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Top of the most trendy LED LED chandeliers

LED lamps LED will undoubtedly 2018godu in the most fashionable and popular in the market chandeliers lighting. They have a long service life, safe from an environmental point of view, consume little energy and very strong. Their design will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.


Why choose LED chandelier LED

Fashion chandelier ice differ concise and severity of forms, unusual design. However, they are not devoid of elegance and good taste are the embodiment of the landlord. They are perfect for young, ambitious and dynamic people, who appreciate a simple and comfortable atmosphere without too much pathos. Plafones such chandeliers are made of metal, plastic or glass, for them it is very easy to care for.

A variety of models offered by manufacturers will pick up option for any room, regardless of the interior concept. Of particular interest are modern LED lamps led, in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

Until recently it was thought, that of metal and plastic fixtures are appropriate only in offices or public buildings. Absence of fabric lampshades, crystal pendants and other traditional components of chandeliers "home" scared away buyers. In the last few years the situation has changed dramatically, and LED high-tech lights can be seen in the interior of the living room, sleeping, children's rooms. They fit harmoniously into the surrounding environment and allow homeowners to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and design ideas.

Important! While LED lamps are more expensive than conventional, they quickly pay for themselves due to their energy efficiency.


Advantages of LED chandelier ice:

  • compact size. Give the effect of lightness, not heavier bulky ceiling designs. This is especially important for suspended ceilings, sensitive to the weight of the fixture;
  • emit uniform light with no flicker;
  • save energy (Power Consumption 7-10 times less than incandescent bulbs);
  • lifespan more 15 years old;
  • availability. With the development of technology and the popularization of LED ice lights become cheaper;
  • functionality. Many models come with remote controls, which allows using a single button to change the brightness of the light, turn it off or change the colors as you wish;
  • hardly heated and emit little heat, whereby virtually no danger of fire.

Depending on the method of fixing the ice lamps or ceiling can be suspended. Led ceiling lamps - are attached to the ceiling close. They are perfect for areas of low height. Suspended lighting more advantageous to look in rooms with high ceilings, suspended on chains or cords, adjustable length.

There is a formula for determining an optimum height and width (diameter) chandeliers. = Diameter in cm (House width in m + room length in m) X 10. Height in cm = room height in cm / 4.

To determine the right amount of light for the room, use online calculator wattage.

Examples of ice chandeliers popular manufacturers. Brief and prices

Best ice ceiling chandelier popular European manufacturers of different original design with futuristic elements. Have a flat base, allowing to fix them even on low ceilings. Perfect for suspended ceilings, Many models are available with built-in transformer.

  1. Italian manufacturer IDLamp. It has long conquered the market with their modern fashion chandelier ice. The company is actively implementing their own innovative design and producing products of high quality.
  • Chandelier LED №388 / 4PF

LED Light

average price 28 thousand roubles. area lighting 10 m2. Circles made of white opaque plastic.

  • Chandelier LED 400 / 3PF


average price 35 thousand roubles. Area lighting up 23 m2. Diffusers are made of white opaque acrylic.

  1. The Spanish brand Mantra. young company, It is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to a wide range of stylish and unusual patterns. exquisite style, sophisticated design and high quality - these features, inherent chandeliers this manufacturer.
  • Chandelier KnotLED

lamp stacker-b

average price 31 thousand roubles. area lighting 7 m2. Material - Gray acryl and metal.

  • Chandelier NurLED

LED light-c

average price 38 thousand roubles. area lighting 8 m2. It made of acrylic and metal gray.

  1. ArteLamp - one of the most prominent companies in the Russian market of lighting fixtures. Based in Italy. It produces a wide range of luminaires, floor lamps, videos, chandeliers, including LED. Trendy and stylish, luxury and laconic - in ArteLampnaydetsya model for every taste and budget.
  • Chandelier A9354PL-5WH


The newest model of the second half 2016 of the year. average price 23 thousand. rub. Area lighting up 35 m2. Made of a white metal.

  • Chandelier 40 A9358PL-5WH


average price 23 thousand roubles. area lighting 20 m2. Material lampshades - White matt plastic. New model 2016 of the year.

  1. Globo - producer from Austria with more than 20 years of history. The range includes trendy and classic models of the highest quality.
  • Chandelier 67810D2 Una


average price 26 thousand roubles. area lighting 11 m2. Made of opaque gray plastic and metal.

  • Chandelier 67823-36d WAVE

LED light-g

average price 31 thousand roubles. area lighting 18 m2. Diffusers are made of plastic.

  1. StLuce-an unusual and unpredictable design with impeccable quality products that distinguish the Italian brand. Products comply with all European and Russian quality standards.
  • LyustraSL915 SL915.112.05


average price 29 thousand roubles. area lighting 36 m2. Made of acrylic and metal.

  • LyustraSL912.102.09 Arco


average price 31 thousand roubles. area lighting 11 m2. Ceiling acrylic.

budget options

Stylish models can pick up and in the event, If your budget is limited. It is worth paying attention to the round LED chandelier ceiling mount. They do not differ astounding design, but at the same time in harmony fit into the modern interior, due to the simplicity of forms and elegance. Good model of LED chandeliers led for a reasonable price can be found in construction materials hypermarket Leroy Merlin.

A nice bonus with the purchase will be the presence of many remote control models, Allows you to adjust the intensity of lighting without having to connect to a dimmer system.

  1. Supernova LED Chandelier


average price 6-8 thousand roubles. area 8-10 m2. ProizvoditelWolta, Germany - Kitay.S remote control / u. Diffuser made of plastic.

  1. Chandelier Rivz 674011501-YTH

LED light-k

average price 7-8 thousand roubles. area 19 m2. Producer MW-Light,Germany. A great option fashionable ice chandeliers for the bedroom or living room. With remote control / u.

  1. Chandelier EgloGalaxia


average price 8-9 thousand roubles. area 21 m2. Manufacturer Eglo,Austria. It is made of frosted glass.

  1. Chandelier PaulmannOrbit 70437


average price 11-12 thousand roubles. area 8 m2. Manufacturer Paulmann, Germany. Complete with remote control / u. Lampshade made of white plastic.

Important! Lamps with matt shades less economical in terms of energy consumption.

When selecting a model of LED chandelier ice is necessary to relate it to the overall design concept of space. It is important to determine, whether fixture to engage the attention and be a central design element of the room, or, in front of, need unobtrusive, but refined model, delicately emphasizing the style of the room. Anyway, the choice is so great, that will satisfy the most exacting demands.

Acquisition of LED lamps allow to design the interior according to the latest fashion trends and bring to the look of the room personality and unique style.

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