary portions of the need to cut.
  6. Directly to the surface itself must be cleaned from the enamel, and debris, then degrease, As in previous cases,.
  7. Using a two-component foam or special mastic Glue carefully acrylic liner in the bath.
  8. First must be applied over the entire surface. Otherwise, under an acrylic liner will form voids, and he will bend. Thereby, may appear pitted and cracked.Repair using acrylic baths
  9. Tightness becomes the main condition. Because you need to carefully apply the adhesive composition over the entire surface, then insert the liner and reach full bath water, I leave it for a few hours.setting acrylic liner in the bath
  10. In this way, under the weight of water, liner tightly pressed against the base, and distribute the adhesive, that will completely avoid the possibility of the formation of voids.

For more information on acrylic liners.

Important! When purchasing an acrylic liner, be sure to ask him a certificate of quality. Besides, check its integrity at point of purchase.


As you can see, methods of restoration and repair of cast iron baths are not so much, nor are they as simple as possible, because possible and independent execution of all works (even without someone's help). We also recommend you to watch some videos, which clearly show all the ways to repair, and you will again make, how easy do it yourself.




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