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Proper care of acrylic bathtub

Acrylic baths are popular for hygiene, ease of installation and absence of corrosion. These baths require careful maintenance, because material, from which they are made, It has flaws. But the benefits too. Caring for acrylic bathroom - is the science of purity. Let's try to explore. Acrylic tanks set aside a good "life time". They serve more children, provided proper care of their surface. To purchase a new "caught" in your home, You need to know, How to wash acrylic bathtub

Caring for acrylic bath

Features care of an acrylic bath

note! Baths of this material requires careful handling! They can not wash more than twice a month cleaning agents. After each use,, tank wall rinse with cool water and wipe clean sponge. A couple of times a week, wipe with a sponge and soap, rinse the surface, then wipe completely dry cloth. Pick a soft cloth, and clean.

The bath should be cleaned dry, that in it there was not a drop of water for the night. And rubbing a sponge reservoir every day, a guarantee of, that the purchase will not have a plaque. This material repels dirt and corrosion resistant, as cast iron.

But if there was a raid, tank cleaning has washed, and not with soap and water. Since the bath - hygienic place. If the plaque on it - it is dirty.

The clear acrylic bath of lime

How to choose cleaning?

Since a comfortable bath of acrylic installed in our country apartments, hostess set new challenges: than clean acrylic bath? Detergents, which washed out the old cast-iron tanks, in this case, will not work. Acryl detergent compositions are unsuitable, in which there is:

  • chlorine;
  • acetone;
  • ammonia;
  • formic acid (or other acid).

Acrylic tank can not wash with boiling water. You may not use anti-plaque with formaldehyde, ammonia and other corrosive elements. This will lead to damage, and bath have to dismantle or restore, it is expensive.

Caring for acrylic bath involves the use of special detergent compositions. But which ones are better quality, and that the manufacturers offer buyers of these funds? Use "or that" not safe for your new bath. So what prefer? Here is a list of detergents and cleaning agents, each of which is fully consistent with its purpose.

Caring for acrylic bath
convenient dispenser, delicate aroma of fresh grapes, easy to clean - just what, the need for rapid remediation of acrylic baths

offer rating cleaning means for bathroom:

  • Cleaner for washing acrylic bathtubs
    №1 in detergents rating for acrylic baths

    Akrilan. This foam, which washes away plaque and stains soap. Means quality and features rave reviews. But for some families Akrilan roads.

  • Cillit Bang. Common detergent for washing of acrylic baths. universally. But it contains some oxalic acid, so apply sparingly and with caution. It has a pungent odor.
  • Domestos chlorine bath. This cleanser admirably with any pollution. The price is right for the citizen of the country with an average income. But it has a strong unpleasant smell.
  • Frosch «green grapes". environmentally friendly, popular cleanser for bath. Rust and limescale wash "sour grapes" can not afford. It does not contain aggressive chemicals.
  • The clean acrylic bath
    Bleaching and cleaning agents in the form of microgranules included in the creamy mass.

    Cif Cream Ultra White - a popular cleanser, not expensive, but brings many benefits. They bathe and wash basins, and bath, and tiles. But the inveterate stains and plaque is not washed.

  • Pemolyuks. Soda 5. This means comprises soda, and housewives are afraid of scratching after such washing. However Pemolyuks whiten the surface of acrylic. And if you carefully wash bath every week, the means of approach. Not pungent smell repels, other chemical compositions.
  • Mr. Chister - special cleaning for the entire bathroom. Designed for quick cleaning of soap divorces. Developed by the formula, ensuring rapid clearance.
  • Sanoks "clean bathroom". Gel Manufacturer Russian company "Stork". It is used only in severe cases, when the required output rust or aqueous stone. It removes all kinds of dirt. It is cheap. But the downside is, that quickly consumed, and the acrylic is not well suited.
  • Tim Power. Removes stubborn dirt and odors from the bathroom. Eco-friendly facility. Creates a shell for dirt repulsion, It provides an antibacterial effect. cost - 500 rub. for 500 ml. Cleans sinks and showers.
  • O.C. Bath from the company Amway. The company offers expensive products, but guarantees practical and safe formulation. L.O.C consumed sparingly, enough detergent composition for months.

The detergent compositions will help to qualitatively clean new bathroom. Choose something from rating, that fits your price range, and it has a tolerable smell.

How to clean the acrylic bathtub
Effective cleaners for acrylic baths

The use of cleaning agents

Cleaners used only in accordance with the rules. It is not abrasive products, which surface clean "until victory". These detergents and cleaning agents used in another.

  1. Apply the gel to the surface of the tank (if spray, then squirted along the surface).
  2. Zasekaetsya 10 minutes, that means affected.
  3. Gently with a sponge and hot water jet dirt washed off.
  4. Again rinsed with clean water and wiped.

Sometimes all attempts to clean the bath of stone remain in vain. Clear the old bath is impossible. Try to update the plumbing. These tanks are reduced thanks to the technology of applying a new layer of acrylic. Restoration acrylic surface cheaper, than buying new equipment.

Clear old bathtub
Clear the old bath will be difficult, save only restoration

Traditional cleaning means

If you want to save, the suit and "home technology" clean. Western media more effectively, but they attack the acrylic. Traditional methods of purifying cheaper. Here are a few ways.

How to clean the acrylic bathtub with the help of, which is in every house? With soap stains easier to cope. It is not so depressing, how limescale. Wash acrylic possible with a few drops of wine vinegar, diluted with water. This mixture was safe, but it works no worse than other expensive care products acrylic surface.

The clear acrylic bath of lime? lime plaque is difficult to draw even cleaners. But to deduce possible.

Required to perform the following actions:

  • dial up to the top reservoir of warm (not hot) water;
  • pour 1 -1, 5 liters of vinegar;
  • through 10 hours drain and rinse bath sponge.

Another nuisance, that happens - it's rusty stains running down the side of the bath with tap water. Simply follow the mixers, and the change in time, than to bring the rust. Bath Acrylic is not subject to rust. And other causes rust, except there is no leaking taps. But if it happened, how to deal with pollution? The bath clean rust?

To remove rust or use special chemicals, or traditional methods, are coping better than their Western competitors cleaners. It helps citric acid, diluted in water, in proportion 1:2. The secret is simple mixture preparation:

  1. Water Glass diluted with citric acid in it rushes into a water bath.
  2. literally in 10 minutes, washed with water bath.
  3. Protyraetsya.

From there on the bathroom yellowing over time. The clean bath of yellowness? Yellow color appears on the surface because of rust and salts, which brings city tap water. Wash off the coating abrasives or acid mixture can not be. Wash will yellowness same vinegar (9%), oxalic acid or dilute. water, which will dilute the vinegar or acid, it is desirable to heat, but not too. Since cheap acrylic does not tolerate high temperatures.

The most commonly used folk remedies for cleaning acrylic bathtubs

Prevention of pollution and disinfection

guaranteed high standard acrylic serve 25-30 years old, and it looks like new. Only need care for acrylic bath and careful operation. Mention again their operating rules. The acrylic bath in no case be:

  1. Soak and wash clothes.
  2. Admit, to fall on the surface of acid or alkali. No abrasive detergents.
  3. Bathe pets. They scratch the surface of the claw bath. Lack acrylic bath surface in softness and low durability.
  4. Put into the tank any coxae, whether plastic or steel, and washed their clothes. So you are putting at risk the tank. will scratch.

If we stick to the weekly schedule bath washout, and to prevent damage, there is nothing she is not scared.

Before putting a new bathroom, plumbers recommend a more thorough repair and change the water pipes to the new. Then it does not appear on bath yellow plaque. The smooth surface is not subjected to 'attacks' or fungal diseases corrosion. but it is desirable 1 once a year to carry out disinfection.

Caring for acrylic bath
It is not recommended to bathe the pet in a bath of acrylic

As disinfection?

How to wash acrylic bathtub So, to leave no doubt, she disinfected and is not dangerous for bathing small children? For disinfection must be another means - Ravak Desinfectant. The remedy for the Czech company Ravak. The company constantly monitors the quality of its products, and ensures, they are safe to use.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Recruited tank top to bottom.
  2. Means diluted in the ratio 1:10 and pours out.
  3. Stir and leave literally 10 minutes.
  4. Then wash off with clean water and a sponge.

It is not used often, so, advantageous to buy 1 bottle. It is disinfected not only tank, but also completely bathroom. Disinfectant Стоит RAVAK 600-800 rub. for 500 ml. but remember, means highly diluted with water. After the disinfection procedure, you will be sure to clean the bath and safe from bacteria on acrylic.

To wash bath of rust and raids, will have to buy a bunch of different tools, and to find among them a suitable. After all, everything is learned in practice. Effective and popular methods of cleaning acrylic, if there is no money for professional care products for plumbing.

Each of the above means in the ranking has both advantages, and disadvantages, related to the composition of matter. Optimal detergent formulation is not. If you can not find in the shop listed, otherwise quite suitable for washing acrylic bathtubs. The main thing to check the composition, and make sure that there are no chemicals in it: chlorine, ammonia or acids.

But it is better to prevent the formation of rust or plaque, and wash your plumbing 2 once a month, non-abrasive detergent compositions. Suitable detergents Russian production, marked "for acrylic baths" which are not expensive. This will allow to constantly maintain cleanliness and comfort in the bathroom. And nice to swim in a clean, white tank, and not in, that turned yellow and "bought" Lime, as a "gift" of fate. If the clogged drain pipes, or, Learn More, how to clean.



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