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Soft roofing materials

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Soft roofing materials

These include roofing glassine paper and cardboard, ruberoyd, Dictionary, roofing and other materials, used for the manufacture of roof, as well as in insulation and related works on the roof apparatus.

Roofing paper is the basis for the production of wood tar and bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials. Modern commercially produced paperboard, has a width 1 m, and the total area of ​​the roll reaches 20-40 m2. Weight 1 m2 can be equal to 250-420 g.

Such uncoated backing material used for the lower layers of roof cladding, coating made of ruberoid. Asphalt roofing made of paperboard, impregnating oil bitumen. There are some brands of this material, how P-300 and P-350. Implementation of glassine carried rolls of 20-40 m2, have a lot of 13-30 kg.

Making roofing possible from roofing felt using a double impregnation of wood tar products. Available the web material, uncoated (Mirror-koja) and sand and Coarse-grained. Purpose roofing roof - the device top and bottom layers of roof cladding. Roofing waterproofing is used to isolate the various elements of the structure.

Roofing felt or tar paper, uncoated leather is designed for the same purpose, as glassine. In some cases, it is used for, to arrange the lower layer of the roofing mat with sand grit.

Toll BSP-grained sand is used for the device as a top, and the lower layers of the roof membrane. There are two brands of this material, namely TAP-TAP-350 and 400 (coil weight - 23-25 ​​kg, its area - 15 m2).

On the front side it has a protective layer, made of coarse flouring, and on the back - of pulverulent mineral. Such material is used for the top layer of roof cladding.

At gidrbizolyatsionnogo roofing cover film with the impregnating composition from the front side has a protective layer with the fine-grained mineral. The lower layer of this material is covered with dust or fine-grained grit. Produced such brands roofing, as the TG-300 and TT-350. Such a roofing is designed as a vapor barrier and waterproofing of buildings constructions. It can also be used for installation of the bottom layer of roof cladding.

Rolls of roofing should be stored a maximum of a year from the date of issue in the upright position.

roll materials, depending on the type of binder, It can be divided into tar, bitumen and polymer. The most common roll coating material roof - ruberoyd.

Covering the roof with roofing material

During the manufacture of roofing material, the following main process steps:

  • impregnation of soft oil bitumen roofing paper;
  • applying a refractory petroleum bitumen with a filler on both sides of the web;
  • applying different spreading.

All varieties of the soft roll material for the intended purpose are divided into:

  • lining;
  • roof;
  • waterproofing.

types of roofing material

roofing roofing Coarse-grained used for the upper and lower layers of roofing and waterproofing carpet. roll weighs 25-27 kg, and its area - 10m. It can be laid on hot, and cold mastic. Produced two marks such material, a regard to Turkmen-350B and the Turkmen-350V.

Roofing roofing material with dust-like grit from the bottom side and coarse - with side for the top layer of roof sheathing carpet. Modern industry produces four marks of such material, namely RSC-400A, RSC-500A, PKK-400B, PKK-400V (coil weight - 24-29 kg, its area - 7,5 m2).

Roofing roofing material with a scaly grit is produced under such brands, how RKCH-350B-350B and RKCH: unilateral (coil weight - 20-28 kg, its length - 20 m), bilateral (coil weight - 26-32 kg, its length - 20 m).

Roofing felt with unilateral grit applied to the hot mastic, two way - both on hot, and the cold.

Podkladochnыy ruberoyd with fine grit is unilateral (coil weight - 20-26 kg, its length - 20 m) and bilateral (coil weight - 24-39 kg, its length - 20 m). This type of roofing material is used for the lower layer of roof cladding, and waterproofing of buildings. On sale it is of three grades, namely RPM-300A, RPM-300B, RPM-300V.

At roofing underlayment with dust grit same purpose, as the previous. Construction organizations and the population it is sold under such brands, both the EPA and EPA-350B-350B (coil weight - 27-30 kg, its area - 15 m2). Another three existing brand roofing material with grained dust are used only for the lower layer of the roof membrane and are not intended for waterproofing. Those marks are PSC-300A, RPP-ZOOB, PFR ZOOV (coil weight - 22-27 kg, its area - 15 m).

Fiber-glass It belongs to a group of roofing and waterproofing materials. Bitumen is not applied on cardboard, and wool-based with both sides. The construction works are used such brands Steklobit, how C-PM (for waterproofing and lower layers of the roof), C-PK and the C-RF (for the upper layer of roof cladding). Mass roll of such material is - 23-29 kg, square - 10 m2, thickness - 2,5 mm, width - 960 and 1000 mm.

Each variety of roofing material is designated corresponding mark, eg RM-400. The number here indicates the mass in grams per 1 m2 cardboard base, and the value of the letter "M" - "fine-grained strew".

Roofing material to paste, bituminous mastics used different brands, who depend on their resistance to heat.

In addition to the aforementioned brands, Modern industry produces roofing material coated with a layer of mastic adhered. Prior to use in construction works this layer is pre-softened solvent, specified in the attached instructions, or melted hot air.

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