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Sticking wallpaper with your hands properly

At first, you must all be carefully considered before repair, determine the design and interior, for example, it is important to choose a new wallpaper and make preparations. The most important, more patience. If you limit the budget, it is possible to own pokleit wallpaper at no additional cost. How to perform this, may learn by studying this presented to your attention a detailed method. It is only necessary patience, accuracy, a minimum set of tools and the knowledge of some things, which will be described below. We will try to thoroughly answer, how to pokleit wallpaper with your own hands and without bubbles :-)

Preparing walls

choose wallpaper
choose wallpaper

In many ways the quality of wallpapering depends on the original purpose of the premises and the customer's requirements, if the repair is not done for yourself. so, if the room will be used for auxiliary purposes, and the quality requirements are not presented absolutely no, then you can use the old technologies. Partially tearing old wallpaper, anointed rock and leaf, and the pasted. But if the repair is carried out in the cultural room or for yourself, that pokleit wallpaper anyhow own conscience will not allow. Then it is necessary to resort to professional help, hire workers, etc.. But if there is extra money, then make papering their hands in the full capabilities. The first step is to prepare the base.

It is from the original surface depends on the quality of finishing works. If the wall is uneven, these irregularities will be clearly visible on the wallpaper. This should be taken into account.

To properly pokleit vinyl wallpaper first need align walls. This can be done with plaster, putty, at aid drywall And so on. After leveling the surface recommended prime. It can not do, if the wallpaper will light. for example, paper. But today more and more often used fiberglass, non-woven or vinyl. They, usually, It belongs to the class of heavy wallpaper, so for them a robust and very solid foundation. Plus the subsequent repairs will be no such problems, as chips filler layers when removing old wallpaper.

Choosing the glue
Choosing the glue

If the wallpaper light, instead of the ground, you can use the same wallpaper glue. Simply pre-smeared wall and dry them.

To pokleit paintable wallpaper with your own hands qualitatively, especially fiberglass, non-woven glass cloth or, requires clean and smooth without spots and surface projections. After all, even after the application of several layers of paint these spots will still appear. Therefore, the surface should be at 100% putty. In this case, it becomes perfectly white, becoming an excellent springboard for further work.

so, surface prepared and impregnated with abundant soil. We will investigate further, both qualitatively pokleit wallpaper with your own hands.

The importance of the choice of wallpaper paste.

Methods of self-pasting

In the entire history of mankind various options were developed Wallpapering. selection, of course, particular method depends on the availability of a tool. Consider the most effective way, when the job can handle even one master. But its success will require the following tools:

Prepare the necessary tools
Prepare the necessary tools
  1. Stationery or installation knife sets of blades. They must be purchased with the calculation 1 packaging at 1 room.
  2. ruler, better use in a flexible plastic housing. They were specially invented to perform such work.
  3. Level. One of the most important tools in the arsenal of any master. In earlier technologies often used plummet, but due to the inconvenience they use it ceased to apply. Level in this case still used for horizontal elements, so why not use it for vertical.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Sponge or cutting off clean gauze or any other tissue nekrasyascheysya.
  6. Bucket of glue.
  7. Roller glueing medium nap.
  8. Smooth rubber roller for reconsolidation narrow joints.
  9. Wide smooth roller for leveling the wallpaper and the release of air under them.
  10. Brush wallpaper, if pasting is carried out delicate materials.
  11. Roulette.
  12. Often experienced craftsmen used to better leveling wallpaper tapered roller.

so, finding all the necessary tools and purchase the required amount of wallpaper, you can get down to business. Beautifully To pokleit wallpaper, you must correctly calculate their number. This can be done at special tables based on the, that the ceiling height in the 2,5 m is obtained from a roll 4 web sheet without selection pattern. Correctly calculate the amount of wallpaper help free construction calculator.

This point plays a big role, as it can be in shortage 1 roll at the end of all the work. The remaining pieces for pasting portions of the walls above the windows and doors will be inappropriate.

How to calculate the required amount of wallpaper?

In fact, everything is quite simple. It is necessary to measure the parameters of the repaired wall space to determine their area. Further, subtract it from square, occupied the doors and windows. Plus add some margin. And if the wallpaper with a pattern, it is best considered conditionally 1 a tube - 3 list. The width of the tubes can be different and is indicated on the packaging, as well as the length of.

Count the number of wallpapers

To wallpapering respected technology, and linens without unstuck in a year, you need to read the manual, What you need to use glue. At the same time on the packaging will also be written, for some types of wallpaper he designed and divorce. This is an important and decisive moment, so you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines and instructions.

It must be remembered, if too lazy to read the instructions, what 1 adhesive packaging diluted in 1 buckets of water (10 l). At the same time it should be cold, and adding glue it must continuously and intensively stirring. This will allow him a good swell and do not form lumps.

The procedure for gluing oboev

Wallpapering is not something complicated, but still need to comply with certain recommendations. Stages pasting wallpaper:

1. To start, need to prepare walls: All recesses and crack putty. It is also necessary primed wall.

2. Usually, Wallpaper paste from the start of the window, otherwise the joints will be visible. The main material web when gluing is the first thing. Care must be taken to see to it, that it is pasted as straight as possible. If it will be shifted to even on slightly, the remaining webs are glued crookedly. To avoid this, must be applied on a flat wall via plumb line or level.

If the room is small and irregularly shaped, in this case you need to start gluing from the largest object.

3. When you cut to the cloth wallpaper, and scheduled line, be treated wallpaper glue. For comfort, Lay fabric on the floor, to lay it film or newspapers. For gluing use special devices, roller or brush.

The adhesive is applied evenly over the length of wallpaper. But need to be applied to the fabric center. When the wallpaper is very dense, you need to, that they thoroughly soaked with glue. Thin wallpaper does not need to be impregnated, they can be glued directly on the wall. look carefully, that would have been enough edge webs treated with glue, as they begin to move away from the wall.

4. It will be the best result, if you are processed by glue and the wall. It is necessary to ensure that, that he was dealt an even uniform layer.

pasting wallpaper
Instructions step by step

Features stickers vinyl wallpaper

1. For this kind of wallpaper to choose a special glue for heavy coverings. Although such a type of wallpaper is made of dense material, which may hide small irregularities and flaws walls, it is still desirable to prepare the wall: clean, putty, primed.

2. Treat with a roller glue to the canvas and leave it on 5 minutes, that it would be soaked. After already can start gluing. The edge of the wallpaper press on the ceiling and pull them down, leaving 3-4cm for trimming.

3. Using a special brush smooth out the wallpaper from middle to the edges.

4. Then, when the paste a few bands, follow, It does not appear to have air bubbles. If there were, then gently pierce them needle, removing the air.

A separate article, about Secrets pasting flat vinyl wallpaper.

How to paste over the corners

A very important point, this correct sticking angles, qualitatively it is made, depends - whether wrinkle wallpaper on the corners in the future or not.

Paper wallcoverings preferably in two corners of the glued rolls thus, that they covered each other on 2 cm. It is not necessary to glue the whole canvas, since the wallpaper can move away from the wall in the corner.

Glue the fabric so, that it was setting a wall at 3-4cm. The angle must be tightly squeeze roller or cloth. Wallpaper glue only clear exactly vertically to use a plumb or level.

About tom, how to deal with possible problems when pasting, read more.


Technology papering the walls of wallpaper

Methods wallpapering different masters may also vary. for example, someone is preferred to start from the corner with volvulus in 1-2 cm, and someone starts from the window. In fact, it all depends on the individual case.

Begin to glue the wallpaper on the wall is necessary to cutting the required number of sheets. This should be done immediately, because then it will be uncomfortable because of dirty hands. It should be understood, that the geometry of the room may be different from the ideal, and that figure did not go up the mountain or in the basement, necessary to determine the deviation of elevation at different points. The resulting value should be added to each sheet in the form of stock, after pasting it safely cut off knife assembly. Each sheet must be twisted together in the opposite direction and put in some time in that wall, for which it is intended. This will not go astray when glueing.

It is recommended to sign each sheet in pencil, thus strongly without pressing on it. This will help to keep order when combining complex drawings.

Charts Wallpapering
Charts Wallpapering

Follow sticking oboev continuing application of the present adhesive on the sheets and the walls. Some types of wallpaper do not need to pre-soak the walls. It is written on the package of wallpaper.

There are different ways of wallpapering, but the principle is: We need to spread the glue evenly and stick. Usually at this stage, many problems arise, associated with the premature gluing fabric to the wall, the most to her and stuff. Therefore it is recommended to follow the technology:

Glue on the cloth should be applied thinly and evenly. Then, the sheet can be folded into the soaked side of the floor and half again. And to put it to soak for no more than 10 m and not less than 5.

Spread at a time is recommended several sheets, or as much as you can paste and smooth. When applying adhesive to each sheet after wallpaper should be thoroughly cleaned surface of the adhesive, because it can be damaged front side of the next canvas. Also not recommended to put a stack of segments, because when namazyvanii adhesive on each sheet there is infiltration of the lower edges, that only worsens their quality.

Apply the adhesive
Apply the adhesive

The procedure for gluing the wallpaper in general does not change. Therefore, the next step is to take the first greased sheet and attach to the wall, precisely orienting the edge of the applied layer by means of the label and the seam between the ceiling and the wall. After, to release the lower part of the sheet and gently stretch it to the floor.

Further, by means of a smooth roller and the narrow edge of the sheet is rolled downward. It is better not to overdo it, and even when strong pressure may form dents, which will remain visible after drying. Then, using widely air cushion is pushed from under the sheet from the rolled seam towards. When spatula can help smooth the creases formed.

Packer roller smooth edge of the sheet
Packer roller smooth edge of the sheet

To the most beautiful pokleit wallpaper and quality need to follow the instructions clearly and perform all operations carefully and slowly. Next the sheet is applied to the first butt joint without a gap and rolled in the opposite direction.

All stocks formed safely cut off knife assembly, wherein after each break off the blade segments recommended, that it has always been a keen.

Video compilation of proper pasting room wallpaper

How unusual pokleit wallpaper

Wallpapering - this is the fastest and easiest way to change the look of the room. But what to do, If you do not want to just make repairs, and give her a fresh housing, original appearance, without resorting to the services of a designer? The best option - combined Wallpapering. With this simple technique you can not only improve the appearance of the apartment, but the proportions of the room, as well as to conceal the visible defects of the walls. The easiest option - buy a plain wallpaper width and texture, two or three well-combined several colors or shades of one color and their vertically pokleit, bands.

vertical wallpaper
Varieties of alternating bands

This technique will make the walls of the room visually higher and visually increase the living space. If you have remarkable imagination, courage and good sense of color, Try to combine wallpaper with different patterns, but pay attention to the combination of patterns: important, to the final result is not dazzled in the eyes. You can either alternate strips, and to apply the principle of asymmetry. for example, to attract the attention of guests and visitors to any interior items, enough to paste over the wall behind him to the main contrasting color wallpapered room with an unusual pattern.

zoning space

If you want to zone the room (eg, studio apartment), do it with the help of wallpaper in different colors and different textures - it will create the illusion of space division. Another unusual and stylish way of combining wallpaper - the allocation of an entire wall. This method is suitable for brave people, wanting to bring something new into your interior. However, it should be remembered, that this procedure reduces the visual space. If you want to avoid this, select more than one wall, and one room - it will create a very special effect. If you are strapped for cash, buy one roll of wallpaper with expensive high-quality printing and using them on the wall add a kind of decorative panels. Two or three bright vertical bars with large pattern will make the business: the room will look like a magazine cover of interiors.

zoning space
Zoning space different variants

use wallpapers

Also for this purpose can be used Mural - the easiest way to diversify the interior. Do not forget, Wallpaper that can be combined horizontally. The classic version: at the bottom - a more "active" Wallpaper, possibly, dark, bright or flashy pattern, top - "light", monophonic, permissible use of wallpaper before painting. If you stick to a certain style in the repair, Do not forget, that the combination of the checkered pattern and the pattern "flowered" - classical to country style. If you arrange the room in the style of "retro", pay attention to the combination of "the strip" and "Flower". New products on the market, this 3 d stereoscopic wallpaper.

3 d wallpaper

When pasting self-colored wallpaper of the room, you can use pieces of the picture, carved from other wallpapers. This method is suitable even for those, who do not want a boring wallpaper glue in the apartment, but not against renovate the interior. detail, about technology gluing photowall.

Pasting wallpaper the walls of two types

Decorating the walls with wallpaper different species today is among the most popular design moves. This room design technology provides the ability to combine designs, colors, billing, and positioning the material on the walls in different variations. everyone wants, that his housing was the most comfortable and unique. To create a pleasant atmosphere in the room using many design tricks. These include the two types Wallpapering. Before buying wallpaper should decide exactly, how you want the room after repair, visually or on paper combining texture and color wallpaper. In addition to that, necessary to determine the functions and features of the room, consider in detail the options for wallpapering two species, given the size of the room and its layout features. There are many ways to combine finish on walls. Today we look at a few variations of the universal. But, before that we recommend to get acquainted with the rules of spectacular and intelligent combination of wallpaper.

Rules competent combination

neutral, muted colors perfectly with the juicy, "Concentrated" colors.

  1. Pasting wallpapered walls two types of abstraction assumes successful combination with geometric shapes and surface texture with floral designs.
  2. Very good quality one look wallpaper, are different colors and textures.
  3. I have no problem with the choice of edging and a beautiful docking paintings, if wallpaper coating strip will have a thickness.
  4. The combination of different wallpaper should talk about the functional purpose of the premises, look to the overall style of living space and have "echoes" in the interior.
  5. If you plan to decorate the room with wallpaper panels of saturated colors, it is necessary to "dilute" its material one tone.
Wallpapering two species
Pasting wallpaper the walls of two types

so, how to hang wallpaper two types? How it is better to place on the walls? Let's look at a few options for universal:

  • Vertical placement of two kinds of wallpaper. Such a combination would look great in the living room or hallway. Typically, such techniques employ webs of different colors and with various ornaments, but the thickness and texture are identical. It allowed two of the most optimal solutions for the interior: Contrast - different colors and monochrome wallpaper - wallpaper in shades close;
  • Horizontal wrapping material allows to combine different thickness. For example, the lower part can be designed wallpaper deep, dark color, and the upper - light colored textiles. "Boundary" between the paintings decorate border. Interior bedrooms and two types of wallpaper in a horizontal combination - this is, what do you need;
  • Also different wallpaper can be glued inserts, in this way, focusing on a specific area of ​​the room. for example, working area in the kitchen is made in one color, and all the rest of the space to others; · Flap technique - a combination of strict wallpaper. Oformitelnaya work starts with gluing "flaps", followed by adjustment of the rest of the background wall.

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