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As simple sheathe house siding outside

The most popular option is to furnish the house siding in recent years. This material can be good to protect your home, while installation takes a little time. At the same time, there are many variations of the material, and regardless of their installation are always performed identically. But in order, to sheathe siding house yourself you need to know all the nuances of working with this material.home siding trim their own hands

material benefits

To begin with we shall understand what is so attractive that option sheathing. In fact, he has a lot of advantages, namely:

  1. The first lining is unique. Its installation can be carried out on any base.
  2. The very pretty lightweight design, therefore, it does not require additional strengthening of walls or foundations, it can be used on the skin, even old buildings.
  3. The material is quite cheap, and therefore available to almost everyone.
  4. It has a great operational period.
  5. Easy to install, that allows you to perform all the work yourself, without using the services of specialists.
  6. Easy to maintain and operate.
  7. It allows you to give old buildings a completely new kind of.
  8. Material presents many varieties, shapes and colors.the advantages and disadvantages of siding

Of course there are some disadvantages, namely:

  1. Not resistant to shock loads.
  2. Fade with time.

Calculating the number of materials

materials calculation is quite simple, a total of siding house siding outside their own hands is to use the following materials and auxiliary elements:

  1. outer corners, for decorative building. According to the standard length of each such element 3 m. Because for the calculation must be added to the height of all the corners and divide it into 3. At the height of the house in 3 m (standard height of one-storey buildings), enough to count the number of angles.
  2. Inside corners. Used in finishing cornice siding, calculated as, as well as external. If finishing cornice is not expected, It is used finishing strip.
  3. Starter strips. Calculated by reference to the perimeter of the house. Their total length must be equal to the perimeter of the net width of the door opening.
  4. Door and window trims. The calculation is made on the perimeter windows and doors.
  5. drain strips. Mounted on the perimeter of the base.
  6. The main panel. Are read by the formula: from the sum of the areas of all walls subtract the sum of the areas of window and door openings, the result is divided by one panel area.
  7. It is also recommended to take stock of panels 10% of the total number.Calculation of siding for the house

All fasteners are usually come with siding, because their calculation is usually not necessary. Only becomes a selection of screws or nails, depending on the type of attachment.

Calculate they can be folded length of the siding planks, and dividing by 50 centimeters (standard panel mounting step).

Self-sheathing siding house

Now it's time to go directly to the wall outside the house siding. First, consider the stages of the work and the necessary tools, and then proceed to the steps below.

The whole work is divided into four stages, namely:

  1. Substrate preparation.
  2. Setting the frame.
  3. Warming.
  4. installation of siding.

Each of the stages is very important, and therefore it is necessary to consider in detail all.

siding elements
elements of siding

required tools

Just not much need for the work tool. Among the necessary adaptations following:

  1. Jigsaw or a Bulgarian with a special range (depending on the type of siding).
  2. Shears for metal, Cutting Profile.
  3. Screwdriver or a drill with corresponding bat.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Roulette, pencil and level.
  6. Nails and screws.tool for working with siding

In this review of the tool come to an end, and it's time to go directly to the works in stages.

Preparation of the substrate and the workplace

The first step is to prepare the base and directly workspace. To do this,:

  1. prepare facade: Deliver it from unnecessary items. In particular, in the presence of mounted trim, it must be removed. Besides, all part of the wall, are damaged and can be collapsed should strengthen.
  2. In the case of a wooden house completely remove and replace any rotten pieces.
  3. Remove all, that comes into contact with the wall and will prevent you to mount. It can be shrubs, trees, downspouts, fixing lights, etc..
  4. Clear the area around the house, the minimum distance, which will need to work 1-2 m, in a radius of the house should not be unnecessary items.

Install furring (frame)

Lathing needs in all areas of the siding installation. Including, around windows, around doors, on the corners. And the primary task is to correctly perform its.

Directly in its preparation and installation work is carried out as follows::

  1. Install the uprights. They are used as metal profile, or pieces of wood with a cut 30/40 or 50/50.
  2. In the case of wooden elements they must be treated with protective compounds.
  3. The distance between the boards keep approximately 40-60 cm. If in your area the strong wind, the 20-30 cm.
  4. An important factor is the beginning of the installation, that is done, starting with the corner posts, after which the tensioned thread therebetween, by which all others are aligned.
  5. Fixing them is carried out by means of special hangers. Their selection depends on the distance, to be wall-to surface finish (that depends on the selected heater).
  6. Sami suspensions are fixed to the base using dowels, or screws. In particular, Coatings used for wood screws, for the rest of the dowels.
  7. Secure the rack and can be directly on the wall, in the case of flat wooden base.
  8. Strengthen the plank vertically, If you have chosen a horizontal siding. AND, respectively, conversely. Although vertical siding panels are set very rare.
  9. Openings around doors and windows, use Korotyshev perpendicular to the main grid.
  10. For angles necessary to provide compound profiles therefore, to form an angle between them 90 degrees.

Thus crate held all the walls, then you can start warming.

Bookmark insulation

The next step is carried out in a cell arrangement of a heater, between the posts. Depending on the region, and used different elements, with different thickness.

But there are also a variety of materials, The most popular options are:

  1. Mineral wool and its varieties.
  2. Expanded polystyrene, Styrofoam (used for cladding siding with brick houses).

With self-decoration of the house siding greatest popularity gained wool, since the laying of the pitch between the posts provided for in the average 50 centimeters, in these cells is easy to go to the mineral wool mat width 50 cm. absence becomes very convenient having to make trim material.

When the insulation of wooden houses use mineral wool. A huge plus is that, the house breathes and does not condense.

laying insulation under the siding
Home insulation under the siding with a profile of 60 × 27

Directly to the number of layers of insulation and its form is selected depending on the weather conditions in your area.

Installation of panels

And now it's time to go directly to the installation of siding with their own hands the process.

  1. It all starts with the starter strip mounting. Her mount is held in a horizontal plane by means of screws to the posts at the bottom of the wall.
  2. Place it horizontally around the perimeter of the building. Then all the joints can overlap. There is useful N-profile. And at the corners or the inner need, or flashy Area.
  3. The peculiarity of finishing technology becomes the siding, the lining is carried out from bottom to top. Each of the panels has special grooves, by which they are fastened together and.
  4. Besides, sides have a special cut-out, which is intended for a firm grip and eliminate gaps.
  5. after subsidiary (starting) profiles commence the installation of the main panels.
  6. The lock starter strip, insert the lower edge of these panels, make sure, that the panel is completely gone to the castle. This would indicate a click.
  7. The upper edge of the nail to the wall (sheathing) nails from aluminum caps with broad.home siding trim
  8. Hammer nails should be strictly in the middle of the slots, in order to avoid interfering with the panels clutch.
  9. The distance between the nails from 200 to 500 millimeters. Depending on the winds in your area.
  10. Try to locate the panel without strain. As further, because of this, they may crack.
  11. Completed the installation of finishing lining slats. Their installation is carried out in the same way as normal, the distinction becomes, they do not have the lock at the top, because of their fixation special fasteners.installation of siding on the facade of the house

In this installation finishes, but we recommend to take note of a few tips.

round window
Bypass window panels Overhead panels
It is important to fasten the screws to the siding
It is important to fasten screws and fix the rigid panel. This is due to thermal expansion of the material.

Tips and tricks when working

For, to avoid mistakes should be taken into account some of the nuances of work:

  1. Do not hammer the nail all the way. Between the nail head and the panel, leave a few millimeters. Siding under the influence of temperature expands and loaned, that the dense mounting can lead to its destruction.
  2. From the front of the panel fastening is not carried out, otherwise the panel will carry a wind.
  3. When the plan to do shutters, it is done in the holes on the panels 5 mm longer, than the fixing bolts.
  4. Siding provides a technical ventilation, therefore can not provide a vapor barrier.
Trimming siding for docking


Now you are familiar with the house siding with their hands plating technology, and you will be able to use it. The main thing in the work to follow all instructions. And if you are not confident in themselves, Practice first on a small area, and after the sheathe already home. In conclusion, we offer watch several videos about using and installing siding.

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