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Options ceilings for bathroom

Inside the bathroom, all surfaces exposed to constant moisture. The ceiling in the bathroom is also testing the effect of humidity: during the evaporation of hot water, goes condensate, who is going to droplets on the ceiling. Therefore, it is important to choose this option finishing the ceiling, wherein the materials are not affected by humidity.

Features ceiling in the bathroom

The main factor in choosing the fabric for the ceiling in the bathroom It must extend its humidity. Further condensation, the ceiling can get spray of water from a shower, water vapor. It is also possible misting of water pipes, which can pass through the entire height of the walls from top to bottom.

The main requirements are to the ceiling in the bathroom:

  • waterproof material. Due to the damp room ceiling should withstand moisture and water, which may come in contact during the adoption of water treatments. Besides, robust and waterproof ceiling, It helps keep the room from flooding, if careless neighbors above forget to close the valve;
  • The durability of finishing. In order not to alter the ceiling every 3 of the year, it is desirable that the new ceiling was able to go up to operation 8 years old. In this case, You do not have to spend money on new materials at any time, when problems arise;
  • Ease of care. Since the ceiling is taller than a man, and is not always possible to reach it with his hand, finishing material should be practical when cleaning the room. Suffice it to occasionally wipe with a damp ceiling hoe, because every time to set the ladder, to perform the cleaning of the ceiling is not a comfortable pastime.
  • The aesthetic appearance of the ceiling. An important factor in the choice of finishes. color solution, texture and surface of the ceiling must be suitable for the interior bathroom. This harmonious color combinations covering material, wall and ceiling, the room will be achieved the effect of calm and relaxation, that is so necessary after a hard day's work;
  • Thermodynamic properties of ceiling. New ceiling in the bathroom should be resistant to temperature extremes. There are some finishing materials, which are subjected to high temperatures may start to deteriorate;
  • material security. Ceiling It must be made of environmentally friendly, secure, and most importantly of refractory materials;
  • Easy installation. This criterion is taken into account at the request of. If you have an idea to make a ceiling luxury, elegant, eg, in the classical style, here and have to spend time and effort;
  • The ability of the material to the other-roof elements. Decorating should involve the installation of lighting and other communications;
  • cost ceiling. Not less important is the price of finishing materials. No need to skimp on comfort and practicality of the ceiling in the bathroom.

Suspended ceiling meets all requirements

Types and methods of finishing the ceiling

After reviewing all the requirements and factors when choosing a ceiling for the bathroom, It is defined with pictures and one finishing performed. To date, there are the following ways to quickly and cost of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom and the apartment, it's all kinds of suspended ceilings. This is probably the most inexpensive way to save.

Caulking and painting

This method has been popular for centuries, and it remains so today,. The main advantage of this method of its considerable cheapness, as well as ease of operation. However advantageous such variant will be the case, if the surface is quite smooth for finishing. If the ceiling has bumps or pits, as well as the difference in height of the walls, it must be leveled. Alignment occurs ceiling using the same filler: establish special beacons, which is measured by the level of the ceiling, and superimposed layers of material.

after leveling, It is going putties, and then smoothing the surface: sanding ceiling construction using a grid. Next on the ceiling inked the desired color. The paint is applied in several layers, waiting until the pre-dried previous layer.

All the materials for the work must always be water-resistant. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of colors - it should be a silicone or acrylic paint.

Disadvantages of this method are its finishing monotony (although if you have a fantasy, You can use multiple colors), relatively short service life in the event of an accident the neighbors from the top, inconvenience to care (the paint is difficult to clean out the dirt), inability to hide communication and install ceiling lights, more likely to develop mold and mildew.

Painting the ceiling in the bathroom

Tiles made of foam

Such finishes embodiment earned popularity among consumers due to the good resistance to humidity polystyrene. Another significant advantage - such plates are very beautiful decorative pattern. By using such a ceiling, It gives the impression of elegance and chic.

Boards of foam There are three types: injection - with thickness up to 1,5 cm and a thermal stability; Pressed - to have a thickness 0,7 cm; and extruded plate - prepared for painting. According to the geometric form, plates are available in square and rectangular.

before installing, prepare the ceiling, aligning surface. Then, markup to operate stoves, To make it clearer how to distribute the picture. When installing the foam plates using a special water-resistant adhesive, which is applied on the tiles, after which the product is pressed against the ceiling, and the excess glue immediately removed. At the end of finishing, plates can be painted with waterproof paint and make them look, suitable for bathroom design.

Advantages of this material are its water resistance, insulation, good thermal insulation, as well as the small Vesey affordable price. However, there are also disadvantages, among which the possibility of burnout material by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Also, you need to choose a quality product, otherwise there is a risk of mold on the ceiling.

tiles sticker on the ceiling in the bathroom

PVC panels

Many consumers opt for this method, the ceiling lining. This is due to its rich variety of colors, ease of installation and relatively low cost. The main advantage is also no need to align the ceiling, since the plastic panels are mounted on a kind of frame and do not require additional finishing.

The installation process It starts with the carcass: it may be wood, metal, or made of a different material. The frame is positioned so, that each rack was on the other rail in the region, equal to the width of the plastic. Further, using a staple gun, PVC panel is fixed to the frame, wherein inserting each panel to the next panel groove.

Plastic panels are waterproof, they allow you to integrate into your design ceiling lights and hide communication. In the care they are comfortable enough: you just need to wipe the surface of the cloth panels.

Also present and cons of such a finish: dirt sometimes formed in joints, due to wet conditions can deteriorate frame, possibility of replacement will be borne for a significant waste of time.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Rack ceiling

Another view of the ceiling frame type - rack ceiling. The frame is a suspension-type structure, collected from long rods. select rack, they are also panels for the ceiling in the bathroom better than aluminum. Such material is not subjected to corrosion of metal and is resistant to moisture.

Options for a variety of colors: gold, silver, or just plain colors. Collect such a ceiling can be very, because it is easy to install and will be a force even novice. The structures may be present flexible parts, allowing the ceiling to give the most bizarre forms. In the care of rack ceiling is not picky: its glossy surface amenable to wet cleaning.

can be distinguished reducing the height of the walls of the downsides of the rack structure, which picks up the ceiling frame; visually noticeable joints rails, are not suitable for all interiors; high cost of materials.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom

Wooden ceiling

At first glance it may seem inappropriate, use wood for finishing the ceiling in the room, where the chief guest moisture. However, the aesthetic appeal of leading some consumers to opt for wood.

Set such ceilings as well as a panel of PVC - on the frame. It is important to choose such a wooden panel, to be resistant to moisture, or yourself, soak them in appropriate compositions for protection.

Ins consumers called beautiful appearance, environmental friendliness, ease of operation and installation. The main disadvantage - demanding in moisture protection.

Wooden ceiling


Suspension plasterboard also mounted on the frame. Metal profiles are fastened to the ceiling and fastened by means of special fasteners. Drywall for bathroom use waterproof. Fastened it on the screws using the screwdriver, pre-cutting the sheet material to the desired pieces.

After installation of sheets, made the initial finish: the joints between the sheets are sealed serpyanku, all visible cap screws zashpaklevyvayut. Then shpaklyuyut the entire surface of the finished ceiling and cleaned it, in preparation for painting. Painted drywall vodoystoykoy paint, Designed to work in such premises.

The advantages of this method are: the ability to hide communication and install spotlights; moisture-resistant gypsum board does not dampen and rot; thanks to design solutions, there is the possibility to make the ceiling in several levels. Of the minuses can be identified some loss of space at the top room, the duration of the assembly and periodic updating of the paint coating.

The ceiling of the moisture-resistant drywall in the bathroom

The ceiling of the siding

earlier, siding was used for the decoration of houses, but today can be found throughout its use indoors. Siding is also attached to the ceiling frame. This material is a molded panel made of PVC, having high strength, in this connection, previously they stoning houses.

Pros saydingovyh panels for bathroom: Thermal shock resistance, lack of burn under prolonged exposure to light, fireproof, easy to clean and does not corrode and fungus. Of the minuses allocate complexity in the design of the joints between the panels, as well as the high price.

The ceiling is made of plastic

Stretch ceiling

This kind of finishing can achieve a maximum level surface, but due to its tightness, ceiling able to withstand large amounts of water, in the case of flooding the neighbors from above.

Material stretch ceiling - vinyl with the addition of other substances. when heated,, the material is melted and stretched over a frame, mounted on the perimeter of the bathroom. Then, the material hardens and forms a solid and reliable ceiling.

Stretch ceilings are popular due to the wide range of colors and patterns. They also come in glossy and matte. This embodiment differs trim assembly rapidity, inability appearance of fungus in connection with a special coating, and high resistance to leakage. The stretch ceiling is quite simple to operate.

Among the shortcomings can be identified mounting inability to independently, because of, that requires special equipment, as well as the high cost of material and labor. But these disadvantages can be blocked sufficiently long service life - about 15 years old.

Beautiful suspended ceiling

Spectacular expensive finishes

In addition to these finishes, There are also luxury ways to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom, eg:

  • mirrored ceiling. expensive pleasure, but, after installing a mirrored ceiling bathroom gets stunning fabulous views. The mirrors are mounted on the metal frame using a reinforced attachment. For this ceiling requires careful care.
  • Glass ceiling. Also it has a high cost. Mounted on the frame, and it can be decorated in many different ways. Also fastidious in the care, because the glass requires constant purity.



Whatever the option of finishing the ceiling was chosen, it should blend well with the design of the bathroom. Do not be sorry imagination and save money, because good quality and the ceiling - a pledge beautiful and practical bathroom.



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