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The restoration of the old baths do or not?

At any thing or object has its own interior life, shower room in this case is not an exception. Therefore, sooner or later, before the master question, what method baths restoration works best when, if for some reason put the new feature is not. We have already discussed how to make Bath restoration - acrylic insert, very effectively with a lifetime of at least 5 years old, Read this way.

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so, it is first necessary to realistically assess what state abides bath. If the body is deformed, in place of the drain, there are chips and cracks, or the size of new pipes do not match the size of the drain hole, then it still need to be replaced.

Usually, This entails additional costs for delivery and purchase of new, also need to dismantle and make obsolete bath, well as replace damaged tiles and tubes, ie. will require almost a full repair of the room.

But if body condition is quite satisfactory, but it has lost its luster, color enamel, and on it there were small chips and cracks, such a bath may well be restored yourself.

Restoration work bathroom should be implemented in the event, if dismantling andРеставрацию старой ванны делать или нет? фото старой ванныynos old capacity is not possible, and, If you have decided to sell the apartment, because the state and plumbing, in particular, shower room on the value of the sold housing can have a direct impact. Plain way to update the old cast iron bath.

Also, it makes sense to restore and if the apartment is rented, and you do not plan to invest in its renovation a lot of money, or, in front of, Apartment for rent, and repair after temporary residents in any case have to do.

If you plan to do in this renovated room, without resorting to the old bath is replaced by a new, all work on the restoration of the bath is recommended only after spending, the room will be finished all the remaining work, so that nothing is dripping and strewed from the ceiling and walls.

If you need to replace or cleaning the old drainage system, then this is just the best thing to do before the restoration for, to prevent damage to the new cover wrench, grinder or a hammer, because many of the old siphons unscrew does not quite simple and it requires the use of heavy tools.

This case is very troublesome and it alone is very difficult to carry it out, and no special skills or even impossible, so it is best for it to seek help from professionals.

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4 Comments to the post "The restoration of the old baths do or not?

  1. I know,that currently exists 2 Bath restoration method! The most simple and inexpensive - it enamelling baths. The second way, relatively new - a bath filler (stakril).I just do not know for my cast iron baths What a great way to fit?

  2. If your bath is not cracked, so to speak, just darkened, then make acrylic insert – the best option old cast iron bathtubs Restoration.

  3. Vikinte his smelly old bathtub. Acrylic bath new costs from the cheapest 5000 – 6000 rub. depending on the region. A set themselves, if the pipes allow, no problem.I weighs 25 kg. Total. Replaced at any time, again without problems. Only reinforce thoroughly for acrylic baths is important.

  4. After serving many years bath suddenly began to "take positions" – enamel yellowed, I fell off the handle, leg, were chipped ... Is it possible to return it to its former appearance?

    Restore coating bath in two ways: apply a new layer of enamel paste or acrylic insert. neither one, no other way to not take much effort.
    When you insert an acrylic liner action following scheme. On the surface of the bath is applied to a special composition (Two-component foam) and glued acrylic insert, matched exactly to size bath. Box - also based on preliminary measurement - cut holes for the drain and overflow system, after bonding to connect the system.
    Bathroom with freshly acrylic liner is filled with water, which is necessary for hardening of materials. After the pressure of the water paste densely deposited on the bath, leaving little internal voids, and this ensures maximum strength acrylic inserts. after about 8-10 hours water can be drained, tub ready for use!
    replacement of enamel
    This process takes place in several stages. First you need to clean the bath. This is done with the help of abrasives and waterproof sandpaper. After the procedure, the bath surface should be smooth, dry, and have a smooth matte surface. Next, you must prime the bath. At this stage it is important following the absence of bubbles and chips, otherwise all efforts will be wasted. After drying, the surface can be proceed directly to the enamel deposition. The aerosol should be avoided – the term "life" of such coverage will be short-lived. Apply enamel requires at least three layers of, each time to prevent the enamel to dry for 20-30 minutes. The very next day after the application of the enamel will be hard, but it does not mean, it dried up completely. Fully enamel coating dries only through 6-7 days (and the need to take care of alternative opportunities for water treatment). The temperature in the bathroom during the whole process of drying the enamel should not be below 20 WITH. During this period, it is strictly forbidden to water contact and foreign objects from the surface of the bath.
    If the bathroom appeared chipping
    The most frequent cause of chips - is not very good quality enamel. But to do so, to cleavage is not evident, is quite real. First he cleaned and degreased. If there is rust, you can use a few drops of liquid rust converter. Further cleavage area is filled with putty. approach that, which is intended to align the body panels. If the surface is rough turned, it can accurately align the fine-grained sandpaper. Then putty chipped enamel is painted. After such a correction surface of the bath is already can not be used when it is cleaning abrasives, bleaches and other harsh chemicals.
    If you fell off the handle or foot
    When choosing a new handle ideally need to know the manufacturer and model of the bathroom. In this case, purchase and install a new will just. If such information is not, you need to make accurate measurements, up to a millimeter, and go in search of. If you buy "by eye", it is quite possible, that the pen will not work.
    As for the legs, the situation is more serious. The older model bathroom, the harder it is to find this "spare" for her. If the new bath, buy something, probably, We have a full set of legs for it – 4 pieces. When, If the leg is still not able to find the replacement, it is necessary to select a firm support, such as blocks, and conceal the whole structure for the front panel.
    But if the bath to serve you for a long time, think about - not whether arising problems with it a signal, that its working life comes to an end? maybe, should think about buying a new bath, especially, that the choice today is rich - you can choose a model to suit every taste and purse. Although this is another story ...

    Based on materials from the site "Plumbing Online".

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