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How to choose a drill for the home

Как выбрать дрель для дома фотоThe owner and the man in the house always wants, to all the necessary tools were a friend, and oh, how embarrassed and reluctant to go to a neighbor or friend and ask to borrow tools. Therefore, sooner or later there comes a moment when, receiving wages, decide: You need to buy a power drill, You sit down at the computer and hard hours and hours studying all options, then even phoning a few friends - builders, and realize that the choice of an electric drill is not such a simple solution.

How to choose a drill for the home

-First Embodiment drill Skil 6005 AS

-The second option Drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT

-The third option Sparky BUR 150CET


To date, the market is so saturated tools, that the potential buyer, without special skills and education, make the right choice without outside help, simply impossible. Even in the run-down town are several types of store shelves of the same instrument. After visiting the market, you will see a variety of models and tools as much the opinions and advice of the seller, praising their wares. What can we say about the specialty stores, shopping centers, supermarkets or internet - stores. What to do simple buyer and where to buy.

I propose to consider the best option as an example of specific models. Just specify that the drill - Drills accumulator we have not included in this list. Because they are not only expensive, but also short-lived, feature of any battery in a limited service line. And their hard earned money each buyer wants to spend only worth a reliable tool. The first challenger, to help in domestic affairs, consider the impact drill Understand 6005 AS. The second place of honor, your assistant,We give hammer drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT. Third place give the hammer drill Sparky BUR 150CET, This model, perhaps, You may also be interested in its functionality. it, perhaps, the best models of tools, which are worth your attention. well, Now let's look, where it is better to buy these instruments. After all, there are also plenty of options, and it is important not to make a mistake in choosing.

If the instrument model everything went well, the choice is made, what to do next. Where more profitable and safer to make a purchase, how to choose the best hammer drill for home, based on the needs of? The choice is wide, from the market and ending with e - shops. Modern opportunities to buy such a wide, it is easy to get confused, and the search for a hammer drill for you to become impassable maze. I come to the aid of a friend - builder, a little reflection, he called an acquaintance. He has worked in the field of sales and service tools for many years, advice which he gave, helped us to solve this problem.

Old-fashioned, most buyers tend to think, that only the market can purchase goods at the lowest price. But whether this will buy the desired result?

At first glance it seems simple drill tool, but it is a tool of a series of complex equipment, and accordingly means, and sell it should only be people with knowledge of all the technical characteristics and features of the product. It should also take into account the tool storage conditions, temperature, humidity, packing, ways of transporting it to the place of purchase, and more. I think, should remind, that market trading is not always provides the necessary storage conditions, a qualified and independent means of the seller is not even worth mentioning. It is quite another stationary objects of trade - supermarkets, Specialty stores, here is also partly can be attributed to the Internet - shops.

Buying electric drill in supermarkets and shops.

Now a little more detailed look at the conditions of storage of goods in a supermarket. The conditions for storing and moving goods in the supermarket of course more than to settle down. But take a closer look, and the question arises, as well as whether a lot of differences with the market. I do not argue, supermarket attracts purity, great choice and the merchandise on the shelves. But here is the availability of new models they offer are not always, usually, you will find on the shelves obsolete models, gathering dust on store warehouses more than one year, but because you want to buy a new, modern model.

Most manufacturers produce so-called "simplified tools", they are as simple as possible and, Consequently, is cheap, such tools are designed exclusively for sale in supermarkets.

The Specialty stores you will never see such a tool. The main function of these tools to increase brand awareness. The possibility of such tools are very limited, and practical to use, but that you learn only after the purchase of the instrument do. Another very important point, buying an instrument in the supermarket, you can only rely on their knowledge and insight with respect to this product. So the question arises - and whether you are able to make the right choice, whether to make the purchase of such goods in supermarkets?

Caught one on one with the supermarket shelves, laden with a large selection of equipment, without having the skills to work with this tool, knowledge and advice, and wait for qualified professional assistance not just from anyone, How else to know what impact drill better. Supermarket employees will call you a technical data with the instructions or the packaging tool, and the information you can read themselves, satisfactory answers to the questions he will not give you. You also need to mention the warranty card, buying at the supermarket, you will be given a guarantee, and a list of workshops, where you will be able to carry out repairs under warranty. For residents of the metropolis or a large city, this problem will be a problem. But now the residents of small towns and villages it brings a lot of inconvenience, as a service center in the city may not be. Supermarket really will not be able to help. In most cases, these services simply do not have, and written out a complaint, after the conclusion of the service center. Well, if you are the owner of a discount card, to purchase goods at a discount you can not succeed.

Buying electric drill through the online store

Visiting a specialty store or the best online store with cheap prices You will immediately see a completely different attitude. Here you will always help qualified, You get detailed information about the selected product. In Internet - shops you can ask a question by writing it on a special form, or shop online and support the majority of the online consultation function by phone or Skype. Purchase of specialized in point of sale provide their customers with many benefits. Often these same trade centers have their own service centers. You apply directly to the seller, and if you have exploited the instrument according to the instructions, repair tool, you do not need to search for a workshop by.

Very convenient service, "a replacement tool", the majority of specialized shops offer customers the tools, until your instrument repair specialists, you use a replacement. It is very convenient, you do not come off from the intended work and do it on time. Became popular, some manufacturers to raise the guarantee on its products, but it may be difficult for some customers, You need to have access to the Internet and to fill in the respective forms and shapes. Specialty shops appreciate and cherish their customers, so you'll be happy to help you solve this issue. Such stores tend not to a single trade, they struggle for loyal customers. After all, if you make a purchase helped us choose, gave tips, answered the questions, help with repairs and have discounted, E will come here and buy the necessary supporting materials and other equipment, tool.

Overview of the most optimal variants of electric drills

well, selling points we have considered, let's look at our above-mentioned brand drills eyes seller. To leave no doubt as to the correctness of the selected purchase, consider it from different angles.

Skil Impact Drill 6005 AS

. Supply of drilling carried out in a plastic case. For convenience, an additional handle, and it is equipped with a keyless chuck. power - 500 W, Turnover can be adjusted if necessary by 0 to 3000 vol. / min. chuck diameter 13 mm.

It should be the model to 1700 rubles, Manufacturer Warranty 24 of the month. But here's one detail, the product has a button, and if you will need to replace it, it will be 1/3 new product, to compare the cost of replacing the anchor is much lower. Well, you ate in the process damage the power cord, and it happens very often, you will have to pay somewhere 350 rubles, and still separately pay its replacement. The power tool is designed for small household work, and is not suitable for intensive work. As a result, we have acquired a cheap drill, unsuitable for intensive use and very expensive repairs, money is spent inefficiently. Maybe someone will think: "Who needs a drill?». It's simple - look at his apartment, how often you drill the holes for the year, response before your eyes. This drill is perfect for those, who from time to time small crafts harbors his own hands, collect some furniture lockers, make minor repairs, hang a curtain rod or a picture. This drill is easy to sustain this load.

Hammer Drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT

Ударная дрель Black&Decker KR 70 LDT фотоHammer Drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT. This drill has a number of advantages, which strongly distinguishes it from previous modeliSkil. The high price is fully justified by the features and functionality of the model. Drill stands approximately 3600 rubles. The drill is equipped with an engine capacity 730 VT, drill body has a special lining, drill through them easily held in the hands of, and reduced vibration, which is transmitted to the hand during operation.

Standard equipment consists of a laser device, allowing maximum precision drilling parts. The manufacturer's warranty is designed to 24 of the month. This model can be found on the shelves of all stores, but that, that this model is discontinued, where you will learn a little, and such important information is that the repairs, purchase of spare parts will cost you dearly, and the parts will be very difficult to get. Another disadvantage serve as joint replacement of the stator and armature, because they can not be replaced separately. If you broke down, the motor will have to be replaced entirely. This drill ka and the previous version is perfect for the drill to home. Treat it as a professional drill for the large volume of the robot is not necessary. Choose a cheap drill in the online store.

Impact Drill Sparky BUR 150CET

Ударная дрель Sparky BUR 150CET фотоImpact Drill Sparky BUR 150CET. This model belongs to the professional drills, it can be used for intensive use for a long time. Power it yields KR 70 LDT, but functionally more easy to operate. One of the main advantages, we note special electronic equipment, by which the momentum given by the operator are stored regardless of load changes on the drill.

In progress, if there are overloads, the operator receives a special signal, allowing time to monitor the performance of the drill. Options drills are aimed at the implementation of fast and high-quality work, as well as help avoid breakdowns and extend the use of the product lines. The presence of 2-speed gearbox and controller tightening force considerably easier operation drills. It should be about the model drills 2600 rubles. For the reason that, that the drill is designed for higher operation, manufacturer provides 1 year warranty. Repairs in the apartment with the assistant you will be able to do successfully and effortlessly. Design decision certainly inferior in comparison with the company's products Black&Decker, But we want functional reliability for drill, In this case, the appearance is not so important. Sparky large variety of drills for every taste.

The findings and results of the drills review.

It is very difficult to find all the information about your product vending. In most cases, Internet resources is not entirely filled with accurate information, and you will find positive reviews about your product manufacturer, as a result of the purchase did not meet your expectations. The appointment of a qualified consultant Seller Tools, detail to ask you about the planned appointment of a tool, in this case, the drill, detail and is available to talk to you about favorite tool, to give professional advice on the operation and maintenance of the power tool. Professional level once a good seller will not allow to offer and sell the product, We ate it knows, that the technical characteristics of the instrument will not allow him to cope, with a planned volume of work. On the contrary, he delicately and precisely show you the most suitable product for your requirements.

Of course, the last word in the choice of goods is up to you and how best to choose a hammer drill for the home you decide. We hope, that material, outlined above, Online apartment repair, It will help you avoid mistakes and make the right choice. take care of yourself and do not make hasty and ill-considered purchases.

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